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The Redang Turtle Sanctuary In Malaysia

A Visit To Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary In Redang

Redang Turtle Sanctuary Malaysia

Located in a protected cove on the Northern side of Palau Redang is the Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary.  Tours are available for booking at the dive shop of the Laguna Redang Hotel.  From there, a small boat will ferry you around the island to the secluded cove.  You will be greeted by staff and volunteers from the University of Malaysia and given a detailed tour of the protective measures being taken to ensure the turtles’ survival.

Editor Update:  Due to COVID-19, these tours are currently on hold.  Stay tuned.

In addition to sharing their conservation methods, visitors may also have the opportunity to help release turtles into the ocean.  The visiting season for Redang is from March until October, but most turtle hatching and release occurs from June to August.   Since it’s opening, Chagar Hutang has released over 300,000 Green Turtles and 7,000 Hawkbill Turtles through their program.

Their program also seeks to educate their visitors regarding the causes of the declining numbers of turtles in the world.  Problems such as over-harvesting and consumption are the main things visitors can help to curb.   Only 1 out of every 1,000 hatchlings that make it to the ocean survive.  And of those that do, it takes 15-30 years for them to return to the same cove they were born in lay eggs.

After the tour of the conservation efforts, the sanctuary allows visitors to snorkel in their pristine coral filled cove before returning to the Laguna Redang Hotel.

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