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White Lodge Kindergartens And Preschools In Malaysia

A Kindergarten And Preschool With A Big Heart

White Lodge Preschool In Malaysia

Choosing a preschool & kindergarten is a hard task for any parent, not only because they are momentarily putting their kids in somebody else’s hands but also because the decision has far-reaching consequences. Almost 20 years later, White Lodge is one of the top international kindergartens & preschools in the region. Why? Because their heart is BIG, their dedication is strong, and their children are magic!

Kids learn from their skilled and compassionate teachers and each other, learning that every successful community is a collage of differences to be learned from and similarities to be shared. They are taught to develop their individual powers and use them to help their small community (teachers learn from kids, too!) and the world. The focus is on creativity and understanding the world as it is, what they actually do have, what they actually can do, and how. Too bad White Lodge doesn’t have facilities for adults too!

All jokes aside, White Lodge extends its hands-on approach to parents and goes a long way to include them in their kids’ educational journey. Take a peek into White Lodge’s balanced world of nurture, creativity, play, inclusivity, guided learning, and free discovery, and visit their website for a world of information on how to join and ensure that your little humans grow into fully-formed, fascinating individuals.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

White Lodge has opened in Malaysia at two locations! White Lodge teaches kids to think outside of the box in organized, substantial, personalized and nurturing ways. What could make you prouder than learning from your kids and watching them grow not only in height but also in depth?

Who It's Perfect For:

Absolutely all preschoolers from the moment they can steadily walk! White Lodge is all-inclusive and teaches kiddos to use their individual superpowers for personal and communal growth.

What Else:​

Loving it, but you can't silence that hesitant voice in your head? These guys understand how hard it is, so you can contact them to get a tour, an informational pack and even a free one-hour trial session!

Where To Find It:​

  • White Lodge Malaysia
  • 5, Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • +601 2193 9803, +603 2242 2663

Additional Info:​

White Lodge Mont Kiara Kindergarten

montkiara@whitelodge.edu.my, www.whitelodge.edu.my/

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