Guide To Buying A Mattress In Hong Kong

Top 10 Mattresses In HK!


It’s bedtime again and you ain’t feeling like tossing and turning while trying to get some sleep, all because you’re longing a proper chill -which seems impossible at times! Maybe it’s time to let go of that sturdy mattress you’ve been hanging on to like there’s no tomorrow.

Prioritize what really matters and help your family build great sleeping habits at home. The benefits of high-quality rest are essential to living a healthy, happy life!

The Little Steps Team has selected the best and most functional bedding brands in Hong Kong so you get top slumber nights and rise-and-shine mornings!

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Emma-Mattress

    With 1 in 4 Hongkongers suffering from allergies caused by dust mites and other antigens -some of which will wait till you hit the pillow to try and get ya!-, it’s a no brainer the market was needing a solution for hypersensitive folks. Namely, the Emma Mattress’ team got hands-on-bed to find a solution, coming up with Purotex®! This new technology is used to treat all mattresses covers, protecting you and the wee-sleeping beauties from any unwanted nighttime bugs -yikes!


    Emma Mattress, multiple locations, +852 5808 0220,,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Skyler

    Pals and gals with basketball player’s heights -and peeking feet- struggling to fit in bed, you need to get Skyler’s large King size mattress! Its 1.85 x 2.1 m can certainly fit most humans keen to stretch at ease. On top of it, Skyler’s bedding is designed using patented advanced cooling technology, which makes it an ideal choice for hot, humid weather -welcome to Hong Kong! Cheers to spacious, cool and dry sleeps!


    Skyler, multiple locations, +852 2877 8668,,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Comma-Sleep

    Comma sleep is all about comfort, which applies not only to their foam mattresses and toppers but also to how easy they’ve made the purchasing process -you don’t even need to leave the house to buy and get your brand new mattress! The online store offers a ‘100 Nights Sleep Trial,’ free and fast delivery, a 10-year guarantee, and an easy return-and-refund process if you consider the Comma Sleep isn’t the right fit for you. Once you are at it, check out Finlayson's bed linen sets for top Scandinavian design and quality!


    Comma Sleep, Shop 126B, 1/F., Park Central, Tseung Kwan O (Uji Living), +852 8170 3347,,, Facebook


  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Sealy

    Born in Sealy, Texas, over 130 years ago, Sealy Posturepedic has been a pioneer in studying posture and back support for engineering the range of bedding products they offer nowadays! Taking their pledge to ensure the right balance between support and pressure points very seriously, in 2006 an advisory board was created to keep leading the brand's innovation in the field of sleep. Hence, those suffering from posture issues or lack of rest could really benefit from a Sealy mattress!


    Sealy Mattress, multiple locations,,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Okooky-By-European-Bedding

    Using only 100% certified natural organic latex, Okooko & European Bedding take the concept of  ‘good sleep’ to the next level! Their vision is to provide beautifully designed, eco-friendly sleeping systems combined with proper spinal alignment -log-sleeping on demand, yay! We know a comfy and healthy rest is vital, and European Bedding definitely hits the mark. More so when the latex used to manufacture the mattresses comes from certified plantations that use no chemical pesticides or fertilizers!


    European Bedding, 13F The Plaza LKF, 21 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2870 1132,,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Ecosa-Mattress

    Adjust your matress’s firmness, enjoy top-notch back support, and don’t worry about dust mite and unwanted spills -ideal for parents with little kids at home! Ecosa Mattresses have a highly functional design that ensures both comfort and hygiene. Plus they come in a wide range of sizes, perfect for all members of the fam -bring the Super King on! 


    Ecosa Mattress, 2/F, 318 Portland Street, Mongkok, KLN (office), +852 2164 8001,,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Sinomax

    Sinomax’s Enpower™ technology has been designed to enhance the rejuvenating effects of a good night’s sleep!  How so?! The index foam in the mattresses converts body heat into energy and stimulates microcirculation.  What’s more, Sinomax mattresses have been proven to be highly effective in relieving pressure points, facilitating total relaxation and long periods of deep sleep! Check out their website for clearance deals and find all about the interest-free installment plan.


    Sinomax E-Shop, Unit 5-7, Level 20, Tower 1, MegaBox Enterprise Square Five, No., 38 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 2796 0918,,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Simmons

    An all times classic, Simmons bedding products have been a household item for over 140 years now! The Simmons Beauty Rest mattresses evolved with time until the brand's latest innovation, the Beautyrest Recharge™ Sleep System. Each mattress comes with hundreds of small springs wrapped individually, allowing you to move and stretch freely without disturbing your sleep -Simmon's very own Pocketed Coil Technology.  Who's in for top-notch snuggles?!


    Simmons, multiple locations, +852 2378 4848,,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Tempur

    Memory foam was discovered by Nasa’s scientists in a quest to relieve the astronauts’ pain during lift-off. Later on, they realized the impact this material could have on people’s homes -and sleeping habits! With constant improvements, Tempur’s cutting edge mattresses are leading the way and reinventing how we rest. All thanks to their adaptable memory foam that adjusts its texture and consistency to your body shape and temperature.


    Tempur, multiple locations, +852 2579 9001, ,, Facebook

  • Top-Mattresses-In-Hong-Kong-Slumberland

    The British brand has been on the market since 1919 catering to premium consumers looking to bring lavish design and style into the bedroom. Check out their range of mattresses, elegant bed frames -the Royal Series is our fave of course!-, accessories and even a bed designed exclusively for the kiddos! Featuring more springs for optimal comfort, natural latex, ultra-soft foam, and New Zealand wool upholstery, for sure you'll snooze like a newborn -and wake up feeling like a queen!


    Slumberland, multiple locations, +852 3903 4111,,

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