10 Unique Summer Water Toys To Buy Now In Hong Kong

For Kids, Adults & Families, The Beach & The Backyard

Unique Summer Water Toys to Buy in Hong Kong

With travel restrictions still in place, you’ll probably dive deeper into Hong Kong’s beaches this summer. While lounging around, suntanning and swimming are all wonderful, necessary, healing activities, you might also want to up your beach game this summer with some unique summer water toys to buy in Hong Kong. These will amp up the adventure (just make sure you take all the necessary safety measures like life vests when needed), make exercise seamless and unexpectedly fun, and provide you with new ways to spend quality beach time with your family!

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Full-Face Snorkelling Mask

    FULL-FACE SNORKELLING MASK: An Easy Way To Embrace Snorkeling In Hong Kong

    Get a panoramic view of the underwater landscape and explore the wonders of its flora and fauna with ease that will make you feel like a mermaid. Unlike traditional snorkelling masks, Easybreath 500 surface snorkelling full-face mask lets you breathe through your nose and your mouth – it’s comfortable, and prevents fogging and water from entering the snorkel when a wave washes over you! It’s the ultimate snorkelling mask – which is in itself a must-have for summer fun – and the next best thing for snorkelling after growing your own set of gills!

    Surface Snorkelling Mask, buy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Mermaid Tail

    MERMAID TAIL: Fun Swim Toys For Little Mermaids In Hong Kong

    Make your mermaid dreams come true with this surreally aesthetic piece of swimming gear coming to your straight from a fairy-tale. The fashion-forward, high-quality design of these fins and tails is actually pretty functional, allowing you to explore different swimming and diving styles with an added boost of hydrodynamic body parts. Forget about finding the perfect bikini and look into finding a perfect mermaid tail instead – there’s a range of colors and designs, including those for mermaidens designed with safety in mind!

    Mermaid Tailbuy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Banana Boat

    BANANA BOAT: Perfect Summer Toys For Those With Boats!

    Banana boats are a towable favorite that has been around since the beginning of the 1970s, which says a lot about both their safety (now many-times fine-tuned) and their unmatched vibe. Banana boats give kids the opportunity to experience that feeling of unhinged freedom that they so yearn for – and that we as parents are almost never able to provide. Dare to let your kiddos taste the excitement and join in on the fun if you haven’t had the chance to ride one when you were an adrenaline-chasing kid yourself!

    Banana Boat, buy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Yoga Hub

    YOGA HUB: Amazing Yoga Pod That Floats And Connects To 8 Stand Up Paddle Boards

    What’s better for the body and soul than to practice yoga surrounded by the big blue? The Aztron Venus Yoga Fitness Hub is a soft but firm platform with a traction deck for maximum grip and comfort. You can attach up to 8 SUPs to it and have yourself a friends-and-family yoga session (you can also practice on the hub itself). The accessory pack includes a double action pump, attachment straps and a gear bag, so you’re all set to salute the sun and waves!

    Yoga Fitness Hub, buy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - SUP

    STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD: Everyone Needs One This Summer!

    Developed by fellow paddlers, this stand-up paddleboard is ideal for half-day trips for beginners. It’s suitable for both adults and kids, easy to handle, ultra-stable, generously sized and can be used for cruising or even surfing small waves (or, in combo with our Yoga Fitness Hub, for yoga). It’s compact and easily carried in a backpack, so take it with you to the beach, inflate it in minutes, sit a curious kiddo right at the front and venture into the ocean (with a healthy dose of caution and an independently bought paddle, mind you)!

    Beginner SUP, buy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Wakesurf

    WAKESURF: Trending Summer Toy For Boating

    Wakesurfing, not to be confused with wakeboarding which we’ll get to in a second, has really been making waves lately – both figuratively and literally. Traditional wakesurfing implies trailing the endless waves of a boat’s wake (without a rope!), while electric jetboards are its almost futuristic, boatless, self-propelled counterpart. Dare to try these incredibly dynamic water sports that will make you feel alive with foaming excitement!

    Wakesurf, buy here


  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Wakeboard

    WAKEBOARD: Get Your Goal To Learn And Go

    Wakeboarding is something of a combination of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. Unlike wakesurfing, wakeboarding has your feet static, strapped onto a board with you holing onto a rope attached to a boat. This makes it, arguably, easier than wakesurfing, but undeniably no less fun! Anyone can try it, and Hong Kong has plenty of wake schools for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing that give lessons to kids and adults alike.

    Wakeboard, buy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Inflatable Kayak

    INFLATABLE KAYAK: Pack Up And Hit The Islands

    A family favorite, inflatable kayaks are super practical, reasonably safe and perfectly kid-friendly, an ideal vessel for peaceful exploration and adventure. Take your kiddo out to the ocean in this 2-person kayak with comfortable inflatable seats and a cockpit designed in a way that prevents water from entering the kayak, keeping you dry until you choose to dive into your surroundings. It includes two oars, meaning you’re ready to paddle away from your worries! If you want something a bit more extreme, opt for a surf ski instead!

    Inflatable Kayak, buy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Inflatable Party Island


    Dreaming of owning a private island without crowds? We can’t offer you that, but consider a more affordable option of an outrageously fun inflatable party island that fits up to 12 adults. This list, naturally, couldn’t be complete without a premium float perfect for a (big) pool or the ocean – with a bit more caution. This one is shaped like a Unicorn Bird, a mythical creature that brings giggles and summertime bliss on its rainbow tail. It inflates in under 20 minutes and will keep kids safely entertained and spark childlike joy in even the most serious of adults!

    Inflatable Unicorn Party Bird Island, buy here

  • Unique Summer Water Toys Hong Kong - Trampoline Sprinkler

    TRAMPOLINE SPRINKLER: Simply The Coolest Summer Toy

    You don’t always have a chance to go to the beach, so here’s one summer water toys for your backyard. Trampoline Sprinklers elevate the already-delightful trampoline to a whole new level of awesome – and refreshing. If you’ve already blessed your kiddo with a trampoline, this is an ideal addition for you – if not, consider buying both because it might the best thing for families to have in their backyard in the heat!

    Trampoline Sprinkler, buy here


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