The cookie monster has arrived! Macau’s famous almond cookies are a treat for all and a cultural must-try when visiting Macau! Where to buy these famous cookies? Little Steps has the scoop…happy eating!

Tracing its roots back to a cart selling only crunchy peanut and ginger candy, Koi Kei established its first shop in 1997 and initiated the trend of making almond cake and egg roll immediately upon customer’s request. Currently selling over 300 varieties of product, the most popular items include the almond cake, egg roll, crunchy peanut candy, and fillet of beef and pork. A new department was set up specially to invent new recipes, and has surprised the market with its flair in pastries. New varieties include assorted nuts, “golden twist” pastry, seasoned orange peel cake, Portuguese style pineapple pastry, Chinese pastry, cookies with walnut, cookies with cashews, and an improved nougat.