Best Baby Proofing Products & Where To Get Them In Hong Kong *UPDATED

Where To Buy The Best Baby Proofing Supplies (In-Store + Online)

baby proofing products hong kong

Having a little one means you’ll need to take some precautions to ensure your home is as safe as possible for them. Babyproofing your home is something every parent should do to avoid accidents. Those crawling and walking bubs can be very cheeky and they love to explore their surroundings, so it’s important to give yourself peace of mind. From stair gates to baby monitors, or bed guards, corner blockers, and playpens, there are many child safety essentials that you’ll need. Here are some of the essential proofing products you need, and our favorite places for baby proofing products in Hong Kong.

  1. what do I ned to baby proof my house?

    Baby Proofing Checklist

    What Do You Need To Get Before Your Baby Starts Crawling?

    When it's approaching the time that your baby will move around a lot more through crawling and walking, it's the best time to baby proof your house.

    Here’s a brief checklist of what you need to think about:

    • Put outlet covers over unused outlets
    • Edge and corner guards on hard edges and sharp corners
    • Furniture secured to the walls
    • Latches on drawers
    • Use baby cameras and monitors
    • Keep furniture, crib/bed away from windows
    • Install window stops so they don’t open enough for the child to crawl through
    • Colourful stickers on glass or sliding doors - Safe railings installed on decks
    • Nonslip pads under rugs
    • Use safety gates to block your child’s access to stairways and other areas you don’t wish them to go through
    • Place cosmetics, cleaners, or any other substances out of your child’s reach

    Read this detailed checklist on how to babyproof your home and search the products and brands we share in our article below.

  2. baby proofing gear hong kong

    Corner Guards & Safety Locks: Baby Proofing Products & Where To Get Them In Hong Kong

    Check Out These Products & Stores

    Corner Guards

    Putting protectors on your table edges and corners and other furniture is a low-cost, low-energy way to make your space much safer for crawling and walking babies. The following Corner Guards products are good options for different tables and furniture.


    Safety Locks

    For cabinets, drawers, and other furniture that can be opened (especially those with breakables or other unsafe household items like cleaning products), cabinet locks are super important.

    Where To Buy Them:

    Fishpond Online

    Fishpond is an online marketplace that has a wide selection of baby products. These include baby grooming, bathing, cabinet locks, and straps, edge and corner guards, first aid, gates, nappy care, safety harnesses, skincare, and thermometers. The corner guards and safety locks mentioned above can be found through their online store.


  3. Safety Gates: Baby Proofing Products & Where To Get Them In Hong Kong

    Where To Find The Best Safety Gates

    Safety Gates

    Your baby is going to love being able to move about the house more, but there are some spaces that are too far away or that aren't baby-friendly. That's why safety gates are so helpful. They keep your bub in the safe spaces, and help you know where they are at all times. These gates are especially important if you have stairs - you can put them at the top and bottom of the staircase.

    Where To Buy Them:


    Mothercare understands that parenting is serious business, and they'll help you ensure your baby is safe and healthy as can be. As well as the baby gates you see above, they also stock air purifiers to make sure you have the cleanest air possible, digital audio baby monitors, bath and room thermometers, and more. At Mothercare, protecting your baby is what they do.


  4. baby monitor in hong kong

    Baby Monitors & Cameras: Baby Proofing Products & Where To Get Them In Hong Kong

    Have Eyes & Ears On Your Baby

    Baby Monitors & Cameras

    With a baby monitor and camera system, you can watch your baby even when you're in another room. They're often used when you need to step out of the room, or you lay them down for their naps. There are many different types of cameras and monitors to choose from, including ones that connect directly to your phone, and even a breathing monitoring mat (see below).

    Where To Buy Them:

    Baby Central

    Baby Central is Hong Kong's oldest online baby store where we stock everything you need for babies and mums. They have a fantastic next-day delivery service, and it's easy to browse through their large online marketplace of baby care and protection products. Additional to these safety cameras and monitors, there are also safety gates, playpens, high chairs, and more.

    Baby Central,,


Additional Info:​

More Baby Proofing Stores To Check Out In Hong Kong

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