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Family-Friendly Summer Adventure In Mongolia

19 Unique Short-Haul Adventures In Asia - MONGOLIA - Genghis Khan Riding Camp

For families looking for a truly unique summer adventure – this one is for you!  Hot off the press – this camp adventure in Orkhon National Park is comprised of daily adventures into the rich landscape on horseback or foot. Ride or traverse across the rolling green hills and valleys, the dense forests and swirling rivers of this breathtaking landscape, under Mongolia’s eternal blue skies. The camp has 90 horses available for riding and polo – and lessons can also be arranged, while other activities include river kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, archery and rock climbing. When you need to relax, spa services include Ayurvedic and traditional Mongol hot-stone massage and yoga. The camp also offers a window into the Nomadic lifestyle and guests can learn about cashmere production, and felt and carpet making, or enjoy the watching matched local polo players every other evening.

The camp does not provide guests with a standard itinerary, but instead is ready to accommodate guests’ requests and to give them the option of playing things by ear – always good when kids are around. As for the little ones – there are nannies on hand to take care of very small children while parents are doing some of the activities. For those who want to take part but perhaps aren’t quite ready, well-trained horse riding instructors can ride with young kids on the horse for easier rides. During the month of August, a music teacher joins the camp, helping out with piano lessons, singing and playing other instruments. There’s a great atmosphere reminiscent of summer camps with lots of families, children and fun.

Amazing – we think so!

About the area:  Orkhon Valley National Park is known as the valley of the Khans. The ancient and vast steppe of Nomadic empires is today home to the Genghis Khan Riding and Adventure camp, located 360 kilometres west of Mongolia’s capital, Ulan Bator. It is surrounded by ancient ruins and artefacts of the Mongol, Uighur and Turkish empires, which await discovery with various day trips from the camp.  Karakorum, the first capital of the Mongol empire, and Khar Balgas, the Uighur empire’s ancient capital, as well as Tovkhon monastery, not to mention all of Mongolia’s natural wonders, are at your fingertips, or the whim of your horse’s hooves.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

A truly one-of-a-kind summer family adventure in Mongolia.

Who It's Perfect For:

Genghis Khan Riding Adventure Camp is a family camp and almost all activities are family-oriented. When it comes to horse riding and polo, there are horses suitable for all levels of experience.

What Else:​

The season for visiting Genghis Khan Riding Adventure Camp in in Mongolia begins on 15 June and runs through to the end of September.

Where To Find It:​

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