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Watch 3D Animals Live In Your Home!

Google's 3D Augmented Reality Is Here!

3D Animals In Hong Kong

Bears in the living room, penguins in the kitchen, and pandas in the bathroom – who said social distancing applies to the wild animals of the augmented reality world? Get ready for hours of fun with this unique roll-out by Google! All you have to do is google your favorite animal into your Google Search on your mobile device. Click on the View In 3D button under the animal search information (usually the top listing). Follow the instructions and watch your animal come alive in AI on your phone in your living room. Holy moly, it’s a lot of fun and be prepared to take a lot of photos of the bears, crocs, and lions hanging out in your house.


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Entertainment made for the whole family - free and in the home! It is a perfect social distancing activity.

Who It's Perfect For:

All ages - seriously - all ages will enjoy this!

What Else:​

Which animals are on google AI?
Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Shark, Hedgehog, Duck, Emperor penguin, Wolf, Angler fish, Goat, Rottweiler, Snakes, Eagle, Brown bear, Alligator, Horse, Shetland pony, Macaw, Pug, Turtle, Cat, Octopus, Dog

Where To Find It:​

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