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Top 10 Health Screening Packages & Medical Check-ups In Hong Kong

Find The Right Health Check For You At These Private Clinics

In Hong Kong, access to health check-ups may not be widely available. However, there are exceptional options available if you are willing to invest in the right package. Little Steps has curated a convenient list featuring top-notch private clinics and hospitals in Hong Kong that offer comprehensive health screening packages. These packages range from basic to deluxe, ensuring that you can assess your overall health and identify areas for improvement. Before booking your health screening, it is advisable to check with your health insurer to determine if your policy or corporate benefits cover such programs. This way, you can make the most of your coverage while prioritizing your well-being.

  • CHUHK MEDICAL CENTRE (CUHKMC) Wellness Centre Hong Kong

    CUHK MEDICAL CENTRE (CUHKMC): Shatin *General Health, Women's Health, Family Health

    Elevate Your Health Journey With One-Stop Wellness And Vaccination Services

    The Mr and Mrs Law Chung Wan Wellness Centre at CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) is dedicated to delivering holistic, personalized services that promote health and well-being for you and your loved ones. With a mission to provide high-quality care, the Centre's medical team, comprising doctors and experienced nurses, formulates healthcare solutions tailored to encompass individual needs across a range of vital aspects, including one's diet, exercise regime, and overall social and mental well-being.

    The Centre encourages clients and their families to take proactive actions in their lifelong journey towards a healthier life, while putting price predictability and transparency at the forefront. While the Centre upholds its principle of preventing unnecessary procedures for clients, the wellness services delivered consistently demonstrate quality and dedication.

    Health check programmes at the Centre are steered by doctors and a professional medical team, who are to conduct thorough consultations with you in person prior to and after your check-up. Individualized health advice, along with further information on follow-up actions, such as self-screening tools and necessary examinations, will be recommended; bringing about a positive and empowering experience to you as you know your well-being is the center of their focus.

    In-depth health analyses offered by the programmes also factor in your health conditions and family medical history and can be enriched by flexible opt-in investigation items that allow customizable check-up plans where you can optimize your budget allocation.

    For more information on what is offered by the Centre, please refer to their WomenCare Health Check Programme  here or MenCare Health Check Programme here (both starting from HK$2,780). Do also explore the Wellness Centre’s wide range of vaccination services (HPV, Herpes Zoster Vaccine, Seasonal Influenza Vaccine, etc.), and the hospital's extensive and specialized healthcare services that address specific health concerns (e.g. Heart Health, Gynaecological Health, etc.) here.

    Wellness Centre, 11/F, CHUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC),  9 Chak Cheung Street, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong, +852 3946 6188, [email protected],  www.cuhkmc.hk/medical-centres-allied-health/wellness-centre,Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

  • Central Health HK

    CENTRAL HEALTH MEDICAL PRACTICE: Central *General Health, Men's And Women's Health

    Guidance, Preventive Care Insights, Coaching, And Personalized Lifestyle Plans

    Central Health offers personalized and comprehensive assessments that consider individual health concerns, lifestyle factors, and medical history. This approach ensures evaluations include essential tests for identifying potential health issues. Starting with a foundational package, they add extra tests to address unique risk factors not usually covered in standard health evaluations.

    The continual advancements in health technology enable Central Health's team to stay updated with the latest research and guidelines from Hong Kong, the UK, and the US. They continuously refine their assessments to align with recent findings.

    Central Health offers guidance, preventive care insights, coaching, and personalized lifestyle plans for various health needs, including symptom clarification, organ function monitoring, aging gracefully, frailty prevention, brain health enhancement, cancer risk evaluation, and overall body understanding. Their customized packages encompass general health assessments and focused evaluations addressing specific concerns such as men's and women's health, sexual health screening, fertility, preconception care, menopause, and brain health assessments.

