Best Local Hong Kong Snacks For Kids To Try Now!

Street Food In Hong Kong

Local hong kong snacks
  • Egg-Waffles

    Hong Kong Egg Waffle

    Classic Street Food To Try In Hong Kong

    Egg Waffle is a classic Hong Kong street food well-loved by adults and kiddos alike. It’s also known as eggettes, egg puffs, and ‘gai daan zai’ to the locals. As you can tell from its name, it’s a tasty sweet treat made with a sweetened egg batter grilled in a special griddle with small, egg-shaped cells. The best egg waffles should be crunchy on the outside and yet airy, fluffy and soft on the inside, and have a rich aroma from the eggs. Apart from the original flavor, the city is always coming up with creative varieties and fillings - think chocolate chips, Ovaltine, and even pork floss and seaweed!

  • Cheung-Fun

    Cheung Fun In Hong Kong

    Delicious Rice Noodles In Hong Kong!

    Cheung fun is basically rice rolls with a silky smooth texture made by rolling up a thin steamed sheet of rice flour mixture. Served with peanut and sesame sauce, sweet soy sauce and topped with roasted sesame seeds, it is a very simple dish but at the same time the ultimate comfort food for many in Hong Kong. It’s commonly eaten as breakfast or an afternoon snack.

  • Put-Chai-Ko

    Steamed Rice Pudding

    Perfect Afternoon Snack In Hong Kong

    Also known as Steamed Rice Pudding, put chai ko is a soft, smooth, tender sweet treat made with rice flour, red beans and palm sugar. The pudding is steamed in small china bowls, served cool and eaten with two skewer sticks like a giant lollipop. It makes for a perfect afternoon snack or a light dessert that’s super fun to eat.

  • Egg-Tarts

    Egg Tarts In Hong Kong

    Everyones Favorite Snack In Hong Kong

    Egg tart is an iconic Hong Kong bakery treat with a pastry crust filled with egg custard. You can find it in local bakeries, cha chaan tengs, as well as some dim sum restaurants. The best egg tarts have a wobbly center that melts in your mouth and a deep aromatic eggy flavor. You’ll find two main types of crusts: flaky puff pastry or shortcrust pastry, each has their own fans but the common key to a good crust is the “butteriness” and whether it can hold itself together.

  • Hong-Kong-Waffle

    Grid Cakes

    Yummy Sweet In Hong Kong

    Also known as “grid cakes,” this one is a close variant of egg waffles, not as widely known among non-locals but just as delicious (if not more!). It resembles a traditional waffle with a thin, crunchy crust and pillowy, airy inside. But the essence to this iconic Hong Kong snack is the filling - you can choose spread to the waffle with peanut butter, granulated sugar, and/or evaporated milk - and our recommendation is to go with everything, just be careful with the sweet and yummy liquid dripping down your arm!

  • Pineapple-Bun

    Pineapple Bun

    Local Snack Favorite For Kids In Hong Kong

    A Hong Kong invention, pineapple bun is a sweet, pillowy and soft bun with a crunchy cookie-like crust on top that does not actually contain pineapple. While no one is 100% sure from where it earned its name, a good guess is that the topping resembles the pattern of the skin of pineapples. The pineapple bun is available in most Cantonese pastry shops and bakeries. While the bun is delicious on its own, try it with a warm, thick slab of butter sandwiched in the middle at the local Cha Chaan Tengs - it’s not the healthiest, but definitely addictive and so worth the calories!

  • Curry-Fish-Balls

    Curry Fish Balls

    Signature Street Food In Hong Kong

    Curry fish balls is a signature street snack in Hong Kong that is a must try for everyone. Hong Kong people’s love for fish ball is real - according to a survey, the city consumes about 3.57 million fish balls daily. Fish balls have a soft, bouncy and springy consistency, served on skewers and cooked in a thick and mildly spicy curry sauce.

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