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Meat Farmers Market Hong Kong

You may pay more for meat from a butcher than a supermarket, but the difference in the quality and benefits to your health is worth it. Online butcher Farmers Market has plenty of ethical, affordable meat and seafood products, many of which are sourced from Australia.

Stock up on everything from steaks to salmon at Farmers Market here! There’s 20% off your first order with the code LITTLEFARMER!

They have loads of fantastic recipe ideas on their blog for you to try and the team is always quick to help out with any questions on choosing and cooking meat and seafood.

Shop for ethical meat and sustainable seafood with Farmers Market!

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  • Herding Cows Farmers Market Hong Kong

    Know Your Source

    If the supplier says the meat is Australian, ask more questions, such as where in Australia, as meat from the top is different to the bottom as the type of grass, water, climate and cattle all affect taste. Other good questions you can ask is how were the animals raised and what did they eat.

    When you have done your research on the meat, you can make an informed decision before you buy.

  • Salmon Farmers Market Hong Kong

    Ethically Sourced Meat And Seafood

    Farmers Market are more than happy to let you know who they buy their meat from so that there is full transparency in our selling of it. They will only buy meat and seafood that is ethically raised and full of the best nutrients for their customers.

    That means no hormones or antibiotics, and that it's traceable and sustainable.

  • Rib Farmers Market Hong Kong

    Try Out New Recipes

    Cooking with great cuts of meat and the finest seafood can be a bit daunting, but with Farmers Market, you can discover amazing dishes for family, guests or just for you!

    Three new recipes are added to their recipe blog each week to keep things interesting. Stay tuned by checking the website regularly!

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