For those in the New Territories, this gem is no surprise.  For those living elsewhere, get ready for a hike with a mega island view and a lunch by the sea with the fam!

Located at the end of Tai O Mun Road (around the corner from Clearwater Bay Country Club), Po Toi O is a fishing village offering up delicious affordable fresh seafood with a view.  There are only two restaurants here and the staff has plenty of experience with serving the smallest grubbers in your bunch.  Highchairs are available on request and strollers are no problem!  Plus, there are the usual freaky fish and creepy crawlers in the tanks to view which is always a crowd pleaser! 

If you are looking to truly earn your family fare, you are in the right part of town!  Many families hike straight into the village via trails within Clearwater Bay Country Park.  Click here for the hiking scoop!