Merry Go Round, Meet Snoopy, And More At Harbour City Mall Christmas Decorations 2021

Festive Decorations Galore For Kids

2021 Nov 19 - 2021 Jan 02

Harbour City Mall Christmas Decorations Hong kong

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is just around the corner! Harbour City brings you a fun and festive Christmas experience in town this year.

As one of Hong Kong’s must-see Christmas attractions, Harbour City’s Christmas lighting and decorations always bring Hong Kong citizens and tourists endless surprises and joy every year. This Christmas, the entire Harbour City shopping mall will be transformed into a “Christmas Terminal” to greet everyone to embark on an amazing Christmas journey.

What is in store at Harbour City this Christmas season 2021?

  • CHRISTMAS TERMINAL: From November 19, 2021 to January 2, 2022, the entire Harbour City shopping mall transforms into a “Christmas Terminal” to greet everyone to embark on a Christmas journey.
  • PHOTOS: A group of cookie-shaped animals gather at the “Christmas Cookies Departure Hall” at Ocean Terminal Forecourt and prepare to set off with excitement. Professional photo taking service is offered for all travelers to check-in at the giant suitcase.

Event More…

  • SNOOPY! From November 25, 2021, Snoopy will fly from the United States and begin a festive voyage alongside your kids! Kids can meet Snoopy at Gallery by the Harbour, Atrium I of Gateway Arcade and Lobby of Ocean Terminal.
  • SNOOPY STAYCATION! Families can staycation with Snoopy in the “Oriental Kyoto Ryokan”
  • JUMP ON A MERRY GO ROUND: Kids will love to play merry go round with Snoopy and Friends at the park!
  • VISIT SNOOPY’S HOUSE – Join the “magic Christmas party” in Snoopy’s house which will be installed in the Lobby of Ocean Terminal.
  • FESTIVE DECORATIONS GALORE: Enjoy festive decorations like Christmas trees and snowmen which will be set up outside the house. Charlie Brown and Lucy van Pelt will be ready to welcome you as well. Inside the house, you can find the distorting mirror, while Snoopy and Woodstock are playing hide-and-seek with us! Besides, all furniture, party balloons, the table lamps will be upside down, so kids can play around in the extraordinary Snoopy world!

Where To Find It:​

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