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Mandarin Chinese Enrichment Classes In Singapore

Classes + Courses + Apps + Tools

Mandarin Chinese Classes in Singapore

Ni hao! Learning Mandarin Chinese can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the right tools. Whether you’re looking for a class or app for your kids to practice their language skills or want to get your preschooler interested early, we’ve collected the latest on all the best Chinese enrichment classes, Chinese tuition centres and courses, Mandarin playgroups, preschools with Mandarin immersion, and Mandarin Chinese holiday camps.  This guide covers Chinese classes for preschoolers, toddlers, kids and teens.  Happy learning.

  • Child Playing at Little Mandarins in Singapore

    Little Mandarins (Playgroups, Enrichment Classes, Camps)

    Little Mandarins unique and innovative teaching style has the specific intent to make learning Mandarin fun, relevant and effective. Your little ones get to grow in self-confidence, learn teamwork while building on their language development. They work with five key principals; let them play, help them grow, encourage them to make, teach them to care and enable them to share. Look out for their theme-based holiday camps too!


    Little Mandarins, Block 71 Loewen Road, #01-03/04, Singapore 248847, +65 6473 8377, admin@little-mandarins.com, www.little-mandarins.com

  • Children Studying at Berries Language Centre In Singapore

    Berries Language Centre (Enrichment Classes)

    Children learn Chinese through social interaction, instilment of values and curriculum understanding. Their centers are equipped with attractive and child-safe facilities. They are designed to enable children to enjoy serious fun in a clean and conducive environment that promotes learning. Courses start for little ones aged 3 to 11 and all meet MOE guidelines.


    Berries Language Centre, locations island wide, www.berriesworld.com

  • Chinese enrichment classes in Singapore at Beijing Language School

    Beijing Language School (Enrichment Classes)

    Convenient and fun for the whole family, parents are able to run their errands while their children are having classes. They even provide free extra lessons for students who need more revision or simply, want to learn more! They provide enrichment programs and it’s a great school for the youngest of learners as lessons start from 3 years old.


    Beijing Language School, locations island wide, www.beijinglanguage.com.sg


  • Chinese Enrichment Courses In Singapore At Chengzhu Mandarin Centre Interior

    Chengzhu Mandarin Centre (Playgroups, Enrichment Classes)

    This offers a 4-hour program from Nursery One to Kindergarten Two in a language-rich environment. From Kindergarten One the children have an hour of English a day, ensuring they are well prepared for the requirements of primary school. It is designed to enhance children’s holistic learning experience and their confidence, not only in Mandarin, but also in their own ability to learn and contribute.


    Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, 35 Rochester Drive, #03-01 Rochester Mall, Singapore 138639, +65 6737 5348, www.chengzhu.edu.sg

  • Chinese Enrichment Classes at EduPlus Language Centre In Singapore

    EduPlus Language Centre (Enrichment Classes)

    Courses start for kids as young as 4 all the way through primary school. Little ones will begin with the basics from making expressions to learning basic words and constructing simple sentences. Lessons are centered round an interesting story and children pick up a host of language activities and crafts that relates back to that story, thus presenting the Chinese characters in meaningful contexts.


    EduPlus Language Centre, locations island wide, http://eduplus.com.sg

  • Happy Child with Book HUA Language Centre in Singapore

    HUA Language Centre (Enrichment Classes)

    HUA Language Centre is one of Singapore’s leaders in Chinese language education. They have a comprehensive curriculum that spans from pre-school to secondary school. For your little kiddos they build your child’s linguistic, phonic and listening skills through sing-along & rhymes, music movement, story-telling & games, word recognition, strokes order and a range of oral activities.


    HUA Language Centre, locations island wide, www.hua.com.sg

  • Chinese Enrichment classes in Singapore at Jiang Education Centre

    Jiang Education Centre (Enrichment Classes)

    They provide courses for children and adults. Little ones can immerse themselves with the basics. They will be able to speak in a bilingual environment and use Mandarin in a formal and casual setting. Students will build on their love of languages and come out confident young speakers.


    Jiang Education Centre, locations island wide, http://jiang.edu.sg/english/

  • about

    Tien Hsia Language School (Enrichment Classes)

    Students engage in lively activities with their classmates and teachers. By stimulating the major senses of sight, hearing and touch, this interactive lesson leaves a lasting impression on the students but also reflects their philosophy of balancing theory with practice. Start practicing on the way home from the shops and see just how confident your little one will become.


    Tien Hsia Language School, locations island wide, www.tienhsia.com/

  • WANT MORE? Chinese Immersion Schools In Singapore

    Preschools/Kindergartens With A Strong Focus On Mandarin Chinese:

    EtonHouse Zhong Hua Pre-School - Singapore's only 100% Chinese Immersion Childcare programme.

    Bibinogs  - Starting at 6 month olds, this is a play-based Mandarin immersion preschool.

    Leap Schoolhouse - Bilingual pre-school programmes.

    Newton Kindergarten - Mandarin Immersion Programmes for Little Ones.

    Two By Two Preschool - 70% of teaching is in Chinese.

    Joy Little - mandarin immersion for 18 months to 6 years.


    International Schools With A Strong Focus On Mandarin Chinese:

    Chinese International School - Mandarin immersion programme within an IB framework.


    Mandarin Chinese Enrichment Classes:

    YiMandarin - child and adult learning in the CBD

    Chinese Edge - Kids & adult classes


    Online Mandarin Chinese Classes:

    Connected Learning - online, real-time fun!

  • WANT MORE? Mandarin Apps For Kids

    Crazy About Chinese - Articles, Games, and Resources created by Diana Ser

    LoveChinese - Great fun for toddlers on up.

    Kids Animal World – Good listening exercises for babies and toddlers; great music as well!

    Lingu Pinguin – Choose a theme and select objects to hear their name and sounds.

    Doodle Chinese - Gradually helps build Mandarin vocabulary

    Feed Me Chinese - Games covering math, shapes, numbers, time and pattern recognition

    Kids Learn Mandarin - Mandarin learning app developed by an HK mama!

    Rye Studio Apps - Journey to the West and more.

    My Chinese Copybook - Great for kids learning to write Chinese

    Chinese Skill - Game-based learning

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