Top 10 Tips To Surviving Quarantine With Kids In Hong Kong

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Ever-changing rules and regulations have become synonymous with Co-Vid times, and unfortunately, one of the certainties we have come to expect is the mandatory quarantine for inbound travelers into Hong Kong. Currently, the hotel quarantine has been reduced but it is still required to re-enter HK. After the hassle and stresses of matching hotel bookings with flight reservations in order to get home – you deserve to enjoy your quarantine. And with the right tools, tips, and prep, you might just be able to. Check out our top 10 tips to surviving, and maybe even thriving, in quarantine!

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  • Get Organized Tips To Surviving Quarantine Hong Kong


    If our Hong Kong apartments have taught us anything, it's how to become savvy in utilizing and saving space. Bring those skills with you to quarantine. Before arrival, pack all your necessities for the week - including phone chargers, workout gear, a laptop, snacks, and whatever else you may need. Then create specific zones for work, exercise, an area for kids to play if they are with you, food and eating, and clothing. Check for empty drawers and hidden spaces in corners to utilize storage. You can move around loose furniture, like tables and chairs, to free up space for a walking pad or yoga mat.

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  • Set Up Routine Hong Kong


    Being stuck in a room for 7 days can feel quite daunting, especially with little kids in tow. Setting up a routine for the grown-ups and kids can ease everyone’s minds and create a sense of normalcy. Maintain routines for showering, changing, and mealtimes, as you would normally. Then, every evening set up a list of the following day’s ‘to do’ goals for yourself and the kids – including times for work, play and craft activities for kids, exercise and movement, reading, meditation, and self-care. A daily list of to-dos can help littles and adults alike create a sense of structure and control. And if you stray away from the schedule every now and then, that’s okay too. Be easy on yourself and cut yourself some slack. These are unprecedented times, and we are all doing the best we can.


    All the designated quarantine hotels will have a set time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner deliveries and most can accommodate certain dietary restrictions such as those for vegetarians or following a gluten-free diet. However, when you’re in the mood for some munchies in between, its best to pack your own healthy favorites – such as nuts, seeds, popcorn, or even some chocolate for evenings where you would like to indulge. Cravings from your fav HK restaurants? Food deliveries can also be made from places like Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Uber Eats, Park ‘n Shop, Wellcome and Market Place. And if you have some friends and families in the free world, you can always ask them to send you some of your favorites too as all the hotels allow deliveries.

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  • Exercise Quarantine Tips Hong Kong


    Get moving to keep your mind and body happy! Although some exercise equipment might help, it’s not absolutely necessary to get your body moving. Some hotels may offer equipment such as treadmills or bicycles on rent, while fellow quarantine-mates may also offer theirs upon their 2-week completion. Check with your hotel prior to arriving. Experiment with online classes or apps for yoga, HIIT, dance, or at-home cardio workouts, too, which don’t require much space. There are plenty of free classes, as well. Your hotel may offer a yoga mat, otherwise, you can always have a friend drop one-off. Try to get moving at least twice a day for an improved mood and sleep.

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  • Work And Study Quarantine Tips Hong Kong


    Doing something constructive can help the days pass by faster, as well, give you a sense of accomplishment. If you are working or studying remotely, ensure the hotel has good Wi-Fi, otherwise you could bring along a LAN cable or use your phone’s hotspot if you have an unlimited data plan. Consider investing in or renting a standing desk, or better yet – create a DIY desk with ideas taken from previous quarantine'ers such as using an iron boarding to prop your computer or piling suitcases to give your table more height. Even if you aren’t working or studying, you could use this time to learn a new language with apps like iTalki or get the kids engaged by trying a free educational app!

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    Let’s face it – doing something like a quarantine solo can be hard – but thankfully we are surrounded by an amazing community who wants to help one another. Joining a support group can make you feel less alone while offering great up-to-date tips. The Facebook group, The Hong Kong Quarantine Support Group has more than 74,000 members and counting of many who have already experienced the quarantine. Community members ask questions, get answers, and share tips. Check with your hotel for Whatsapp or Facebook groups to connect with others in your hotel, too, so that you can share information and tips in real-time!

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  • Cleaning Quarantine Tips Hong Kong


    Keeping your room tidy and clean makes for good hygiene and can help you feel better, too. With no housekeeping services available, most hotels will provide some basic supplies for cleaning, but it is best to check with them beforehand for what is provided. Some things that will come in handy are sanitizing wipes, laundry detergent and softener, dishwashing soap, tissue boxes, a small portable vacuum cleaner, and extra masks – as these are needed when you open the door for meals, testing, or disposing of waste bags. Schedule days to do laundry, as dirty clothes can quickly pile up especially when traveling with the family – and a bonus is the smell of fresh-laundry in your room which can make for a great pick-me-up!

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  • Books Games Entertainment Quarantine Hong Kong

    ENTERTAINMENT – Books & Games

    Downtime and breaks are important for everyone! Plan ahead for what that looks like for you. Bring along a laptop and check the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection to ensure you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix. And with home-learning or remote working, you’ll certainly need some screen-free time. Bring books you’ve been meaning to catch up on, as well as the kids’ favorite books. Board games and card games are a great way to bring the family together and may even help the time fly or create some new family traditions.

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  • Take-On-A-Project-Quarantine-Tips-Hong-Kong


    We often complain about not having enough hours in the day to do the things we’d like to do. This is where you can make your quarantine a place for thriving, and not just surviving. Whatever project you’ve been meaning to take on – whether that’s learning a new language, taking on a new skill, or organizing photos to create family albums – this is your time to get started. And it doesn’t have to be something big – even small tasks like paying the bills or clearing out your email inbox can give you a sense of achievement. All these types of experiences can help you maintain a healthy mood and mindset.

  • Self-Care-Quarantine-Tips-Hong-Kong


    Most important during your time in quarantine is to take care of yourself and your mind. Humans are not meant to live in isolation, and fortunately, technology can help you stay in touch with loved ones. Facetime calls and Zoom parties are quite the norm now, but a good old phone call can do just the trick to help you stay connected and feel less isolated. Other ways to take care of yourself may include a meditation practice, accepting that you may feel sad at times, working on breathing practices, or indulging in a bubble bath or face masks. These are challenging times, so taking a time out to accept your feelings and treating yourself to things that make you feel good are vital.

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