    Central Health Medical Practice, Baskerville House, 3rd to 5th floor, 13 Duddell St, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2824 0822, www.centralhealth.com.hk

  • Consult Restore Hong Kong

    RESTORE INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL CLINIC: Women's Health, Men's Health, Family Health, Chronic Disease Management And More

    The Restore Integrative Medical Clinic takes a nutritional and preventative approach to managing you and your family’s health. Their doctors are trained in Family Medicine but also take a holistic approach to look at the root cause of any health issues. Their Family Health services include Chronic Disease Management, Male and Female Health Issues, Child and Adolescent Health, Wound Dressings and Minor Surgery, Sexual Health and STD Checks and Allergies Management.

    Their comprehensive health screening panels are designed for the health needs for different age groups. The panels include checking for Metabolic Markers Like Glucose and Insulin, Assessing Cardiovascular Risk Factors and organ Function, Screening For Infectious Diseases and inflammatory Markers and Screening For Nutrition and Vitamin Deficiencies. Other services include everything from Heavy Metals and Mold Detoxification to Fertility Health, Pregnancy and Postnatal Health Support.

    Restore Integrative Medical Clinic, Room 1602, 16/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2331 8816, restoreintegrativemedical.com

  • RAFFLES MEDICAL GROUP: General Health, Women's Health, Cancer Screening

    Raffles Medical Group offers a variety of health screening packages. From the lifestyle package, which starts at HK$2,180 to the premium package priced at HK$12,000, Raffles has a great range of programs to help. They also provide a Cancer Screening program that could help detect any issues as early as possible. Raffles Medical Group has two clinics to choose from, including Central and Hong Kong International Airport, and bookings can be made online.

    • Prices start at HK$2180 - here

    Raffles Medical Group, Unit 604-5, 6/F, New World Tower 1, 16-18 Queen’s Road,
    Hong Kong, Central,Hong Kong, [email protected], rafflesmedicalgroup.com

  • QUALITY HEALTH CARE MEDICAL CENTRE: Cardiovascular, Sexual Health, Cancer Screening, Eye Exams, Bone Screening

    One of the more affordable yet wide-ranging check-ups is offered at Quality Health Care. This award-winning clinic has been titled the “Most Trusted Health Check Centre” for multiple years. They have clinics all over Hong Kong and bookings can be made online. The variety of packages is fantastic and covers all ages, including allergy testing and children's eye examinations.

    • The Flexi-plan is an affordable basic package starting at HK$1,200. For a more comprehensive screening, the prices begin at HK$2,450. - here

    Quality Health Care, various locations, +852 8100 8138, www.qhms.com/en/services/health-screening

  • GLENEAGLES HOSPITAL: Women's Health, Men's Health, Elderly Health, Cancer Screening, Cardiovascular Health

    Gleneagles  Hospital has a dedicated health screening clinic inside the private hospital in Wong Chuk Hang. There are several packages to choose from, including executive, privilege, and platinum. The health screening programs are separated into general, women’s, men’s, and elderly health. They also offer some more specialized screens such as lung cancer checks. Currently, Gleneagles offers special prices for HSBC credit cardholders plus American Express cardholders, so check out their website to see if you qualify for a discount. One added extra that Gleneagles offer is a small meal during the health screening.

    Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital, 1 Nam Fung Path, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 3153 9113, [email protected]gleneagles.hk

  • ADVENTIST HEALTH HOSPITAL: General Health, Women's Health, Men's Health, Pre-marital Check

    The Adventist Health Hospital offers a large range of packages at both the Stubbs Road and Tsuen Wan hospitals. At Stubbs Road Hospital, there are five women’s and men’s health screening packages. Plus, they offer an 18-month well-baby package alongside the more general child package. The prices vary depending on whether you see a general practitioner or a specialist.

    • The comprehensive health packages are priced from HK$4,370. The Tsuen Wan Hospital offers three different packages with prices starting from HK$3,010.

    Adventist Health Hospital - Stubbs Road, 1st floor, Adventist Hospital, 40 Stubbs Road, Hong Kong, +852 3651 8789, [email protected], https://www.hkah.org.hk/

    Tsuen Wan, 3/F, Main Tower, 199 Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2275 6363, [email protected], www.twah.org.hk/en/services/health-assessment



  • HONG KONG SANATORIUM & HOSPITAL: General Health, Women's Health

    Hong Kong Sanitorium & Hospital is an award-winning private hospital that is conveniently located in Happy Valley. They have made the packages easy to choose from. Choose from the two general programs or a more specific women's health package.

