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Being a parent, especially of newborns, usually means little sleep, tired bodies, and being able to function like a normal human being can sometimes be an unspoken challenge. Ask almost any parent what their “must-have” baby items are, and the chances are that having a suitable baby carrier will come up! It is a total parenting game changer and makes it possible for parents actually to get things done. Apart from at home, carriers come in super handy when out and about and also when traveling. Choosing the best baby carrier, be it a backpack-like carrier or a wrap, takes time. Discover Little Steps’ top picks on the latest and best baby carriers and slings in Malaysia to have your little darling close to you when you’re hurrying about and also on their fussiest, clingiest days!

  • tula-baby-carrier-kuala-lumpur

    When we think of babywearing, the idea of fashionable moms on Instagram, showing off their picture-perfect adventures in their trendy carriers with their little ones, comes to our minds. With the stylish TULA baby carriers, babywearing will never go out of style. Their versatile, easy-to-use Tula Explore Baby Carrier is their first carrier that allows you to use it in an ergonomic front-facing position. Featuring all things comfy in trendy colors and patterns, it comes with variable width settings for use with newborns to toddlers, adjustable head support, and multiple carry positions, including forward-facing and back carry. Keep your children close and make memories in your TULA! Visit TULA to compare all of their carrier options. Want more? Join TULA’s TULA Love Malaysia group on Facebook to score exclusive dibs on their latest happenings. Also, Little Steps Asia recently partnered with TULA while spreading the baby carrying love to some of our local super mamas. Check out the microsite to explore the TULA adventures in Asia!

    AGE/WEIGHT: From 3.2kg up to 20 kg, no infant insert required.

    COLORS/STYLE: As trendy as it can get!

    WHERE TO BUY: Baby Tula Asia

  • liliebaby-complete-all-seasons-baby-carrier-kuala-lumpur

    We all love a carrier that has everything we need! This carrier offers six comfortable, ergonomic, and hip-healthy ways to carry: fetal, infant front face, infant front face out, toddler front face-in, hip, and back positions. Plus, it can be easily adjusted to cater to your baby up to 20kgs (approx. 3 years). The All Seasons also features a temperature control panel at the front of the carrier, which is easy to zip up for warmth or zip down to show the soft and supportive 3D Mesh inside for extra ventilation. With the humid Malaysian climate, this is an excellent solution for cuddle comfort all year round. (Note that the carrier won't work for preemies, as the minimum weight limit is 3.5kg.)


    AGE/WEIGHT: 3.5kg up to 20kg.

    COLORS/STYLE: Plain and patterns

    WHERE TO BUY: Lillebaby

  • baby-ktan-active-wrap-carrier-kuala-lumpur

    Let's face it; babywearing can generate some body heat. Made of hi-tech sport fabric, Baby K'tan Active Carrier is the perfect solution for the hot and humid Malaysian climate. This performance fabric wicks away sweat and moisture, blocks over 90% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays, and has unique temperature control to help keep parent and baby cool. The Baby K'tan Active wrap has a patented double-loop design that is quick and simple to put on and take off. Just slip it over your head like a necklace and put one arm through each side. The Baby K’tan Active wrap is sized to fit the parent or adult who will be carrying the child (age or weight of the child is not a factor).


    AGE/WEIGHT: 3.5kg up to 15kg

    COLORS/STYLE: Multiple colors

    WHERE TO BUY: Baby K’tan

  • ergobaby-omni-360-baby-carrier-kuala-lumpur

    This newborn ready carrier is an all-rounder for comfortable carrying! Omni 360 is another addition to their award-winning collection. It is made for comfort with close attention to ergonomics. This premium carrier offers hands-free convenience in a rather sophisticated style. Like each product in the Ergobaby range, the new Ergobaby OMNI 360 supports baby in a hip-healthy “M” shape position, at all stages and in all positions including outward-facing while offering the ultimate ventilation to keep you and the little one cooler. Omni 360 grows with baby from week 1 to 48 months and provides a perfect fit for all parents.


    AGE/WEIGHT: 3.5kg up to 20kg.

    COLORS/STYLE: Multiple colors

    WHERE TO BUY: Ergobaby

  • akarana-baby-piri-hipseat-carrier-kuala-lumpur

    As versatile as a baby carrier can get, Piri Baby Hipseat Carrier is a complete all-in-one baby carrier where you can use it as a hipseat, hipseat carrier or baby carrier. This carrier too, allows you to carry your baby in six different ways — frog-legged face-to-face, face out or back position by using the double hug strap carrier. With the hipseat, you can carry your baby either in frog-legged face-to-face, face out or side position. One of our favorite features is the neck support which adjusts to fully support the baby's head and neck! Definitely one to keep the little ones snuggly!


    AGE/WEIGHT: 3.5kg up to 20kg.

    COLORS/STYLE: Available in black and blue

    WHERE TO BUY: Akarana Baby

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