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Best Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

Comprehension & Composition For Kids

Best creative writing programs in Singapore for kids

There are lots of wonderful creative writing courses, programs, and workshops in Singapore. Whether your little one loves to write and sees themselves as a blockbuster selling fiction novelist or if your kid needs a little more support at home, the options are endless. Here are some of our favorite creative writing programs in Singapore.

  • Girl Writing At British Council Creative Writing Classes For Kids And Teens Singapore

    British Council: Various Locations In Singapore *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    The British Council is a great place for your little ones to start creative writing. From as early as primary one, they will learn about composition and comprehension. They will hone their skills and be able to experiment with basic techniques. So, if your little bub sees themselves as the next J.K. Rowling, sign them up for one of these great courses. This is a great creative writing program in Singapore.


    British Council, various locations in Singapore, contact@britishcouncil.org.sg, https://www.britishcouncil.sg

  • Once Upon A Time On A Typewriter

    Champion Tutor: Private + At-Home *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    Champion Tutor offers at-home tutoring.  They request you put in your child's  requirements and then they match your child with the best tutor in the field.  They have has some great creative writing classes that are organized privately by the tutors. Here your kids will learn about encouraging imagination and ideas, oral and written skills, encourage the expression of thoughts and feelings, channel their artistic expression, improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills and as they get older their essay and story writing too. Get ready to see what wonderful stories your kids can create.


    Champion Tutor, +65 6850 5040, https://www.championtutor.com/tutor-singapore/creative-tutor-singapore.html

  • Child And Tutor At Jan & Elly Creative Writing Classes For Kids And Teens In Singapore

    Jan & Elly: Various Locations In Singapore *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    Their writing program is for little ones’ ages 6-12 years-old. They will learn about creative writing and composition. They will learn to be the best author they can be through brainstorming, drafting, editing, and publishing. By exploring their expository skills, narrative range and descriptive powers, they will become quite the little writer once they’ve finished.


    Jan & Elly, Various Locations In Singapore, https://www.jan-elly.com/

  • Little Girl Writing

    Lorna Whiston Schools: Various Locations In Singapore *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    The English language enrichment programs will help to develop your child’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. There will be varied lesson content, interactive teaching, all of which promote engagement and encouragement. Children will develop a lifelong love of reading and writing through these enrichment programs.


    Lorna Whiston Schools, various locations in Singapore, http://www.lornawhiston.com/post/english-enrichment-curriculum

  • Students And Teacher At The Writer’s Place Creative Writing Classes For Kids And Teens In Singapore

    The Writer’s Place: Various Locations In Singapore *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    They are specialists in creative writing and have an effective step-by-step program for kids to follow. If your little one is struggling or you have a budding author at home, this is a fantastic place for them to get the encouragement and support they need. They will get a new-found love of reading and writing.


    The Writer’s Place, various locations in Singapore, ask@thewritersplace.com.sg,


  • Creative Written On A Notebook

    The Language League: Serangoon *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    Each week students will cover something new. They will get to better understand the creative writing component, learn to create short stories, as well as getting the preparation they need for school tests. They often have camps and weekend classes too where your kiddos can learn some more.


    The Language League, 518 Serangoon North Avenue 4, Singapore, enquiries@thelanguageleague.com.sg, www.thelanguageleague.com.sg

  • Illustration Of Children Writing

    Writing Samurai: Online *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    Many of these courses are online, which means your kids don’t have to leave home. In as little as 90 minutes, they will have improved some of their skills. They have a specific creative writing course for Primary school students. This super easy course will have your kids writing great prose in no time.


    Writing Samurai, https://writingsamurai.com/

  • Happy Little Boy At The Write Connection Creative Writing Classes For Kids And Teens In Singapore

    The Write Connection: Various Locations In Singapore *Creative Writing Programs In Singapore

    They have some really cool camps here and kids who love to code and write can do one camp here. For everyone else, there are many options to choose from. They can look at children’s literature and philosophy, writing, situational writing and so much more. Programs are for kids in primary 1 to secondary 4.


    The Write Connection, Various locations in Singapore, https://www.thewriteconnection.com.sg/

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