Buddy Candy Store In Macau *CLOSED

Macau's Own Candy Wonderland

Buddy Candy Store Macau

Not far from Macau’s Ruins of St Paul’s, down a hip street filled with trendy boutiques, you’ll find Buddy Candy Store and its excellent range of sweet treats, most of which are imported from around the world. Indulge in Japanese sweet snacks, British treats like fudge, shortbread and cookies, limited edition chocolates, and American candy, sourced from both well-known and more boutique brands, and beautifully laid out in this bold and brightly designed store.

Editor Note: This shop is closed

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Imported candies not often found elsewhere including cartoon-themed treats and sweets suited to special and festive occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Who It's Perfect For:

Which kid doesn't enjoy candy on occasion?

What Else:​

Buddy Candy store can provide made-to-order packages for birthday parties and the shop can even host events for up to 20 children – now that would be a sweet treat.

Additional Info:​

Buddy Candy Store

Avenida de Demetrio Cinatti, Macau

853 2835 8222


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