The one commonality all parents share is that we want our children to be happy. And while we work tirelessly to keep them safe, innocent, and enjoying childhood – inevitably life can become messy and more difficult emotions may creep in. One of the best tools we can provide our children with, to manage hardships, anxieties, and relationships, is that of meditation. And the Kadampa Meditation Centre has a class that offers exactly that just for kids!

This meditation class for children is unique in that along with providing the tools and steps needed to practice meditation, they create a space that welcomes discussion and reflection further expanding on the emotional wellbeing of the child. They also recognize that each little yogi has a unique style of learning. To accommodate this, they include craft activities, read and listen to stories, as well as role-play to engage all types of learners.

Kids will also learn about Buddhism as well as gain insight as to why some of their rituals are performed. While there is no fee for the class, the suggested donation is HK$80 per class, and all the donations are used to run and develop their center and spread their teachings.

The class is best suited for children aged 6-10 years, however, they will adjust activities to older and younger siblings who may like to tag along, too. Each 1.5-hour class is divided into activities of less than 20 minutes to sustain the attention and interest of every kid.

In a world where we meet with various global and personal challenges, a meditation class for kids might be one of the best tools we can gift them!