    • The general packages cost between HK$8,010 and HK$12,600. For a women's health check-up, the items are priced individually and cost HK$2,370 upwards.

    Hong Kong Sanitorium & Hospital, 2 Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, +852 2572 0211, [email protected], https://www.hksh-hospital.com/

  • HONG KONG BAPTIST HOSPITAL: Women's Health, Men's Health, Wellbaby Check, Cancer Screening

    The Hong Kong Baptist Hospital is popular with expats, especially those who live close to Beacon Hill or Kowloon Tong.  The hospital provides a well-priced standard health screening program, which is competitively priced at  HK$2,300. The hospital also provides more comprehensive packages for men and women. They also offer programs focussed on weight management, cardiac concerns, and cancer-related checks. Appointments can be made 6 days a week for those who would prefer a Saturday booking.

    • Prices start at HK$2300 - here

    Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, LG1, Block D, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, 222 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, +852 2339 7228, [email protected], https://www.hkbh.org.hk 

  • UNION HOSPITAL: Affordable Women's Health, Men's Health, Employee Health Checks

    Union Hospital is located in Tai Wan and is a popular choice for Sha Tin and Eastern New Territories residents. They offer award-winning health care, and packages include a general health screening, women’s health, and men’s health, plus health assessments for domestic helpers, drivers, and employees. Ensure you contact the hospital directly to check if you are eligible for a promotional discount with your credit card or an organization.

    Union Hospital, 18 Fu Kin Street, Tai Wai, Shatin, N.T., +852 2608 3138, [email protected], https://www.union.org/new/unionhmc/eng/health_check_1.php

  • OPTIMAL FAMILY HEALTH: Women's Health, Men's Health, Child Health, Pre-conception

    Optimal Family Health is conveniently located on Wyndham Street in Central. They are a small private clinic, and all staff speaks excellent English. Optimal Family Health offers comprehensive health checks for both adults and children plus a preconception check. The clinic is very clean and hygienic, but they also offer a test kit service delivered and collected afterward.  Contact the clinic directly for bookings and more information.

    Optimal Family Health, 19/F The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St, Central, +852 2666 6300, [email protected], https://www.optimalfamilyhealth.com.hk/fullphysicalexaminationshealthcheck

  • OTMP Health Screening Hong Kong

    OT&P HEALTH SCREENINGS AND BODY CHECKS: Standard To Comprehensive Offers In Singapore

    At OT&P Healthcare, a philosophy of patient empowerment lies at the heart of their approach. Recognizing the pivotal role that regular health assessments play in identifying potential health concerns, exploring preventive measures, and enabling early detection, OT&P Healthcare goes above and beyond to offer personalized, doctor-led medical examination packages that are both accessible and engaging.

    • Packages start at HK$ 5900 For Standard - click here

    OT&P, 19/ F Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 25 Wing Wo Street Central, Hong Kong, https://www.otandp.com/body-check/

  • MATILDA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL: Women's Health, Men's Health, Child Health, Cancer Screening, Cardiovascular Health

    Matilda offers health and wellness programs at both the hospital located in the Peak and their modern medical center, located in Central. There are multiple packages to choose from, and the price can change considerably depending on which location and how thorough you wish the package to be. At the medical center, the Wellwoman Lite program begins at HK$3,200. The comprehensive Diamond premium program at the Hospital costs HK$33,360. It covers many of the routine checkup items plus colon screening and heart tests. Matilda Hospital also provides a Junior program for children aged 7-17.

    • Well Woman Lite Screenings start at HK$ 3200 - here

    Health Assessment Department, 41 Mount Kellett Road, The Peak, +852 2849 0338, [email protected], https://www.matilda.org/en/about/areas-of-expertise/health-checks

    Matilda Medical Centre, 3/F, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 2537 8500, [email protected], www.matilda.org/en/mmc

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