9 Maternity And Pregnancy Insurance Plans in Singapore

Protect Your Bump With These Options For Insurance Coverage In SG

Maternity Insurance in Singapore

Like finding the right hospital for giving birth in, getting the right insurance policy is just as important. There are many options to suit you and your family. Here is our selection of the best maternity insurance in Singapore for pregnancy including medical insurance plans from AIA, Pacific Prime, and more in Singapore.

Note, many policies typically require a 10-month waiting period before claims are eligible for payment.  Be sure to make sure your insurance is covered in advance!

  • Baby Feet

    Pacific Prime: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    Protect your bump today with Pacific Prime which offers one of the shortest waiting periods in Singapore. They offer maternity plans with benefits and limits high enough to cover delivery costs as well as complications (including C-sections) and neo-natal care. They also offer options that cover the costs of pre-natal consultations and all required scans during pregnancy.


    Pacific Prime Singapore, 18 Cross Street, China Square Central #14-05, Singapore 048423, +65 6346 3781,

  • Baby And Mom

    AIG: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    Need peace of mind for the next 9 months? With medical expenses increasing faster than the cost of many other services, the potential drain on personal and family resources from health problems or medical emergencies can be worrying. You can choose from a range of policy options to suit the particulars needs of you and your family, including selecting the annual deductible level at which you feel most comfortable.


    AIG Singapore,

  • Baby Hand

    Liberty: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    Having the added benefit of a 24 hour helpline is important when loooking at providers and Liberty can help with this. Starting a family of your own is one of life’s greatest decisions and joys. As you progress through life with your loved ones, your needs and expectations will change. Their FamilyCare plan lets you have greater peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are well-protected. With comprehensive personal accident, medical and income coverage, you can enjoy the more important things in life, like spending time with your family.


    Liberty Insurance, 51 Club Street #03-00 Liberty House Singapore 069428,

  • Baby

    AETNA: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    This global provider have got you covered. As specialists in providing health insurance for expatriates, they understand the needs and preferences of people living abroad. That's why they offer flexible and portable benefits plans that suit the unique needs of each individual. Your family no matter how big or small will be well looked after.



  • Girl Holding Hanged Laundry

    AXA: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    AXA's Mum's Advantage is a combination of two plans and an expectant mother can be covered as early as 16 weeks into their pregnancy.  The two plans consist of investment and medical protection.  They provide coverage for unexpected health expenses for the mother and the child during pregnancy and after childbirth, as well as a head start for your child's piggy bank.   They also have specific maternity benefits for parents carrying twins.  You must be between 18 and 45 years old to be covered under Mum’s Advantage by AXA.



  • Child Holding Rocks

    Max Maternity Care: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    For those looking to get covered a bit earlier - OCBC has a good maternity plan for you.  They’re the first maternity insurance plan that covers you as early as 13 weeks into your pregnancy. Mothers will be protected from 8 different kinds of complications, as well as many other maternity issues. For a more comprehensive view take a look at their plan or speak to an agent today to make sure it’s right for you and your family.


    OCBC Max Maternity Care,

  • Child Sitting At The Beach

    Prudential: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    The PRU have got you covered! PRUfirst gift cares for your bundle of joy through two plans that provides seamless protection for both mother and baby, namely PRUmum2be and PRUlink protection plus account. PRUmum2be covers the expectant mother against pregnancy complications and the unborn baby against congenital illnesses. PRUlink protection plus account is a protection and investment plan for the newborn.



  • Woman Cradling Her Pregnant Belly

    AIA: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    Do you need a policy that will cover everything? AIA Family First Baby is an all-in-one prenatal insurance and savings plan that provides protection for expectant mothers from as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy and even extends to cover your baby after s/he is born. This means you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that financial assistance is at hand should the unexpected happen during pregnancy or after childbirth.


  • Mother Carrying Baby

    Expat Insurance: Maternity Insurance In Singapore

    Looking for an Expat provider - a maternity insurance provider specializing in health insurance for foreigners? We all know in Singapore, welcoming a newborn to the family is costly. Medical expenses for each pregnancy typically range between SG$10,000-SG$14,000 for a natural delivery and SG$12,500-SG$16,000 for caesarean (c-section). Maternity Insurance in Singapore cannot be purchased on its own, as a separate insurance policy. Ensuring you have quality Maternity insurance can help relieve many of the stresses associated with prenatal and postnatal care.



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