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Where To Get Your Ears Pierced In Hong Kong?

Professional Ear Piercing In Hong Kong

Where to get your ears pierced in Hong Kong?

So, your child wants to get their ears pierced?  Hong Kong has a few favorite places for kids to get their ears pierced in safe, hygenic environments with trained piercing consultants.


    Having pierced the ears of over 70,000 people in Hong Kong, Ma Belle continues to be a favorite place to go for ear piercing in Hong Kong.  There are different types of ear piercing options available in the market, but the professionalism, safety and hygiene of the service here is the most important.  Thumbs up!  MaBelle now provides professional piercing service at more than 70 stores in Hong Kong and Mainland China. All MaBelle shops are stationed with licensed and well-trained ear piercing consultants. Each qualified ear piercing consultant is rigorously trained and certified to ISO9001.  All the starter earrings MaBelle uses are made of medical-grade stainless steel and titanium. The titanium used meets the European Union (EU) nickel-free standards and the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) disinfection standards to prevent bacterial growth and reduce the risk of irritants.  MaBelle will provide six free aftercare services within three months after the piercing to closely assess the healing progress of the piercing, and to provide guidance on how to prevent the piercing holes from infection.


    MaBelle Ear Piercing In Hong Kong, Click here to schedule an appointment.


    This popular place to getting loads of fine reviews by parents taking their kids for their ears to get pierced in Hong Kong.  They have two assistants who do the piercing at the same time (talk about easy for the kids).  They are trained to pierce all ages from infants to teens.  They also have a lovely selection of starter earrings so kids are not stuck with just one style.


    Isabella Ear Piercinghttp://www.isabella-asia.com/ear-piercing/kids/


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