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Awesome And Inspiring Moms Who Rock 2023 In Singapore

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Cool Moms Who Rock Singapore

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Little Steps is honoring these inspiring and extraordinary moms who are rockin’ it at home and for some managing one or more businesses too! Read on to discover more about them, their kids, their careers, and how it’s like just being a mom! We present, Moms Who Rock Singapore 2023!

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  • Moms Who Rock Vivian Low Evryday Studios Singapore

    VIVIAN LOW, Owner and Designer of Evryday Studios *Awesome And Inspiring Moms Who Rock 2023 In Singapore

    Evryday Studios’ IG / Vivian’s IG @_vivianlow_

    Introduce yourself to us! 

    Hi there! I’m Vivian, mummy to my 2 girls, Ashley and Natalie ages 11 and 8.

    When I’m not spending time at home, I enjoy my role as the co-founder of a local fashion label, The Editor’s Market, managing its operations and HR. Store visits and chit-chats with my retail staff are the favorite parts of my job. My interest in retail and personality as a problem solver has also led me to the beginning of Evryday Studios, an accessories and clothing label for primary schoolers.

    What inspired you to set up your business?

    Being immersed in the fashion industry for more than a decade has developed in me a minimalist sense of aesthetics and a keen eye for detail. Dressing up my 2 girls has always been a fun activity for all 3 of us. However, as they are growing up to be big girls now, I find it more and more challenging to find clothes that cater to their age group as they are in this “in-between” stage where they are too old to wear cutesy colorful clothes and too young to dress like teens.

    Hence, with my girls as my muse, I developed Evryday Studios’ line of apparel with their daily activities and my minimalist dressing approach in mind.

    This is Evryday Studios’ design ethos: Our world is one of natural tones and classic designs that cater to all the essential moments of growing up — from comfortable silhouettes for everyday wear to play and fun yet elegant accessories for school and beyond.

    Tell us about your kids!

    Ashley is my independent and feisty firstborn who loves gymnastics and drawing. Our home is filled with warmth from her doodles which she displays all around. Natalie is my sweet little girl, always looking to shower us with her hugs and kisses. She also loves to perform for us the various new moves that she learns from her ballet classes!

    What do you love most about being a mom?

    I’m really a big kid at heart and enjoy all the activities my girls love! They range from art and craft workshops to zoo trips, visits to ArtScience Museum, and even library runs!

    It’s so refreshing to relive all these activities I personally enjoyed when I was a kid. I get to experience childhood fun all over again and forget my worries about work. Not to mention all the toy shopping and dressing up that we get to do together! Major love!

    Personal motto as a mom? 

    This is rather cliché, the days are long but the years are short. I truly feel this statement as I’m being reminded daily when I look at my girls.. and realised all these moments with my girls are fleeting and transient. Their baby days are far behind us, they are big girls now and the independence displayed often fills me up with bittersweet feelings of pride and the nagging feeling that they will fly the nest soon.

    Hence, my personal motto as a mom is to be present always. From waking up at 6am every morning for their school, packing lunchboxes for them to daily dinners, bedtime stories, and ferrying them to their weekend activities.. these are moments I try not to miss. During weekends or school holidays, my husband and I enjoy taking them on staycations or overseas trips where we can create memories as a family. We hope to nurture in them a sense of curiosity and adventure, knowing that family is always a warm and loving safe haven for them.

    About the brand: Have older kids or tweens in the family? Make a pit stop at Evryday Studios, where natural tones and classic designs reign supreme. Both parents and kids will be chuffed to explore the range of girls’ and boys’ apparel (7-12 years), footwear (sizes 28-35), backpacks, and even home decor for the budding decorators. Evryday Studios carries cult favorite brands from around the world, including Sticky Lemon, Liewood, and Fabelab. At Boutiques, shop their latest spring collection in person — designs in natural fiber made for kids aged 7-12.

  • Moms Who Rock Sheena Kidkat.Co Books Singapore

    SHEENA, Co-Founder of Kidkat.Co *Awesome And Inspiring Moms Who Rock 2023 In Singapore

    Kidkat Co.'s IG:

    Introduce yourself to us! 

    I'm Sheena, one of the co-founders of! Among other things, I'm an educator, designer, and travel blogger, but my current favorite title is Mama!

    What inspired you to set up your business?

    I was inspired to start with a friend while we were on maternity leave and scouring the internet for good books to buy for our children. We started out looking for good Mandarin resources (because unfortunately, our command of the language is not fantastic). We realized that it really takes quite a bit of effort to find good books that are also suitable in our local context! My experience as a teacher and in crafting character and citizenship education resources also led me to want to curate books on topics that parents might find difficult to talk about. I think it's so important to bring these conversations forward (e.g. to start having them at the preschool level) because I believe parents should be the first ones to establish that safe space for conversation with their child. This also led us to start curating books on challenging topics and to support parents in having these conversations!

    Tell us about your kids!

    My son, T, is the light of my life. He just turned two and is absolutely obsessed with vehicles. He loves it when we read together and his eyes always light up when I show him a new book! He just started school recently and has been struggling with it, but we are learning to be patient with the process and trying our best to support him!

    What do you love most about being a mom?

    I love that I get front-row seats to watching this incredible child grow, learn and challenge himself every single day. I love that we are each other's safety net and that his smile puts everything into perspective for me.

    Personal motto as a mom? 

    Be there for the small moments, but don't sweat the small stuff.

    About the brand: Founded by parents to support fellow parents in having conversations on difficult topics with their kids, offers an extensive range of books that touch on topics like consent, bullying, grief, body image issues, and more. The range also includes bilingual educational resources to help your little one grow a love for language and reading.

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Images are courtesy of each cool mama!

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