6 Ways To Celebrate Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

Socially Distanced Alternatives To Ramadan Food, Shopping, Decor & More!

6 Ways To Celebrate Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

With Ramadan falling on April 2 this year, the way we celebrate festive occasions has certainly changed ever since the pandemic began. From fasting and shopping to visiting Ramadan bazaars, traveling back to one’s respective hometowns, and breaking fast with family and friends, the usual practices we’ve always done so freely are now needed to be done with caution. Thanks to the advances of technology we can still shop online, catch up with loved ones virtually, enjoy delicious takeaway food and make the most of this festive period as many are still limiting their movements and visits. Here at Little Steps, we’ve come up with some alternative ways to celebrate this spiritual month in Kuala Lumpur.

Ramadan 2022 dates: Saturday, April 2 to Monday, May 2, 2022

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  • MAKE TRADITIONAL RAMADAN FAVORITES *Celebrating Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

    Cooking, Baking + Creating Memories

    Get the little ones involved in the kitchen throughout the whole fasting month, and let them help out in making a delicious traditional Ramadan meal. Cooking and baking as a family not only strengthens family bonds, it'll create beautiful memories that your kids will remember for many years to come. Bring out the cookbooks, and start making delicious Malay kuihs, Raya favorites like rendang, ketupat, lemang and more. Alternatively, check out websites like Resepi Che Nom run by Che Nom for authentic Malay dishes or Kuali and Rasa for recipes on Ramadan cookies and dishes.

    Resepi Che Nomclick here

    Kualiclick here

    Rasa, click here

  • SUPPORT LOCAL FOOD VENDORS *Celebrating Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

    Local Food Deliveries

    The highlight of every Ramadan season is the plethora of Ramadan bazaars selling scrumptious, mouth-watering local delicacies at pocket-friendly prices. With social distancing still being practiced, many are still cautious about being in crowded spaces. You can now order your favorite food online or via a mobile app, and delivery partners will send them to your doorstep. Support local food vendors by visiting and ordering from them online, or find them in your local Facebook groups.

    Air Asia Food, click here

    Beepit, click here

    DeliverEat, click here

    FoodPanda, click here

    GrabFood, click here

    Pop Meals, click here

    Sama-Sama Lokal by M2Uclick here


    Also check out our Best Ramadan Buffets in KL guide!

  • RAMADAN ART & CRAFT *Celebrating Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

    Handmade Decors + Crafts

    With all the time on your hands, the Internet is a treasure trove when it comes to ideas for Ramadan art and craft. Get the kids excited about making lots of fun Ramadan-themed crafts such as a paper cut-out mosque, money envelopes, Aidilfitri greeting cards, moon sighting binoculars, a moon and star mobile and more.

    ArtsyCraftsyMomclick here 

    DLTK's Craft for Kidsclick here

    Lunar Learners, click here

  • EDUCATIONAL ISLAMIC APPS *Celebrating Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

    Learn Islam Virtually

    Learn all about Islam through mobile apps that are fun, kid-friendly, and perfect for little ones. There are plenty of resources out there suitable for children, and with Ramadan just around the corner, it's a great time to get kids to understand their religion better. Check out apps like Miraj Stories, Muslim Kids TV, Lil Muslim and Kalma and Dua.

    Islamic Kids Daily Duas & Prayers, download here

    Miraj Storiesdownload here

    Muslim Kids TV, download here

    Kalma and Duadownload here

  • VIRTUAL CATCH-UP WITH LOVED ONES *Celebrating Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

    Video Calls With Families And Friends

    At this day and age, distance is no longer a barrier to catch up with loved ones. With the click of a button, loved ones are just a video call away, whether they're in the next town, or across the sea, all you need is an Internet connection. With a number of tools and apps out there, you'll be able to have a lovely catch-up with family members and friends easily with the help of free video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and more.

    Zoom - free up to 40 minutes per session

    Skype - 4 hours per session

    Google Duo - for mobile users

    Google Meet - up to 100 users

    FaceTime - for Apple users

    Microsoft Teams - up to 300 users

    WebEx - 50 minutes per session

    WhatsApp - up to 8 users

  • SHOP FOR TRADITIONAL MALAY WEAR *Celebrating Ramadan In Kuala Lumpur

    Raya Clothes For Kids And Adults

    If you'd rather not head to the mall and fashion boutiques for your Raya shopping, fret not as online shopping is readily available. Although visiting family members and friends may be out of bounds this season, that shouldn't stop you from getting the whole family dressed up in brand new traditional attires. Choose from cute baju kurungs and baju kebayas for the little missus, and baju Melayus for the little lads. We like designs from Belle Babies Design and Pokoks for kids, or check out fashion platforms Zalora and Fashion Valet for chic designs. For more ideas, check our guide to Shopping For Malay Traditional Wear In KL. 

    Alia B., click here

    Belle Babies Designclick here

    Fashion Valetclick here

    Jovian Mandagieclick here

    NH By Nurita Harith, click here

    Pokoksclick here

    Poplook, click here

    Rico Rinaldi, click here

    Zaloraclick here

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