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Affordable Asian Getaways For Families - Rawa Island - Malaysia

Pack your bags and embark on a memorable adventure with your kiddos to these affordable destinations across Asia that won’t blow the budget. Jet set now!


    There’s plenty to discover in Kyushu – Japan’s third largest island – especially if your kids are an adventurous bunch. From a well-kept samurai town, traditional gardens and temples to picturesque nature trails where you can hike volcanoes. Yakushima Island – an enchanting moss-covered forest that was the inspiration behind 2001 anime film, Spirited Away – is a short hydrofoil ride away and is well worth the visit as Japan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stay at one of the hospitable minshuku on the island – no-frills family run inns that offer insight into the rich local culture.



    Hong Kong:  3hr direct flight to Kagoshima from Hong Kong

    Singapore:  You must fly through Hong Kong, Seoul, or Tokyo


    Off the coast of South Korea, Jeju Island is a land of wonder where you and your little sun-seekers can climb dormant volcanoes including the nation’s highest mountain, Hallasan, within the protected, UNESCO World Heritage National Park; scale lava tubes, frolic in fields of bright yellow rapeseed flowers and be mesmerized by the towering pagan stone statues dotting the countryside. The island is also surrounded by superb beaches for those who want to soak up the sun.



    Hong Kong:  3hr direct flight to Jeju Island

    Singapore:  No direct flights but connecting flights through Seoul or Fukouka


    While Siem Reap may be the first (and often only) stop for tourists to Cambodia, Phnom Penh is rising in the ranks as a must-see Asian capital. And there’s a lot more to the city the somber Killing Fields. A tour with junior around the golden Royal Palace, gleaming wats, followed by a meal at one of the many charming riverside cafes and eateries and a stroll down the large boulevards makes the city’s nickname as the “Paris of the East” well warranted.  Extra bonus?  Tag on a relaxing beach stay and head to Kep, just a short-drive away from PP offering relaxing luxe on the cheap.  We love Knai Bang Chatt in Kep and they will even pick you up at the airport.



    Hong Kong:  3hr direct flight to Phnom Penh

    Singapore:  3 flights daily, 1.55 minutes to Phnom Penh

    Kuala Lumpur:  4 flights daily, 1.50 minutes to Phnom Penh


    As one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Xi’an was the center of power during the 11th century Zhou Dynasty. Bring your budding history buffs to the city’s many museums holding imperial treasures, of which the most famous is the site housing the Terracotta Soldiers. Thousands of stoic figures, each with their own minute differences will be a treat for the whole family. And when you’re done touring around town, take a stroll around the gardens surrounding Mount Li and soak up the healing hot spring waters there.



    Hong Kong:  2hr 30 min direct flight to Xi’an

    Singapore:  4 flights per week, 5 hr 25 min direct to Xi'an

    Kuala Lumpur:  4 flights per week, 5 hr to Xi'an


    This resort town is where many Mainland Chinese families have their second home and come to relax, so get pampered at the many day spas and dine out in the city’s fantastic restaurants offering a smorgasbord of Chinese delicacies. For the kiddies, there’s the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom with an aquarium brimming with marine life as well as water sports and family-friendly activities when staying at the recently opened Club Med Dong’au Island.



    Hong Kong:  1hr ferry ride to Zhuhai from Hong Kong


    With cheap, daily flights directly from Hong Kong, you can arrive in Taiwan’s picturesque central-western province in just over 90 minutes. The industrial city is packed with shopping and museums as well as a lively night market, but Taichung serves as the gateway to the nation’s spectacular natural treasures. Take a train or drive to Yushan National Park from Taichung, where you and your wee ones will be able to go camping, hiking and mountaineering along with soaking tired muscles in the many hot springs resorts there.



