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Hari Raya Mall Events In Kuala Lumpur

Workshops + Cultural Performances

Hari Raya Mall Events In KL

For a taste of Malay culture and traditions, this Ramadan month is the perfect time to pop by the malls to check out the many cultural performances and workshops showcasing their rich local heritage. Watch the numerous dance and musical performances, learn about the local arts and crafts and enjoy shopping in the many pop-up bazaars this month. We’ve rounded up the top malls in the Klang Valley that are celebrating the coming Raya with a bang!

2019 is getting updated now.


    For folks over in Putrajaya, drop by Alamanda for their Hari Raya activities. We hear there’s going to be a ketupat weaving contest and fun workshops, such as batik painting, the making of batu Seremban and creating your own Raya greeting cards.


    Alamanda Shopping Center, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • ATRIA SHOPPING GALLERY: May 25 – June 24

    It’s going to be a fun month at Atria as it’s jam-packed with exciting activities for the kids from coloring contests, soap making workshops, Ali Baba balloon artist, Hamleys Bear appearance, poster drawing, costume contest, cartoon caricature portrait drawing and more… wow, there’s plenty to choose from. There’s also traditional cultural performances featuring the Bamboo dance and Gamelan. Follow their Facebook page to sign up for contests and workshops that your little juniors might enjoy!


    Atria Shopping Gallery, Facebook, Click here for details.


    From musical performances to arts and crafts, BSC presents an enchanting oasis this Ramadan. Catch traditional dances including the Angklung, Caklempong, Nyala, Gamelan and a four-piece band throughout the month, while kids can participate in the Raya-themed workshops such as jawi calligraphy and wayang kulit workshop.


    Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC), Facebook, Click here for details.


  • CITTA MALL: May 20 - June 30

    Get all you need at Citta Mall’s Hari Raya bazaar happening this Ramadan month. Don’t miss out on the traditional performances while you’re there including a Silat show, the ‘Beatcity’ band, Angklung and Joget. There’ll also be a Hari Raya fashion show for parents and child on June 30.


    Citta Mall, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • DA MEN MALL: May 25 – June 21

    Da Men Mall in USJ ushers in the Raya season with a dinosaur-themed interactive playland aptly named #DinoRaya, on the ground floor. There will also be build and paint workshops where kids can create their own ‘kampung’ scenes, a STEM Carnival to learn Science in a fun way and more.


    Da Men Mall, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • DC MALL: May 16 – June 14

    It looks like the Raya celebration has descended upon DC Mall looking at the long list of activities and events they’ve lined up to entice shoppers! Shop at their Raya bazaar, check out the live musical performances such as Arabic dance and Turkish music, or sign up for one of the many workshops such as ketupat weaving, pottery painting and batik painting.


    DC Mall, Facebook

  • IOI CITY MALL: May 18 – June 24

    Be prepared to be entertained at IOI City Mall this month by the weekly traditional Malaysian dances from states all over Malaysia. From Kuda Kepang, to Dikir Barat to Sumpitan Dance and a host of other traditional performances, be dazzled by the rich, cultural display filled with stunning costumes and unique musical arrangements.


    IOI City Mall, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • JAYA SHOPPING CENTER: May 14 - June 17

    It’s a football fever at Jaya Shopping Center this Raya, as the Bola Kampung mascots will be making an appearance. Don’t miss out on the activities happening here including Malay traditional music performances and kids’ workshops such as football bowling, bola kampong ball, lucky draw and more.


    Jaya Shopping Center, Facebook, Click here for details.


  • MELAWATI MALL: May 24 – June 24

    Look out for the talented performers who will be entertaining shoppers this month at Melawati Mall. Be entertained by a series of musical and cultural performances with violin, saxophone, flute, Gambus, Angklung and Aidilfitri dance right up till June 10.


    Melawati Mall, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • MID VALLEY MEGAMALL: May 24 – June 19

    In celebration of nostalgia, family togetherness and kampung living, Mid Valley Megamall recreates a lively kampong atmosphere this Raya at its center concourse with festive performances, demonstrations, and workshops. Look out for the Dikir Barat Dance, Angklung, Kuda Kepang, and Joget, among others. There’ll also be live anyaman (weaving) demonstrations, and fun workshops where you can learn how to weave, make ketupats and Raya treats.


