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PurpleTutor Is Creating Future Tech Leaders

By Building Independent Coding Confidence In Kids

PurpleTutor Online Coding Classes Hong Kong

PurpleTutor is offering online coding classes for children to build independent coding confidence in them. They want to help parents ensure that their child’s relation to technology is not just that of a passive tech consumer. Every project the child works on is measured not just by the output but by their confidence & ability to work independently. As a result, children will learn computational thinking skills required to understand and create future technologies.

Skills such as Decomposition help them learn to solve a big problem by breaking it down into more minor issues rather than getting overwhelmed by it, or Abstraction – where they can identify useful information and extract it from a huge pile of data.

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Why Little Steps Loves It?

  • PurpleTutor has been founded by educators and technology leaders from CMU, Amazon, IIT & IIM
  • They have a community of 90,000+ students from 50+ countries
  • Their teacher selection policy mandates every teacher to have a formal computer science degree
  • With in-house teacher training, PurpleTutor Academy lets the students lead the curriculum journey as per their creative ideas, ability and interest
  • Each child develops independent coding confidence and qualifies for a PurpleCoder

Courses Offered At PurpleTutor:

LIL CHAMPS: Ages 6 – 9
Students develop a deep understanding of the core programming concepts in the block-based environment. This helps in developing logical thinking and problem-solving skills. They explore the basics of Artificial Intelligence and produce projects on Scratch using the machine models trained by them. Students also create apps using the Thunkable programming interface that can be published on the Playstore/Appstore.

YOUNG LEARNERS: Ages 10 and 11
Students create interesting static scenes, 2D animations and interactive games by developing code in JavaScript. They will create interesting patterns, drawings, and simple animations by writing code in Python, which develops their computational thinking skills. Students also explore Artificial intelligence/ Machine Learning and UI/UX design basics by creating their app using the Thunkable interface.

In this course, students dive deeper into Python programming. They start with learning the basic concepts of sequencing, loops, conditionals and move on to the advanced concepts of data types, variables, functions, string and list manipulation functions.  Their design and creative thinking skills in the Javascript module help create numerous art, animation, and game projects. Finally, they explore the CV2 library of Python and learn how the computer manipulates images and videos during the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning module.

What Else:​

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