    Hong Kong:  1hr 30min minutes direct flight to Taichung


    Local Vietnamese and those in the know make a beeline for the palm-fringed beaches and crystal waters of Phu Quoc, an island situated a short, domestic flight away from Ho Chi Minh City. The island is mainly comprised of a protected national park, so your little ones will have a ball on the virgin beaches and surrounding forests inhabited by tropical animals and birds. There’s a wide range of accommodations for every budget ranging from basic beach-side bungalows to affordable five-star resorts such as La Veranda Resort.  Here is the Little Steps Guide!



    Hong Kong:  2hr 30min direct flight to Ho Chi Minh from Hong Kong; 50 min to Phu Quoc

    Singapore:  2hr 5min direct flight to Ho Chi Minh from Singapore; 50 min to Phu Quoc

    Kuala Lumpur:  1hr 55 min direct flight to Ho Chi Minh from Kuala Lumpur, 50 min to Phu Quoc


    Home to the royal family’s Summer Palace, Hua Hin is Thailand’s original resort town. It’s no wonder both Thais and foreigners flock to this beach outpost that’s three hours outside of Bangkok because there’s something for everyone including powder-sand beaches for your water babies, a rambunctious night market as well as world-class spas and golf courses. Plus, if you can sneak off to an adults-only afternoon, head to Thailand’s first vineyard – Monsoon Valley – and enjoy a scrumptious fusion cuisine paired with palatable wines.



    Bangkok:  3hr car transfer to Hua Hin

    Singapore:  2hr 25 min flight to Bangkok, 3hr car transfer to Hua Hin

    Hong Kong:  3hr direct flight to Bangkok from Hong Kong; 3hr car transfer to Hua Hin

    Kuala Lumpur:  2hr 10 min flight to Bangkok, 3hr car transfer to Hua Hin

  • Affordable Asian Getaways For Families - Rawa Island - Malaysia


    Pristine beaches, fresh seafood and barefoot resort living await you and your loved ones on Rawa Island – an island paradise just a short car or bus ride away from Singapore. Once there, you’ll be immersed in the castaway experience with numerous resorts geared towards family activities. Depending on price point, you can get a simple bungalow on the beach or luxurious villa to bask in the sun as well as partake in the many water sports including kayaking, snorkeling, diving and fishing.



    Singapore:  3hr car journey from Singapore to Rawa Island

    Hong Kong: 4hr direct flight to Singapore from Hong Kong; 3hr journey from Singapore to Rawa Island

    Kuala Lumpur:  Less than an hour flight to Singapore or take a bus, 3hr journey from Singapore to Rawa Island


    Get as far away from bustling KL and the beaches as you can get with a journey to Cameron Highlands. Once there, you’ll be rewarded with all the charms of the rural hillside towns where you and your young’uns can spend hours touring the many tea plantations, hiking the genteel trails and picking fresh strawberries from the neighboring farms, or simply lazing away on the terrace at one of the many colonial guesthouses spanning various price ranges.


    Kuala Lumpur:  3hr car transfer to Cameron Highlands

    Singapore:  Less than 1 hour by flight or take a luxury bus to KL, 3hr car transfer to Cameron Highlands

    Hong Kong: 3hr direct flight to Kuala Lumpur from Hong Kong; 3hr car transfer to Cameron Highlands


    A trio of laid-back islands, the Gilis are dotted with cafes, simple beach-side accommodations and seafood restaurants for a fraction of what you’d pay in Bali. The largest island, Gili Trawangan, has the most diversity in terms of hotels and restaurants, plus it’s a good place for your family to learn how to dive (but it is a party island).  Gili Air is a nice alternative and also a great dive island - check out family-friendly Scallawags.  Island hop with your mini adventurers to neighboring Gili Meno for its white sandy beaches and Gili Air to soak in the relaxed, divine ambiance.



    Bali:  25 min flight to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Gili Meno

    Singapore:  2hr, 45min direct flight to Bali from Hong Kong; 25 min flight to Gili Trawangan

    Hong Kong: 5hr direct flight to Bali from Hong Kong; 25 min flight to Gili Trawangan

    Lombok:  You can take a 25 min speed boat to the Gilis

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