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STEM and STEAM Programs Singapore

The 21st Century phenomenon recognizes the importance of preparing today’s youth and giving them the skills necessary to be successful in an influential role in the future workplace. The world of employment is rapidly changing, so education has to quickly follow suit so that children are fully prepared when they leave school and move into a complex new work environment. Schools, after-school activity educators, and tutors offer fascinating learning options for children and teens.

  • STEM vs STEAM Programs

    What are they?

    STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

    STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

    The terminology refers to careers centered around science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, the most rapidly growing industries worldwide. To remain competitive, educators have introduced STEM and STEAM into global educational frameworks to prepare children for the future. Adding arts to the education program makes learning more fun, keeps kids more engaged, encourages personal expression, and makes purpose of what they are learning. Interestingly, people with STEAM-related degrees make higher incomes and have a critical role in sustained growth and stability. Future job roles could include being a data scientist, systems architect, cybersecurity expert, and food scientist.

    In an ever-changing and increasingly complex world, it is more important that today’s youth have the skills and knowledge to solve problems, understand information, and gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions. Training in the arts is known to improve creativity and innovation. Students learn to approach issues with a critical mind and a positive attitude towards problem-solving. Exposure to the arts enhances communication skills essential for collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability.

  • Importance Of STEAM and STEM Programs

    Why STEM And STEAM Education Programs Are So Valuable

    Look To The Future

    STEM and STEAM have emerged as two leading routes to providing excellent education and well-rounded students. Job forecasts identify huge increases in jobs requiring secondary and post-secondary education in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics in future years. Bringing STEM and STEAM into the classroom gives students many more opportunities.

    Some of the tools students will have access to are:

    • Model Eliciting Activities have five characteristics: model eliciting, open-ended, generalizable, realistic, self-assessable
    • Project Based Learning includes reflection, research, discovery, application, and communication
    • Hands-on learning
    • Cooperative learning
    • Discussion and inquiry
    • Question and conjecture
    • Justification of thinking
    • Writing for reflection and problem solving
    • Use a problem-solving approach
    • Integrate technology
    • Teach as a facilitator
    • Use assessment as part of instruction
  • KidStop Science Centre Singapore

    STEM And STEAM Programs In Singapore

    Ahead Of The Game

    STEM and STEAM have emerged as two leading routes to providing excellent education and well-rounded students. Job forecasts identify huge increases in jobs requiring secondary and post-secondary education in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics in future years. Bringing STEM and STEAM into the classroom gives students many more opportunities.

    Some of the tools students will have access to are:

    • Model Eliciting Activities have five characteristics: model eliciting, open-ended, generalizable, realistic, self-assessable
    • Project Based Learning includes reflection, research, discovery, application, and communication
    • Hands-on learning
    • Cooperative learning
    • Discussion and inquiry
    • Question and conjecture
    • Justification of thinking
    • Writing for reflection and problem solving
    • Use a problem-solving approach
    • Integrate technology
    • Teach as a facilitator
    • Use assessment as part of instruction
  • Schools With STEM and STEAM

    STEM And STEAM Programs In Singapore

    The Best After School Classes

    Singapore is always keen to be ahead of the game in STEM, and STEAM offerings. A range of exciting companies offers unique programs that your kids will love. Little Steps has navigated its way around the city to bring you the top programs.

  • Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning

    The Struggle Is Real

    Teachers at the Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning encourage their students to struggle and work on finding solutions rather than offering step-by-step instructions. Your kids will feel a sense of self-discovery when they practice the growth mindset and can-do teaching principles. The children learn through doing and encouragement. The class sizes are small, and each child receives a robotics kit and laptop for a hands-on learning experience and will learn at their own pace through the modular curriculum system. Nullspace offers a range of classes that suit different age groups and abilities, including STEM Little Explorer, Robotics Certificate, and the Inventor Certificate.

    Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning, Rochester Mall, 35 Rochester Drive, and 5B Figaro Street, Singapore, +65 9855 4017, c4rl@nullspace.com.sghttps://sg.nullspacegroup.com/centre-for-robotics-learning/

  • Curiosity Kids STEM STEAM programs Singapore

    Curiosity Kids

    Science-Filled Classes

    Curiosity Kids offers practical, fun-filled science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring. Their camps perfectly balance learning and fun as children explore various science concepts by performing hands-on, exciting experiments. The teachers believe kids need to be encouraged and empowered to be curious and ask questions, be creative in solving and answering those questions, have the confidence to explore, learn and experiment, and communicate effectively with their peers and educators. Explore their website for details and locations of various camps, workshops, and online classes in Singapore. Private camps are also available for groups of five children or more at a venue of your choice.

    Curiosity Kids, various locations in Singapore,  + 65 6908 8295, singapore@curiositykidshk.comhttps://curiositykidshk.com/singapore/

  • WondersWork STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia


    Inventing Robots

    The WondersWork team will ignite your kid's creative minds and nurture their inventive thinking in various hands-on workshops. The fun learning environment allows children to explore, create and invent their own robots. Kids over eight will enjoy the WondersInvent program that nurtures budding inventors and entrepreneurs of the future. They work in small student-delivered groups to identify, design, build, test, improve, and document their creative projects. The WondersRobotics Lego Robotics coding program is suitable for children over five encouraging their inner innovator using various STEAM skills. Various holiday camps keep your little ones occupied throughout the school holidays.

    WonderwsWork, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #03-105, Singapore, +65 8822 7170,  enquiry@wonderswork.com.sg, http://wonderswork.com.sg/

  • Science Centre Singapore STEM STEAM programs Singapore

    Science Centre Singapore

    Imagine, Experience, Discover, Dream

    KidsSTOP at the Science Centre allows kids from 18 months to eight years to explore science through play in a safe and guided environment. In the Discover area, children are introduced to various STEM principles. They'll love the themed zones such as flight and space, built environment, and planet warriors marine conservation that use immersive technology to enhance learning. The playmaker studio and tinkering lab allow children to build and create robots using sequencing and coding skills. Dedicated educators encourage kids to grasp various science concepts through first-hand experiences.

    KidsSTOP at Science Centre Singapore, 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609433, +65 6425 2500, feedback@science.edu.sg, https://www.science.edu.sg/visit-us/kidsstop

  • Kids DiscoveryWorks STEM STEAM programs Singapore

    Kids DiscoveryWorks

    Learning Inventive Problem-Solving Skills.

    Educators at Kids DiscoveryWorks bring STEM classes to pre and primary school children in Singapore. The teachers focus on collaborative problem-solving, exposure to science, technology, engineering, and maths, discovery, and exploratory learning. The unique and innovative curriculum inspires children to build on their natural curiosity through fun and engaging games and learning activities. Your youngster will build their confidence, collaboration, and communication skills while finding creative and inventive problem-solving skills.

    Kids DiscoveryWorks, 209a Upper Thomson Road Singapore, +65 6931 6989, info@Kidsdiscoveryworks.com, https://kidsdiscoveryworks.com/

  • Terra Minds STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Terra Minds

    Authentic Inventors

    Terra Minds understand that children learn best by 'doing'! Kids love to explore and investigate how concepts work and are applied through problem-solving and critical thinking. The inspiring curriculum exposes kids to a wide range of topics that challenge their minds inspiring them to be entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, and robot architects. The hands-on lessons are engaging, fun, and ignite your child's spark for learning. Terra Minds encourages kids and their parents to look to the future by being authentic and through exciting partnerships.

    Terra Minds, 73 Ubi Road 1 #09-62 Oxley Bizhub Singapore, +65 6926 8757, info@terraminds.com.sg, https://www.terraminds.com.sg/

  • JNR Entertainment STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    JNR Entertainment

    At Home STEAM

    The educators from JNR Entertainment bring STEAM classes to your home in Singapore. The lessons are best for one or two children, but they can accommodate up to six STEAM enthusiasts. Your kids will enjoy various activities during the class, including exciting science experiments and art and craft workshops. JNR offers a complimentary trial to see if the classes are something that your little one will enjoy. Allow your child to learn about STEAM through a series of explorations in the comfort of your own home.

