14 Easy Islands To Visit From Singapore In Malaysia And Indonesia *UPDATED

Indonesian And Malaysian Getaways Near Singapore

Best Islands To Visit Off Singapore

Looking to satisfy that travel bug with a short holiday getaway and bonding time with your family or buddies? Look no further! There are various islands surrounding Singapore which can be easily reached via a short bus journey or ferry ride. Some resorts even provide arrangements for transfers for guests too. Teeming with amazing wildlife, greenery, pristine beaches and a never ending list of activities for you and the little ones to explore, we have curated a selection of some of the most stunning islands located close to home.

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Best Family Staycations On A Boat In Singapore

  • Dayang Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    DAYANG ISLAND *Malaysia Island You Can Reach From Singapore In 4 Hours Drive + 3 Hours Sailing

    Laid back island getaway

    Experience living in a hidden paradise surrounded by vivid shades of blue water, Dayang provides scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts an array of marine life including rays, barracuda and sharks. There are also plenty of easy hiking trails, suitable for all ages, where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding islands. The island also offers chalet style accommodation, which caters to those looking for a laid back experience.

    Coach journey from Singapore to Mersing Jetty ~ 4 hours and sailing duration ~ 3 hours.


  • Karimun Besar Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    KARIMUN BESAR ISLAND *Indonesian Island You Can Reach By Ferry In 1.5 Hours From Singapore

    Great for island hopping

    Soak up the sun by the beaches or go island hopping from Karimun Besar island. Declared as a marine conservation area, you can also explore the Karimun Jawa National Park which consists of amazing beaches, coral reefs and mangrove forests. The park is also home to a wonderful variety of biodiversity such as black corals, hawkbill turtles and red-breasted parakeets. There are also various diving and snorkeling spots conveniently located around the island.

    Sailing duration from HarbourFront Center to Tanjung Balai Terminal ~ 1 hour 30 minutes.

    Karimun Besar Island, 

  • Pulau Sibu-Islands-Off-Singapore

    PULAU SIBU *Malaysia Island You Can Drive To In 3 Hours From Singapore + 20 Minute Sail

    Peaceful experience away from the crowds

    Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and waterfront villas with your own private balcony, this remote island is truly a hidden gem indeed! Explore the rich underwater life right off the beach or enjoy the views from your balcony. There are plenty of water sport activities available including diving, canoeing, windsurfing and fishing. Many of the resorts also offer spa sessions and board games for guests. You can also visit the nearby kelong to experience the local life.

    Coach journey from Singapore to ‎Tanjung Leman Jetty ~ 3 hours and sailing duration to Pulau Sibu ~ 20 minutes.


  • pulau-joyo-Islands-Off-Singapore

    PULAU JOYO *Private Island You Can Reach From Singapore Via Bintan in 4 Hours+ *Booking Essential

    Rustic private island resort

    Surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, Pulau Joyo offers visitors a wonderful mix of simplicity and luxury. The entire island features just 9 types of accommodation for you to pick, each with their own private beachfront views. There are also plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Unwind with a traditional Javanese massage by the pool or go snorkeling among the wonderful marine life at the nearby beaches and reefs.

    Sailing duration from Singapore to Bintan ~ 1 hour, land transfer to Pama jetty ~ 1 hour 30 minutes and sailing duration from Pama jetty to Pulau Joyo ~ 30 minutes.

    Pulau Joyo, 

  • pulau-mabul-Islands-Off-Singapore

    MABUL ISLAND *Malaysia Island You Can Reach Via Flight From Singapore

    Highly recommended diving site

    Just 15 minutes from Sipadan island, one of the top dive sites, experience living on a floating resort surrounded by rich marine life and uninterrupted ocean views at Mabul Island! The island also boasts other accommodations including backpacker style lodges to water bungalows. Chill by the beach and watch the sunrise or explore the island and sea life in a Molokini transparent kayak. The location is also a good starting point to visit other nearby islands in the region.

    Flight duration from Singapore to Tawau airport ~ 5 hours, land transfer to Semporna Jetty ~ 1 hour and sailing duration to Sipadan ~ 45 minutes.

    Mabul Island, 

  • Sugi Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    SUGI ISLAND (TELUNAS RESORT) *Easy To Reach Family-Friendly Resort Island Only 3 Hours By Boat From Singapore

    Perfect place to unplug and relax

    With no air conditioning, television or internet access, get your digital detox and unwind away from the city life on Sugi island. The island offers plenty of nature and activities to keep you entertained during your vacation. Enjoy the sea breeze and calming sound of waves crashing or trek among the lush greenery and appreciate the natural beauty. Snorkeling, swimming and kayaking are also some activities you and the kids can enjoy on the island.

    Sailing duration from HarbourFront Center ~ 3 hours.

    Sugi Island, 

  • Telunas Private Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    TELUNAS PRIVATE ISLAND *3 Hour Direct Boat Trip From Singapore *Great For Groups And Kids

    Kid-friendly island resort

    One of Indonesia’s best kept secrets, enjoy an off the grid vacation experience and unwind among the lush greenery on this private island. The island’s resort features villas that are right over the sea so you can enjoy the panoramic ocean views and cool sea breeze right in the comforts of your room. Guests can also enjoy massage treatments or check out the complimentary activities like kayaking and nature walk. Kids can also join the kids club events for free, which features movie nights and local craft classes.

    Sailing duration from HarbourFront Center ~ 3 hours.