    Mid Valley Megamall, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • NU SENTRAL: May 19 – June 16

    Nu Sentral presents a ‘Raya di Desa’ this year with performances from famous local singers throughout the Ramadan period. Shop for all sorts of Raya goodies here as there will be 25 stalls to choose from. Try your hand at the local games, catch the fashion shows and watch the traditional dance performances.


    Nu Sentral, Facebook, Click here for details.


  • PAVILION KL: May 18 – June 24

    As usual, Pavilion KL has transformed its center court area into a spectacular display with plenty of interesting Raya elements, perfect for photo-taking. Catch all the exciting activities such as scarf tying by the guys from dUCk Scarves, entertainment such as Senandung Music Asli, Angklung, Usik Mengusik, styling tips by local personalities, make-up tutorial, and ketupat weaving.


    Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • PUBLIKA: May 21 – June 13

    Pop by Publika to shop for your Raya needs at the Pasar Seloka Raya bazaar, and while you’re there, don’t miss out on the traditional cultural performances such as Silat, Caklempong, Gamelan, ketupat weaving workshop and more.


    Publika, Facebook


  • SETIA CITY MALL: May 18 – June 14

    Find yourself transported to a traditional village at Setia City Mall thanks to the Raya décor this season which includes an authentic looking ‘kampung’ house. Take note of the showtimes for fun activities like sepak bulu tangkis, ketupat weaving, and batu Seremban, as well as Malay Asli Music and Angklung performances to keep you entertained.


    Setia City Mall, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • SUBANG PARADE: May 14 – June 24

    Subang Parade has also joined the Raya celebrations with its ethnic looking décor and a line-up of workshops such as ketupat weaving and Wayang Kulit-making workshops. Catch traditional dances and an ethno-fusion band providing some festive entertainment while local YouTube stars Sheryl Shazwanie and Naim Daniel are set to entertain the crowd.


    Subang Parade, Facebook. Click here for details.


  • SUNWAY PUTRA MALL: May 18 – June 20

    Sunway Putra Mall’s Summer Sama Raya promotion with a Marrakesh-themed decor will get you in the mood for some serious shopping. There’s plenty to see and do including a Marrakesh bazaar, local designer showcase, flower market, ketupat drop with mystery prizes to be won, arts and crafts workshops for kids, musical performances and more. Just keep an eye on their schedule to find out what’s happening throughout the month.


    Sunway Putra Mall, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • SUNWAY PYRAMID: May 24 – June 24

    Sunway Pyramid welcomes the radiance of Raya with a fascinating display of bamboo and lights, complete with a kampong house to create a festive ambiance within the mall. Pop by the concourse area to participate in fun activities such as a game of congkak, batu seremban, coloring, and photobooth.


    Sunway Pyramid, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • SUNWAY VELOCITY MALL: May 18 – June 24

    The mall’s Raya theme this year revolves around the traditional anyaman or weaving concept to inspire people to foster closer relationships and mend broken bonds during this festive period. Exciting activities that await include kids workshops, musical and cultural performances such as silat, tarian petani, tarian inang, and joget. Don't miss out on appearances by Omar & Hana, and Ejen Ali, congkak competitions, Silat demonstrations and story-telling.


    Sunway Velocity Mall, Facebook, Click here for details.


  • SURIA KLCC: May 22 – June 17

    Suria KLCC has lined up a number of performances including fiesta dance, Gamelan, Taridra (a Raya musical performance), Silat and Cilik dance, as well as live cooking demonstrations by celebrity Chef Sherson Lian. Their star attraction, however, has to be the tallest giant 'ketupat' décor replica in Malaysia as certified by the Malaysia Book Of Records.

    Suria KLCC, Facebook, Click here for details.

  • THE CURVE: May 18 – June 17

    All aboard the Curve railway station! Bringing you on a journey to a place where your fondest Raya memories were made, the mall offers up a Raya bazaar, Senandung Syawal dance musical, and Eid Musika Quartet on selected days to let the Raya spirit fill the air. Remember to take a selfie on the old school train while you're there.


    The Curve, Facebook, Click here for details.


  • 1 UTAMA SHOPPING CENTER: May 23 – June 19

    It’s a 'Moroccan' inspired city at 1 Utama where you can find beautiful architecture, cuisine, crafts, cultural performances and weekend souks. A festive celebration is in the air as shoppers will be entertained with local arts and culture such as Angklung, Tarian Lilin and Jingling Nona dance performances, culinary demonstrations and Ramadan arts and crafts for ONECARD Kids + members.


    1 Utama Shopping Center, Facebook, Click here for details.


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