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Milk Formula From Germany With Humana Hong Kong

Best Baby Food

Humana Infant Milk Hong Kong

For those that are very particular about their mlk formula and want to be 100% sure they know where it is coming from, Humana is worth a taste by your babes!  Plus, they have formula dedicated to sensitive eaters needed special dietary needs.

Humana is the only manufacturer who produces its Milk Formula 100% in Germany. They are supplied by 29 regional dairy farmers that they have known for generations. Humana cares about animal welfare and feed their cows solely with natural, GMO-free food. Besides their proven Infant and Follow-on Formula, they provide a wide range of Special Formula for the particular nutritional needs of sensitive children.

Parents want the best possible start in life for their child. Humana’s expertise supports children’s healthy growth and development by providing reliable products in tune with nature. They make milk formula, weaning food (cereals, jars, and drinks), and nutritional supplements for breastfeeding and baby.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

The quality of the baby formula and food is based on rigorous research. So whether it’s milk formula, weaning food, or nutritional supplements, you know it’s good for your child.

Who It's Perfect For:

Parents who want products that will nourish their children.

What Else:​

They work with pediatricians and specialists, so you know it’s good for your child. 

Additional Info:​



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