Top 10 Best Beaches In Phuket For Families

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Best Beaches In Phuket For Families

Sand, sun, and fun…let’s go!  Phuket has many stunning beaches to choose from – go and explore!  We’ve tried and tested some of these amazing beaches just for you, and here are our top 10 beaches in Phuket that are popular with families – kids, toddlers, and teens too.

  • BANGTAO BEACH: Mid island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    Lining this beach are some of Phuket’s most luxurious resorts, including the Laguna Phuket, which is one of Asia’s biggest. This 6km stretch of beach is great for families. There’s plenty to see and do and you’ll find a quiet place to call your own for the day as the kids play in the surf. Sit back, relax, enjoy a good book and snooze in the sun, and let the kiddos have a day of fun.

  • KAMALA BEACH: Mid island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    Kamala beach is just north of Patong beach, and is a quieter location for families looking for a more serene beach. The beach is surrounded by hills, a fishing village and is enclosed in a beautiful bay. The beach is dotted with smaller boutique hotels, holiday villas and private homes. It’s a lesser known beach, something the retirees and locals quite like!
  • KARON BEACH: South Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    This is one of the longest beaches in Phuket. With powdery white sand, azure blue water and plenty of fun water sports, this is a popular family beach. Many of the big hotels are situated here including Hilton and Movenpick. Play in the sand, build sand castles, go paddle boarding or try surfing, there’s plenty going on to keep the kids occupied.

  • KATA BEACH: South Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    Just south of Karon beach is Kata beach. This fam-friendly beach sits in a beautiful bay. Grab a coconut on the way down from one of the many stalls and pick a place to watch the world go by, as the kids play. Many families choose this beach becuase it is close to many hotels, has food and drink stalls dotted around it, and the sea isn’t quite a rough as Karon beach.

  • KATA NOI BEACH: South Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    There isn’t much to do here, so come if you need a few hours away from the hustle and bustle, and a little snooze on the sand. The beach is in a quiet cove, surrounded by jungle hillside. Pack a picnic, plenty of games, sunscreen and a hat or two and settle in for a relaxing day, just a few miles away from the noise of Kata.

  • LAEM SINGH BEACH: Mid Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    Located between Surin and Kamala beaches, this is a tiny cove hidden between the mountains. It can get quite busy in the high season, so we recommend coming here in the quieter low season so you can truly appreciate the secret beach feel. You will need to pay a fee of 100 baht per person, but this is well worth it. This beach is great for older kids as there’s quite a steep descent from the car park.
  • MAI KHAO BEACH: North Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    This beach is part of the national park, so it remains relatively unspoilt. It’s 11km in length, making it great for a morning power walk or run before breakfast. The sand is quite coarse so watch out for those sensitive little toes. The fam-friendly JW Marriott is here too, and it’s only 15 minutes from the airport. Perfect for a weekend away.

  • NAI HARN BEACH: South Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    In South Phuket, this is an increasingly popular beach. The Phuket Royal Yacht Club is nearby, for those families looking for a little luxury. The beach is still quite quiet, so send the kids off to play in the sand, as you enjoy a sundowner at one of the beach front bars. There are a few lovely local restaurants on the beach which make getting off the beach for dinner easy.
  • PATONG BEACH: South Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    Known as a bit of a party place, Patong has a lovely long beach which is popular with large families. If you want a bit more action, this is the beach for you. It’s 3.5km long so there’s plenty of space for everyone. This is the most well-known beach in Phuket and is popular with Western tourists.

  • SURIN BEACH: Mid Island - Family-Friendly Beach In Phuket

    Surin beach is affectionately known as millionaires row for it’s high-end resorts, multi-million dollar villas and celebrity hangouts. For celeb-spotting, this is the beach for you. The sand is fine and white, and the sea is bright blue and clear. It’s still got the old world charm of a quiet fishing village despite it’s status. This is a popular beach with tourists and Thai's.
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