Unique Meats In Hong Kong – Turducken, Kangaroo, Venison

5 Delicious Christmas Meat Choices

While the holidays offers plenty of opportunities to engage in foodie adventures and cooking explorations, it’s tricky to uncover where to purchase the goods! Little Steps goes beyond the traditional turkey this year and uncovers the most unique of meats to serve your family and friends with a little help from the lovely folks from South Stream in Hong Kong. Prepare to be inspired and take your culinary skills up a notch with the most unique of meats for this holiday season. Where to buy a turducken, ham, deer, patridge, sausages…we have you sorted.

What’s more? South Stream has solved the great refrigerator dilemma in Hong Kong. They now offer a “Order now, Deliver Later” special service for turkey and ham products, plus the option of having your turkey partially or fully defrosted upon delivery. Now, that is smart!

  • How about making the oh-so-famous and true holiday hit - Turducken this year? What is Turducken? It's a simply delish dish consisting of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, further stuffed into a deboned turkey. Order the turkey, chicken and duck directly from South Stream so you can cook this holiday hit! The meat is delivered frozen for you to prep and create this dish.

    *photo credit: Justin Cary

  • Yum alert! This dish is a classic but offers the assurance of free-farmed goodness. The Harmony Free Farmed Ham comes in boneless quarter size as well as bone-in half and whole hams. This is a very popular feasting main during the holiday period, so be sure to order yours in advance.


  • Young, tender, sweet, and seasonal, these plump birds from the UK are a delight for the holidays!  Individually vacuum packed and oven ready for you to prepare meals with minimal preparation, all are sourced from traditional estates within the UK and have enjoyed a wild lifestyle.  Enjoy!


  • Who knew you could get kangaroo in Hong Kong? South Stream offers natural Kangaroo Meat which is 98% fat free, high in iron, and high in protein (compared to other meats). It's a healthy and unique option to serve over the holidays. Just FYI - there is no farming of kangaroos in Australia. Kangaroos are harvested in the open rangelands of Australia under strict quotas set by the government. Kangaroos are free-ranging animals, the range over extensive pastoral areas of Australia, graze on natural vegetation and are harvested in their own environment. Therefore kangaroo meat is not exposed antibiotics or growth hormones.

  • Sausages are always a hit with the kids - it's best to stock up! South Stream's sausages are freshly hand crafted locally, made from the secret recipe of their chef, with beef of premium quality from Australia as well as lamb from New Zealand. Absolutely no preservatives added, their homemade sausages are definitely the most divine sausages you’ve ever tasted.


    Festive Feasts: Click here to order! 


  • South Stream


    South Stream is a one-stop online shop from which to get the best quality of everything you need for your daily meals and party food ingredients. Their products range from seafood and fish, natural or organic meat and vegetables and fruits and more. You can also get your holiday turkey here too!

  • Dressed to impress, the Wild Scottish Red Deer Rack is a unique meat to feast on and it relatively easy to prep (Under 1 hour cooking time!). This beauty can be oven roasted and serve with a rich port and juniper sauce. Be prepared for a rich flavor and fine texture. Want more? Cut it from the loin and leave on the bone for even more flavor. Order is 1 French Trimmed Rack with 4-6 bones at a weight of 500g in total.

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