    JNR Entertainment, NorthStar@AMK - 7030, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #01-25/27/29, Singapore, +65 6100 0567, enquiry@jnrentertainment.com.sg, https://www.jnrentertainment.com.sg/enrichment-class

  • STEM Academy STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    STEM Academy

    Competition Ready

    The STEM-based educational program focuses on hands-on learning with real-world applications that help your children understand and develop various 21st-century skill sets. Choose from one of their 'Hour of STEM' classes which could be robotics, circuitry, cell, coding, green, or biology. The instructors also offer weekly enrichment lessons, holiday boot camps, and STEM world competitions with coding, robotics, and maker platforms supported by domains such as Microsoft Minecraft, Sphero, Makeblock, and Matatalab.

    STEM Academy, 2 Sims Close, #05-07 Gemini @ Sims, Singapore, +65 6294 6505, inquiry-sg@ep-asia.com, https://www.stemacademy.sg/

  • Inventive Kids Asia STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Inventive Kids Asia

    Solving Problems Through Play

    Experiential learning empowers children to be inventive and adopt critical thinking and an interdisciplinary mindset, allowing them to make sense of the new world around them. Inventive Kids Asia teachers understand that employers in tomorrow's world will value your children of today and encourage them to foster an innovative mindset, be independent learners, and be competent problem solvers. Courses include KinderSTEM, WeDo, and Spike Prime, which encourage hands-on learning to design, construct and code a robot to execute single or multiple tasks.

    Inventive Kids Asia, 1 Tampines Walk #02-83 Singapore, Singapore, +65 8813 1649, edu@inventivekids.asia, http://www.inventivekids.asia/

  • Explorer Junior STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Explorer Junior

    Enrichment Program

    The Explorer Junior Thinkubator is an enrichment program for children between seven and 12 who can attend after-school STEAM-based classes. Their programs include junior game designer, junior architect, junior math master, and junior scientist with Scratch, Python, Minecraft, and Procreate applications. The learning opportunities include digital literacy classes, which allow your little explorers to learn beyond the classroom.

    Explorer Junior, 304 Ubi Avenue 1, #01-85, Singapore, +65 8809 7211, hello@explorerjunior.com, http://www.explorerjunior.com/

  • Coding Lab STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Coding Lab

    Award-Winning Curriculum

    The instructors at Coding Lab inspire children to be the next generation of leaders. The award-winning MIT-inspired curriculum is for children between five and 18 years and challenges kids to develop advanced computational thinking and problem-solving skills. They use inquiry-based learning and the application of complex mathematical concepts. Coding Lab keeps its lessons exciting and relevant with cutting-edge themes and discoveries as part of the lesson plans and interaction between students and the instructors to maximize their learning.

    Coding Lab, various location in Singapore, +65 6977 9641, learntocode@codinglab.com.sg, http://www.codinglab.com.sg/

  • Schools with STEM and STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Schools In Singapore

    STEM And STEAM Programs

    More and more schools in Singapore are offering STEM and STEAM opportunities for children equipping them with skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, and computer programming. To support schools in the program, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has partnered with Stem Inc, a unit established under Science Centre Singapore.

  • XCL World Academy Singapore STEM STEAM programs Little Steps Asia

    XCL World Academy Singapore

    The School Of The Future

    Formed in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University and The CREATE Lab, the XCL World Academy is considered a world leader in STEM innovations. The academy has access to cutting-edge research and current and emerging technologies. Their primary focus is on robotics, coding, AI, and STEM, providing students opportunities in and out of the classroom. Various STEM learning experiences are built into primary and secondary curriculums to encourage problem-solving skills across different subject areas.

