Where To Donate Pre-Loved Items In Singapore

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Where To Donate In Singapore

Spring cleaning: the time of the year where we get rid of the old and usher in the new. When it comes to household items like pre-used furniture and kids clothing and toys that your little one might have outgrown, thrashing them might feel wasteful.

Why not donate them to those who might give your pre-loved items a new lease of life instead? There are multiple avenues where you can donate and pass on your goods, so they don’t create unnecessary clutter at home. Little Steps has compiled a list of where you can not only free up space, but also help others in need!

  • SSVP Shop Singapore

    SSVP SHOP: Clothes, household items, accessories

    An initiative set up by the Catholic society of St Vincent de Paul, the SSVP Shop is a retail store that accepts and sells donated items, ranging from clothes to kitchenware. Kids toys and clothes are also accepted here, with proceeds from the sales contributed to the less fortunate. Due to the Covid-19 situation and space limitations, they’re only accepting a maximum of two bags of items per donator between Tuesdays and Sundays, 10am to 4pm.

    SSVP Shop, 501 Geylang Road, Singapore 389459, +65 6974 2480,

  • Greensquare Singapore

    GREENSQUARE: Clothes, shoes, household items

    Greensquare makes it convenient for donating and recycling, as their drop-off locations are at over 50 locations and shops around Singapore, like Funan Mall and G2000 outlets. They only accept clothing, shoes, and accessories like belts and bags, so you can pack them all in a bag, where they will either be sold to secondhand textile importers or recycled into other products. If your donation is 15kg and above, they will collect it straight from your doorstep instead via an appointment booking!

    Greensquare, multiple locations,

  • MINDS Shop Singapore

    MINDS SHOP: Clothes, shoes, accessories, baby and kids toys and supplies, home appliances

    MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) has 4 thrift stores in Singapore where you can drop off almost anything – from baby and kids toys to kitchen appliances – where they will be resold to the public. Every store has different items, making the shopping experience unique as well. Best part? Revenue from the sales of the donated items go towards the monthly allowances of the MINDS trainees!

    MINDS Shop, multiple locations,

  • Metta Welfare Association Singapore

    METTA WELFARE ASSOCIATION: Groceries, electronics, clothes, furniture

    As an association that supports the community, Metta Welfare Association also accepts donations in the form of groceries, electronics, furniture, and clothes that are in good condition. Before you head down, however, do check out their website to see what they may or may not be accepting at the moment, as they do change their conditions periodically. Under their program, you can also drop off clothes at Zara outlets, which will be donated or recycled.

    Metta Welfare Association, 32 Simei Street 1, Singapore 529950, +65 6580 4688,

  • Salvation Army Singapore

    SALVATION ARMY: Clothes, furniture, household goods, electronic devices, toys and books

    The Salvation Army is one of Singapore’s largest donation centres and thrift stores. Round up your items that are still in good condition and you can place them at any of their 8 booths around Singapore. If you’re letting go of bulky items like furniture, pick-up from your doorstep is available, with a donation of $60 for the service encouraged. Sales from the donated items will be contributed to needy communities like the elderly and low-income families.

    Salvation Army, 20 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 579768 (HQ), +65 6288 5438,

  • H&M Singapore

    H&M: Adult and kids clothes

    Yup, one of the largest fashion retailers in Singapore also accepts donations! As part of their mission to be an environmentally-conscious brand, they have recycling booths at every H&M outlet, where clothing and textiles of any brand can be dropped off. Your items will then be sorted to be resold, reused or recycled, and you’ll even get a 15% discount voucher for your efforts!

    H&M, multiple locations,

  • Pass It On Singapore

    PASS IT ON: Home appliances, furniture, medical aids

    Instead of donating your items and not knowing who they end up benefiting, you can seek out specific items people are looking for and contact them directly with Pass It On. Alternatively, you can list your preloved goodies on the website and wait for someone who needs it to message you. Besides the usual clothes and electrical appliances that you can list, you can also offer medical aids like wheelchairs and walking sticks to assist the elderly.

    Pass It On, 819 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534678 (HQ), +65 8511 9160,

  • SG Mummies United

    SG MUMMIES UNITED (FB GROUP): Baby supplies, kids clothes and toys, groceries

    Kids and babies outgrow their clothes, toys and books at a rapid pace during their developmental years, which can result in these items being put aside at home and collecting dust. Well, they don’t have to. Mums in Singapore can join the SG Mummies United Facebook Group, with the goal of assisting mums who need help and are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Items you can donate range from baby supplies like milk powder and diapers, to secondhand clothes, shoes, accessories, books and toys.

    SG Mummies United,

  • SGFreeCycle Facebook Group

    SGFREECYCLE (FB GROUP): Computers, furniture, clothing, books

    SG Free Cycle has nearly 3000 members in their Facebook group. The platform aims to reduce wastage and clutter, by allowing members of the public to post items in the hopes that they find a better home for someone else. Home appliances, exercise equipment and furniture are some of the most common items listed. Collections are directly arranged between the donor and the receiver!


  • Bless For Mummies And Babies Facebook Group

    BLESS FOR MUMMIES AND BABIES (FB GROUP): Baby supplies, parenting accessories, kids clothes

    With over 4,500 members on this private Facebook group, Bless For Mummies And Babies will be a great way to broadcast the message of your donation to fellow mums and parents out there. Whether it’s cots, prams, baby carriers, toys or play equipment, you can simply join the group, make a post and wait to link up with someone who will find better use of your pre-loved item at home!

    Bless For Mummies And Babies,



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