Top 10 Instagrammers To Follow For Kid-Friendly Food

Child-Friendly Recipes, Lunch Box Ideas And More!

Top Instagrammers For Kid-Friendly Recipes

One of the trying and tedious aspects of parenting is coming up with new and appealing ideas for hearty breakfasts, school lunches, easy-to-eat snacks, and healthy dinners. You may want to implement more veggies or protein into your child’s diet or simply provide a little more variety for kids who seem only to want pizza and pasta – but find yourself getting stuck in a rut. So why not grab a little inspiration for healthy, delicious recipes, make mealtimes a little less stressful and happier with our top Instagrammers to follow for kid-friendly foods.


  • @superhealthykids-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    As a registered dietician and mother of four, Natalie Monson knows how important filling those tummies with the best. Her account, @superhealthykids, shares many healthy, family-friendly recipes and meal plans to save parents from racking their brains. Find plenty of scrumptious ideas such as an easy breakfast egg cup recipe that kids can grab on the go, zucchini oat muffins for some sneaky veggies, and sugar-free cookies, amongst other healthy but flavorful favorites to keep the kids asking for more!


    SuperHealthyKids,, Instagram Page

  • @realfoodbydad-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Appeal to moms, dads, and kids with Matt’s hearty and healthy recipes on his account @Realfoodbydad. As a father of 3 hungry boys and the designated weeknight chef at home, Matt’s food philosophy is to keep things easy and simple enough to please picky eaters while remaining hearty and delicious. A quick scroll through his feed will have kids and adults drooling over the succulent meals such as one-skillet creamy chicken tortellini, grilled Neapolitan pizza, taco, vegetarian breakfast sliders, and so much more.


    RealFoodByDad,, Instagram Page

  • @whatweate_withkids-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Blogger Reshma, a mom of two boys, dedicated her page to sharing family-friendly restaurant finds in the Bay area. When Covid brought dining out to a halt, she made a shift to her content and began providing recipes for homemade meals and their kid-approved versions. Her page includes meal plans and recipes for delicious foods and desserts such as strawberry mousse, baked eggplant parmesan, almond butter green smoothie, an instant pot chicken Palo, and more! The result is a feed that is a colorful treat to the eyes and the tastebuds.


    WhatWeAte_WithKids, Instagram Page

  • @tinatakeslunch-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    When you’re in a school lunch rut, the only page you’ll need to turn to is Rossini’s @tinatakeslunch. Sharing her creative and fun lunches for her daughter Valen‘Tina’, you’ll gain tons of ideas that are simple yet enticing to preschoolers and primary students. Robot-shaped sandwiches, bite-sized veggies with dinosaur toppers, and strawberry crown neatly organized in compartments in bento boxes will make eating something the kids actually look forward to! Although recipes aren’t always provided, this page is all the inspiration you’ll need to take your bento boxes to the next level.


    TinaTakesLunch, Instagram Page

  • @happymoneysaver-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Pressed on time? Freezer meals to the rescue! Author Karrie Truman of “Seriously Good Freezer Meals” shares recipes on her account @Happymoneysaver – that can be made on less chaotic days and quickly re-heated on those more chaotic ones to save a little time without sacrificing on nutritious homemade meals. Ones that may interest the kids include freezer-friendly hot pockets, homemade pop-tarts, and homemade chicken taquitos.


    HappyMoneySaver, Instagram Page

  • @nourishinglittlebites-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Health coach, Karina, helps busy parents optimize theirs and their kid’s nutrition by sharing her tips to create better and happier eaters. Along with ideas for breakfast, snacks, and lunches, she shares different ways to encourage kids to try new foods, sources of non-meat protein, tips on how to include more fruits and veggies in kids’ meals, as well as lifestyle healthy habits. You’ll be on the road to a healthier life with her kid-friendly meals and wellbeing content.


    NourishingLittleBites, Instagram Page

  • @bluejeanchef-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Making gourmet easy, breezy is a culinary artist and cookbook author Meredith Laurence. Her page, @BlueJeanChef, was made to help people feel as comfortable in their kitchen as they would be in their blue jeans. Her cookbook recipes focus on air-frying, pressure-cooking, and one-pot meals – while all of them are as easy to follow as they are to devour. A quick browse through her page will leave you with a wide assortment of recipes and cooking videos – from desserts to appetizers, sandwiches to easy dinners, and breakfasts to one-pot cooking. Her recipes will make the whole family happy.


    BlueJeanChef,, Instagram Page

  • @eattherainbow_kids-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Taste the rainbow – or at least get as close as possible to doing so with colorful foods that are aesthetically pleasing and taste-approved @Eattherainbow_kids. With tons of handy tips such as how to change up the presentation of the food, adding in textures and colors, unique ways to incorporate veggies, and links to healthy snacks, recipes, and food accessories – you’ll get tons of ideas to get your kids eating healthy foods that are fun and flavorful.


    EatTheRainbow_Kids, Instagram Page

  • @heather.happykidskitchen-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Mother, teacher, cookbook author and veggie enthusiast Heather shares recipes on her Instagram page @Heather.Happykidskitchen – that can help get your kids in the kitchen and cooking with you. Cooking together will help create healthy habits, while their culinary efforts will make eating more enjoyable. Currently, the page links to her website, where you can access a free e-book, ‘Easy Snacktivities,’ for fun and healthy small meals. Get inspiration for easy lunch box pizza muffins, nut-free sandwich alternatives, warm lunch ideas, and breakfast-for-lunch ideas.


    Heather.HappyKidsKitchen,, Instagram Page

  • @kidfriendly.meals-instagrammers-kid-friendly-food-hong-kong


    Crisp and clean content from a registered dietician and mother of two makes you want to scroll through @Kidfriendly.meals continuously. Along with recipes for babies and toddlers, she shares tips on introducing fruits vs. veggies first, how to embrace a balanced meal, and normalizing toddler behaviors. Her website also offers a search tab for recipes, signup for a free 5-day challenge to up your veggies, a 3-month self-feeding program, and three of her best-selling e-cookbooks – so that cooking for and feeding kids becomes a breeze!


    KidFriendly.Meals,, Instagram Page

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