    XCL World Academy, 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore, +65 6808 300, admissions@xwa.edu.sg, https://www.xwa.edu.sg/

  • Canadian International School Singapore STEM STEAM Little Steps Asia

    Canadian International School Singapore

    Lego Leagues

    STEAM at CIS is integrated across the school's curriculum from two to 18 years. The curricular programs include robotics, coding, and Lego leagues. The five critical disciplines of STEAM are connected and closely align with the various skills students will need upon entering the workplace, allowing them to thrive, achieve ambitious goals, and apply leadership skills. CIS students take ownership of the learning process. They are encouraged to actively participate in their own education by setting personal goals and practicing ongoing self-evaluation.

    Canadian International School Singapore, 371 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore, +65 6467 1732, communications@cis.edu.sg, https://www.cis.edu.sg/

  • EtonHouse International School Singapore Little Steps Asia

    EtonHouse International School Singapore

    Shaping The Future Through Education

    The EtonHouse EdTech curriculum includes coding, programming, multimedia authoring, animation, 3D gaming, and more. The aim is to develop highly engaged learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. Teachers strive to embrace and respect the unique identity of the children. Students from kindergarten to secondary years have access to tinkering spaces around the campus that support their use of everyday objects in combination with technology. There is also a strong focus on educating students about cyberbullying and cybersecurity and how to become ethical digital citizens.

    EtonHouse International School Singapore, multiple locations across Singapore, +65 6746 3333, enquiry@etonhouse.com.sg, https://www.etonhouse.edu.sg/

  • Stamford American International School STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Stamford American International School

    Curious Pursuits

    STEAM-inn at Stamford American International School allows students to explore, investigate and pursue their curiosities. They conduct various studies, conclude how things work, how to build, develop and improve their designs and express their understanding in creative ways. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, push boundaries and ask questions. Stamford American's learning spaces include the Makerspace, the Studio and Lab Design, the Fab Lab, and the Creative Exploration Corner.

    Stamford American International School, Woodleigh Campus: 1 Woodleigh Lane, off Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore, +65 6653 2949, admissions@sais.edu.sg, https://www.sais.edu.sg/

  • Dover Court International School STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Dover Court International School

    Natural Curiosity

    STEAM classes are part of the primary school curriculum at Dover Court International School. Your children are encouraged to explore ideas and learn from their natural curiosity. They are encouraged to experiment rather than wait for direction from their teachers. The kids will develop necessary transferable skills such as communication, creativity, confidence, and flexibility. DCIS collaborates with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to tackle a range of world challenges across STEAM subjects.

    Dover Court International School, 301 Dover Road, +65 6775 7664, enquiries@dovercourt.edu.sg, https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/singapore

  • Nexus International School STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Nexus International School

    Encouraging Independence

    Students of Nexus International School are encouraged to be independent through various experiences within and beyond the classroom. Their bespoke learning environments allow them to harness music, art, drama, and literature skills and pursue their passions. Technology is seamlessly embedded in the learning process to enhance their creativity. The high-profile Apple Distinguished School demonstrates its educational excellence stimulating and exemplary learning conditions.

    Nexus International School, 1 Aljunied Walk, Singapore, +65 6536 6566,  enquiry@nexus.edu.sg, https://www.nexus.edu.sg/

  • Home Resources STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Home Resources


    If you want to give your kids the best possible start, you can give them a helping hand at home. Start them young with building blocks, and as they get older, move them on to LEGO, code-breaking, mazes, robotics, and simple engineering projects. Building kits allow kids to explore how things work.

    There are some informative television programs that will encourage your children to get creative!

    Blaze and The Monster Machines, www.youtube.com/c/blazeandthemonstermachines/videos

    Brains On, https://www.brainson.org/

    Dinosaur Train, https://pbskids.org/dinosaurtrain/videos/


    Magic School Bus, https://www.netflix.com/title/70264612

    MC2, https://www.netflix.com/title/80058852

    Science with Sophie, https://www.sciencewithsophie.com/

  • Online Resources STEM STEAM programs Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Online Resources

    Internet Assistance

    Code, https://code.org/

    Tinkercad, https://www.tinkercad.com/

    Exploratorium, https://www.exploratorium.edu/

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