Preparing Your Body For Pregnancy With Physiotherapy From Prohealth Sports And Spinal

Little Steps Facebook Live With Prohealth Sports And Spinal In Hong Kong

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Keeping our bodies in good working order is crucial as we embark on the pregnancy journey, and physiotherapy can help prepare the body for birth and address issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction after childbirth.

Watch our live chat with Prohealth Sports And Spinal and contact them to book a slot at their Wellington Street or Jardine House branch!

Our Facebook Live interview with Maritza Lue and Christy Lam will provide a detailed breakdown of the advantages of signing up for physio as you embark on your pregnancy journey!

Maritza has more than 20 years’ experience in physiotherapy. Her areas of expertise include pelvic floor, sacrum pain, pre-natal and postnatal pain, pregnancy Pilates and incontinence.

Christy’s area of expertise includes pre and post-natal health, pelvic health, and lactation problems.

These are the main points of the Facebook Live interview.

Prenatal Physio

  • As we may put on up to 30 pounds during pregnancy, it’s best to watch what you eat and stay active. Brisk walking, swimming, reformer Pilates and stationary bike are good, as are strengthening exercises to build the core to cope with the increasing weight. Avoid strenuous exercises like hiking and running
  • You may try to overarch your back to compensate for the growing tummy. To relieve the stress on the back and correct this posture, a good exercise to do is to stand against the wall and tilt your pelvis backwards. Hold it for a couple of seconds and relax. Repeat a few times a day.
  • Sit tall and straight and roll the shoulders back. Pelvic belts can help reduce lower back pain.
  • Try to sleep on your left side as it improves circulation and there will be less compression

Preparing For Delivery

  • Strengthen your core and you will be able to cope with the growing belly more easily
  • During the birthing process, you can lean onto then squat near a chair or table or use a birthing ball. While you’re sitting, you can do pelvic tilts – forwards, backwards, sideways and circular
  • Talk to your birthing partner about how they will provide physical and emotional support during delivery, such as relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Birthing balls can help before, during and after pregnancy – sit on them and use to rock the pelvis from side to side to mobilise the pelvic area and ease the pain

Post-Natal Physio

  • After they have given birth, some women will have residual back or neck pain. Massage or acupuncture can help.
  • If the pelvis is misaligned, a physiotherapist can help put it back in the right position and you can use a pelvic belt
  • Women may experience incontinence after birth. A physical therapist can assess the severity of the situation and set some pelvic floor muscle exercises.
  • Breastfeeding issues include posture and position. If the breast ducts gets blocked, a physical therapist can help with massage and therapeutic ultrasound
  • Lifting up the baby from the armpits can lead to wrist pain. Instead, scoop the baby from under their bottom and hold their back for support
  • If you’re struggling with breastfeeding, use a pillow to support your back and put anther pillow underneath your arms. Better positioning can lead to better latching and less stress on your body.
  • Brisk walking and yoga are good forms of exercise within the first few weeks, while birthing balls, dumbbells, elastic bands can be used later on

Watch our live chat with Prohealth Sports and Spinal and learn all about their approach to physio before, during and after pregnancy!

Where To Find It:​

  • Prohealth Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy
  • Two locations in Hong Kong: Wellington Street and Jardine House

Additional Info:​

Wellington Street branch: 1201, 15/F & 1901, Winway Building, 50 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2530 0073[email protected]

Jardine House branch: 715 Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong​, +852 2715 4577, [email protected]


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