Where To Get Personalized Kids’ Books In Hong Kong

Where To Buy Personalized Books

where to get personalized books in hong kong

The best gifts are ones that come from the heart and offer sentimental value and meaning. Why not consider getting your loved one a personalized book? There are so many benefits with having personalized books as a part of your family reading collection. You can include their name in the personalized book, and even their photo!

By including a personal message and by involving your kiddo in the magic of the story, a personalized book becomes a treasure that will spark imagination, cultivate a love of reading and learning, and nurture a bond between children and those around them.

We’ve put together an amazing list of where you can create your own personalized book with great choices from Wonderbly, Librio and more and which will make perfect additions to your little one’s library from babies to toddlers to early readers.

  • iSeeMe-Personalized-Book

    i See Me: Highly Personalisable Books By Theme

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    At iSeeMe, you can order gifts and tailor-made books where you can include even more personal details in their stories. You can include your child's hobbies, age, hometown, and even add an actual picture of them if you'd like! Books are categorized by type, like boardbooks, story books or coloring books for example, age, occasion (seasonal events, new sibling, etc), whether you have family pets, and more. They even make some great gifts like puzzles.

    Books are priced from USD$39.99 plus international shipping costs.

  • Librio Personalized Book

    Librio: Eco-Conscious Books That Come In 12 Different Languages

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    When you order a personalized book from Librio, a percentage of its profits goes to Trees of the Future and Room to Read. Its printed products are made from recycled paper, demonstrating a love for reading and for the environment at the same time. Personalized books are available for all ages, and you can choose to have it published in 12 different languages (ranging from English to Norwegian). Book prices start from as low as USD$29.99 and up. Shipping to Hong Kong will take up to 14 business days.

  • My Custom Books Personalized Book

    My Custom Kids Books: Personalize Your Book With Pictures!

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    At My Custom Kids Books you can upload your child's photo and will be used in every single page of the story. How fun! There are several stories to choose from and your child will be the star in every one! International shipping to Hong Kong takes up to 15 business days with personalized books starting from HKD$265.

  • Namee Personalized Book

    Namee: Huge Range Of Stories And Themes, With Previews Available

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    At Namee, you can get a preview of the book right before you purchase. Books come in a large range of themes and stories to choose from like seasonal stories, bedtime stories, and stories where they go on adventures with their grandparents! You can also specifically personalize the main character's appearance. Prices are all in USD, starting from USD$45.99. Basic shipping takes about 10-14 business days and is priced at USD$19.99.

  • StuckOnYou Personalized Book

    Stuck On You: Customizable Labels, Personalized Books & More

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    Stuck On You doesn't just offer adorable customizable labels, but personalized storybooks as well. Choose from 3 unique stories provided that are written and illustrated by children, for children. Delivery takes about 12 business days. Books are priced at about HK$189 not including shipping.

  • Shutterfly Personalized Book

    Shutterfly: Beautifully Illustrated Customized Books

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    Shutterfly has a large variety of personalized products, including children's books! From birthdays to road trips even to Christmas adventures there are lots of colorful stories to choose from with beautiful illustrations. They ship to 100 countries and cities, including Hong Kong. Can't wait to get it? Then choose from their super rushed service (with estimated production and delivery times at 1-2 business days).

  • Bilingual Personalized Book HK

    TimTimTom - Personalized Bilingual E-Books For Kids

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    For families who are living in the digital era and opt to buy books to read on their devices - TimTimTom is the place for you. What's more to this is that these stories also come as a perfect gift for kids who are learning more than 1 language. Choose from 3 different stories that are available to order. Parents are also able to add a personalized message which makes it even more special. E-Books are priced at HK$69 each.

  • TinyMe-Personalized-Book

    Tiny Me - Personalized Educational Books

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    TinyMe provides a different variety of educational personalized books such as activity books and stories. Books are perfect for young kids and toddlers. Books are priced from as low as HK$100 and up. Standard delivery charges cost about HK$35 which takes about 3 weeks to deliver.

  • Wonderbly-Personalized-Book

    Wonderbly: Personalized Books For All Family Members

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    Wonderbly has stories not just for kids but for every single member of the family. Whether it be for mom, dad, or a sibling, Wonderbly brings personalized gifts to another level. You can pick a book based on age, occasion, character or theme. Books are priced at HK$219 and up (depending on if you'd like to go with soft or hardcovers). Standard shipping takes about 2-3 weeks to deliver.

  • 1st Book Personalized Books

    1st Word Book: Perfect Personalized Books For Young Readers

    Where To Get Personalized Kids' Books In Hong Kong

    1st Word Book has a good set of personalized books for young learners, toddlers and for your little ones starting to learn how to read! Delivery to Hong Kong takes within 7-10 days and shipping is free! For more information click here.

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