    Telunas Private Island, 

  • Pulau Pom Pom-Islands-Off-Singapore

    PULAU POM POM *Remote Island Reached By Flight From Singapore

    Surrounded by various diving sites

    This remote low-lying coral reef island boasts some of the world’s most stunning coral formations and marine biodiversity. Well known as one of the top dive sites for scuba diving and snorkeling, many dive sites are located within 20 minutes from the island. The island is also a significant nesting site for green and hawksbill turtles and are often spotted in the surrounding waters all year round.

    Flight duration from Singapore to Tawau airport ~ 5 hours, land transfer to Semporna Jetty ~ 1 hour and sailing duration to Pulau Pom Pom ~ 40 minutes.

    Pulau Pom Pom, 

  • Sipadan-Islands-Off-Singapore

    SIPADAN *Top Diving And Snorkel Island Reached By Flight From Singapore

    Great day trip from surrounding islands

    Rated as one of the top diving sites, Sipadan is also well known for the large number of green and hawksbill turtles that often visit the island to lay their eggs. Aside from the beautiful underwater coral formations and underwater species, the island also offers a huge variety of flora and fauna for visitors to explore. There are various hiking trails that lead you up to the island’s peak, where you can enjoy sweeping views of the island and sea.

    Flight duration from Singapore to Tawau airport ~ 5 hours, land transfer to Semporna Jetty ~ 1 hour and sailing duration to Sipadan ~ 1 hour.


  • pangkil-island-resort-Islands-Off-Singapore

    PULAU PANGKIL *Private Island You Can Book As A Family Group And Reached By 4 Hours From Singapore Via Boat

    Exclusive private island suitable for groups

    Spend some quality time with your family and relax among nature on this exclusive tropical island resort. The island is also available to be rented out as a whole, which is perfect for groups of families or friends to gather without the crowds. The costs are also inclusive of the catered meals and drinks, transport from Bintan and use of all the facilities such as kayaks and snorkeling equipment. For the little ones, there are also cots, toys and baby sitting services available.

    Sailing duration from Singapore to Bintan ~ 1 hour, land transfer to Pama jetty ~ 1 hour 30 minutes and sailing duration from Pama jetty to Pangkil ~ 30 minutes.

    Pulau Pangkil, 

  • Harimau Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    HARIMAU ISLAND *Island Reachable For A Day Trip From Singapore In Only 4 Hours By Boat

    Ideal day trip

    If you are staying at one of the surrounding islands like Rawa island or Pulau Besar, pop by Harimau island for a day trip to explore its untouched nature. Surrounded by clear waters teeming with marine life, the island is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Many also visit the natural pool, which can be reached by traveling through a giant cavern. Visitors can also take a short hike up to the lighthouse to enjoy the stunning oceanfront views.

    Coach journey from Singapore to Mersing Jetty ~ 4 hours and sailing duration ~ 1 hour.

    Harimau Island, 

  • Nikoi Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    NIKOI ISLAND *Famous Family-Friendly Luxury Island Resort Reachable Via 2.5 Hours By Ferry *Great For Groups

    Family-friendly private island retreat

    Located just a stone’s throw from the popular Bintan Island, Nikoi Island offers families a private island retreat away from the crowds. Enjoy the lovely sea breeze while chilling on the beach or be awed by the magnificent granite boulders overlooking the rainforests. The island only has about 20 rooms, which offers plenty of space and privacy for the whole family. There is also a kids club available where children can enjoy a range of activities such as treasure hunts and cinema night.

    Sailing duration from Tanah Merah ferry terminal ~ 2 hours 30 minutes.

    Nikoi Island,

  • Tengah Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    TENGAH ISLAND *Easy To Reach Island Only 4.5 Hours From Singapore By Car And Boat

    Tranquil beach vacation

    Part of the protected Johor Marine Park, this uninhabited island with pristine white sands and clear waters is great for families looking for a beach vacation. With a whopping 8 different beaches, there is an abundant variety of marine life and coral reefs to explore! Visitors can sign up for water activities like diving, snorkeling or kayaking. You can also explore the island’s greenery via the walking trails which are also suitable for young children too.

    Coach journey from Singapore to Mersing Jetty ~ 4 hours and sailing duration ~ 20 minutes.

    Tengah Island, 

  • Rawa Island-Islands-Off-Singapore

    RAWA ISLAND *2 Resorts Available On This Islands Off Singapore, Easy To Access In 4.5 Hours Drive/Sail

    Private beach getaway

    With just two resorts located on the island, this Malaysian coastal town is perfect for those looking for a peaceful beach getaway! The resort offers various packages at affordable prices, which includes the boat transfers, meals and access to indoor facilities such as kids corner and pool table. One resort also features a waterslide that sends you right into the sea! Visitors can also snorkel right off the beach or take a slow hike up the jungle trail to catch the sunrise and amazing panoramic views of the island.

    Coach journey from Singapore to Mersing Jetty ~ 4 hours and sailing duration ~ 30 minutes.

    Rawa Island,

  • Pulau Bawah-Islands-Off-Singapore

    PULAU BAWAH *Eco-Friendly Islands With 12 Beaches With Ferry + Short Flight From Batam

    Eco-friendly and remote island retreat

    Made up of 6 islands, 13 beaches and surrounded by gorgeous turquoise waters, this amazing island is designed to provide visitors a sustainable and luxurious island retreat. From overwater bungalows to treehouse lodges and beachfront suites, each room provides guests a peaceful sanctuary to relax in. The resort also offers plenty of activities like forest hiking, beach games and lifestyle classes. Its ideal location is also great for water sports like scuba diving, kayaking and sailing.

    Sailing duration from Tanah Merah ferry terminal to Batam ~ 1 hour, land transfer to Hang Nadim International Airport ~ 10 minutes, flight duration to Bawah Reserve ~ 1 hour 20 minutes.

    Pulau Bawah,

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