Capoeira Lessons For Kids In Macau At Axe Capoira *CLOSED

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Got little ones with excess energy? Then check out this super cool martial arts school in Macau. Helmed by Eddy Murphy, he will have your kiddos tumbling in no time.

Axe Capoeira is considered to be one of the biggest Capoeira schools in the world. The Asian representative group was established in Macau. Its leader is considered to be one of the most renowned Masters of Capoeira, Edilson Almeida. He is known around the world as Master Eddy Murphy.

He started his work in China in 2001, bringing more than three decades of experience in the art of Capoeira. He has been officially named by one of the biggest Chinese television networks as the first and the only Master of Capoeira in all of China.

Axe Capoeira in Macau started in 2008, where it quickly gathered supporters of their expressive work within the community of Macau. The group has participated in many events such as: Macau Cover girl, Festa da Lusofonia, Expo Shanghai, as well as forming partnerships with schools and educational facilities of the region.

Editor Note:  CLOSED

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Kids can learn all about martial arts from fighting, dancing, rhythm and music.

Who It's Perfect For:

Kids who want to explore a new sport and have the discipline for it.

What Else:​

This is a great sport for boys and girls.

Additional Info:​

Axe Capoeira,

Avenida Olímpica, Fabrica Va Nam, 562-568, CV Level, Taipa, Ilhas, Macau,

+853 6290 5258,


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