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Experience The World’s Most Remote Restaurant KOKS In Singapore

For A Limited Time Only From January 23 to February 18, 2022!

2022 Jan 23 - 2022 Feb 18

World's Remote Restaurant Koks At Grand Hyatt Singapore

Come January 2022, you will get to experience the ‘World’s Most Remote Restaurant’, KOKS from Faroe Islands right here in Singapore! The highly sought-after Two Michelin-Star restaurant is typically fully booked six months in advance, and this will be their first visit to the country.

Led by executive chef Poul Andrias Ziska, the core team of chefs and front-of-house staff will decamp from Leynavatn to set up a four-week residency in Grand Hyatt Singapore from January 23 to February 18, 2022, putting their personal touch on every single service.

KOKS is known for serving new Nordic cuisine inspired by the finest sustainably sourced Faroese produce. For a limited period only, diners can immerse themselves in the full KOKS dining experience that will be recreated in Singapore, from the rare produce flown-in specially from Faroe Islands to music and ambience.

During its residency at Grand Hyatt Singapore as part of the Chef Residence program, KOKS will be featuring its signature dishes and also excitingly, planning a few dishes specially for Singapore using Asian ingredients and inspirations. Special care and selection of ingredients from the Faroe Islands will be planned out in advance, taking into account the season and duration of the residency. With deep expertise in the art of ræst, KOKS will present some of its fermented signatures, such as the fermented ocean perch with fermented lamb intestines and cheese, and cod filet with fermented cabbage and caviar. In Faroe, fish are hung on a seiðatræ, a wooden frame specifically designed for drying fish naturally, in wind and rain. Other signatures of KOKS will be included, such as the star appetizer, Langoustine Roll. Large, succulent, and caught in lobster pots, the Faroe Islands lobster is considered first among all its ocean delicacies!

The residency accommodates 30 pax at lunch and 45 pax at dinner, with prices starting from SG$228++ for lunch and SG$458++ for dinner. Wine pairing is available at an additional SG$148++ for lunch and SG$248++ for dinner (discount of SG$20 on wine pairings for all fully paid bookings done online, i.e. SG$128++ for lunch and SG$228++ for dinner).

Priority booking begins for premium Card Members notified by American Express Singapore from December 7 to 13, 2021. Booking for all other Card Members and the general public opens on December 14, 2021. Book HERE. Due to limited seating capacity, please register your interest from December 7, 2021 to be on the waiting list.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the delectable cuisine from KOK's home in Leynavatn in the Faroe Islands, located between Iceland and Norway!

Who It's Perfect For:

Food connoisseurs and those who are looking for a unique gastronomical adventure.

What Else:​

The name KOKS is derived from a Faroese word that roughly translates as "flirtation", "loving care”, and "someone who fusses in the pursuit of perfection". In line with its mission, KOKS aims to represent the unique identity of the islands and their culture. Their cuisine is both ancient and modern, earthy yet refined.

Where To Find It:​

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