Looking for something wild to do with your kids? Skip the zoo and check out this hidden gem called Hay Dairies. Singapore’s own family-friendly goat farm, Hay Dairies offers tours to families and school groups to come see the 800 goats that live on the farm! Kiddies will enjoy the milking sessions, which are a refreshing change from the soccer practice, badminton and swim lessons. Since milking sessions are in the morning, the best time to visit is between 9 and 10:30am. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and guide kids through the 20-minute milking sessions. School groups are charged, but families can visit for free! 

The Scoop:

*  VISITING:  Families and groups of less than 20 can visit for free without prior booking.  Groups of more than 20 and school groups will have to pay an entrance fee and an education farm tour package included.

*  FEEDING:  Purchase a packet of Alfalfa Hay at SG$5 to feed the goats once you enter the premise.

*  MILKING:  Best time to visit is between 9am and 10:30am where kiddies have the opportunity to view the goat milking session.

*  EDUCATIONAL EXTRAS:  Want to know the difference between a goat and a sheep? Check out the information boards found just at the entrance of the goat farm!

*  SOUVENIRS:  Goat’s milk and other selected souvenirs are available for purchase at the farm entrance.

*  SHUTTLE BUS:  You can also take the Kranji Countryside Express to this farm and other farms in the Kranji area.  More information here.