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Meditation In Singapore

It’s no secret that meditation does amazing things for everyone, no matter your age, religion, culture, or education. Even small children can start learning about mindfulness and meditation with these classes, courses, and holiday programs.

Whether you’re looking for where to meditate in Singapore for you, a loved one, or your family, we’ve rounded up the best Singapore meditation centers for you to explore. Drop in for a casual weekly session, or take a longer course or training.

Even if you’ve never meditated before, these classes will make beginners feel totally welcome. It’s important to take care of our mental, spiritual and emotional health. Meditation is just one of the many experiences you can find in Singapore that offer all of these benefits (plus boosting your physical health with stress relief).

  1. best meditation class in singapore

    MINDFUL SAPCE: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Mindful Bonding For Parents And Kids

    The Mindful Space is the very first parent-child platform in Singapore to offer learning and wellbeing experiences for families. Children from infant age to teenagers, along with their parents, come to the studio to take part in wellness classes like yoga and meditation, as well as bonding experiences, coaching, holiday programs, and more. The Mindful Space is more than just a meditation space, it has an objective to create a “holistic and inclusive space to empower parent and child with life skills.”

    Mindful Space, 10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore, +65 6910 5770, [email protected],

  2. The Moon Cafe and Bookstore Meditation Singapore

    THE MOON: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Meditate In A Cute BookStore And Cafe

    This quaint bookstore, cafe, and event space is based in the historical Chinatown area of Singapore city. The stunning space offers a warm atmosphere for guests to visit as they’re surrounded by books of all kinds, as well as comfortable seating to enjoy the delicious cafe menu. The community events include regular meditation classes, talks, and other workshops run by the community. The unique offerings include classes like ecstatic breath work, kundalini dance meditation, embodied dance movement, and more.

    The Moon, 37 Mosque Street, Singapore, +65 8921 3529, [email protected],

  3. Brahm Centre Meditation Singapore

    BRAHM CENTRE: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Meditate For A Good Cause

    This charity center was launched in 2012 with a mission to help people feel happier and healthier. There are four centers across Singapore which all contribute to good causes like helping people with mental health issues and vulnerable elderly. The center provides free weekly health talks from different speakers and healthcare professionals. The volunteers at the Brahm center also organize other events like workshops, courses, retreats, meditation classes, and more. Explore volunteering opportunities here if you want to get involved.

    Brahm Centre, Newton Centre: 47 Scotts Road #04-02A Goldbell Towers, Singapore, +65 6610 3870, [email protected],

  4. The Senses Therapy Singapore

    THE SENSES THERAPY: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Therapeutic Meditation And Energy Healing

    This studio offers experiences entered on energy healing modalities like Reiki, sound baths, yoga Nidra, and more. Take a look at the class schedule to when the meditation classes are running, or join the classes from the comfort of your own home. You can also learn energy healing at The Senses Therapy through courses that certify you as a therapist. All classes have this strong focus on providing deep therapeutic benefits, so they are perfect if you want to lay back, relax and receive.

    The Senses Therapy, 228A South Bridge Road Singapore, +65 88379715, [email protected],

  5. Meditation and movement classes in singapore

    CANVASS: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Mindfulness, Movement & Art For Wellbeing

    The classes and events that are curated for the Canvass center are driven by the mission to “help others become masters of their own healing.” They have big ambitions to become the leader in mindfulness, movement, and art for wellbeing in Singapore. Created in 2005, the center has expanded to two large locations in Singapore. Canvas has classes for kids and adults in meditation, art, and movement of all kinds. To explore the meditation classes, take a look at the schedule, and read the testimonials of clients who have loved their experience.

    Canvass, 5a Binjai Park, Singapore, +65 8522 2940, [email protected],

  6. Meditation class for beginners in singapore

    SINGAPORE MEDITATION CENTRE: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Guided Meditations Online Or In Person

    The Singapore Meditation Centre is conveniently open every day of the week, offering classes year-round (even during holidays). They also have online classes for remote participants. The meditation classes are usually two hours long and expertly guided, though there is flexibility to come for as long as you are able to. They teach a specific method of meditation, and if you want to try it out with an introductory lecture, you can sign up for a free class online.

    Singapore Meditation Centre, #04-04, 7 Claymore Road, Singapore, +65 8506 3271, [email protected],

  7. The Open Centre Singapore

    THE MINDFUL CAMP: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Camps For Kids, Courses For Adults

    The Mindful Camp leads programs for children and adults on mindfulness, social-emotional skills, resilience, creative arts, movement, meditation, and more. They have been running Mindfulness and Resilience camps for kids for almost a decade, as well as regular classes and events to enhance people’s wellbeing. For adults, the mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) 8-week program is a favorite. Check out their programs, courses, holiday camps, and more for meditation experiences for the whole family.

    The Mindful Camp (formally The Open Centre), 100 Turf Club Road #01-02B Singapore, +65 9797 0091, [email protected],

  8. Transcendental Meditation Singapore

    SINGAPORE TM CENTER: Where to Meditate In Singapore

    Learn Transcendental Meditation

    Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a specific form of Meditation that is taught around the globe. Many celebrities, like Cameron Diaz, have claimed that it is the most effective method of meditating that they’ve tried. Regardless of your religious or cultural background, it is open to all people, and the 7-step process leads you to a profound shift in your state of mind. There are free TM talks at the center and information on the website that explains more about how it works so you can decide whether TM is right for you.

    Singapore TM Center, Transcendental Meditation Center: 120 Lower Delta Road, Cendex Centre #13-12, Singapore, +65 9647 1045, [email protected],

  9. By donation meditation class singapore

    HEARTFULNESS Where to Meditate In Singapore

    By Donation Meditation Classes

    The beauty of this meditation center is that all classes are accessible for any level and they are all free. The center is one of 6,000 Heartfulness studios around the globe and it's run by volunteers and donations. You can use the Heartfulness App to be guided through a session or even be connected by a live trainer remotely. If you want to visit the center, book a session with one of the team with the Meditation request form on their website.

    Heartfulness, LHK 3 Building, 8 New Industrial Road, #05-03, Singapore, [email protected],

  10. Buddhist meditation center singapore


    Guided Buddhist Meditations

    Explore the wisdom of Buddhism at this Singapore-based Meditation and Buddhist Centre. The Kadampa Meditation Centre Singapore has weekly guided meditation classes that welcome both beginners and more advanced meditators. You can drop in casually for each class, checking in with the schedule for the days and times. They also have longer courses that go for multiple weeks that you can take to understand the teachings of Buddhism and how they can positively impact your wellbeing and life.

    Kadampa Meditation Centre Singapore, 18B Keong Saik Road, Singapore, +65 6438 1127, [email protected],

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