Top Family-Friendly Dermatologists And Skin Clinics In Hong Kong

List Of Public & Private Centers, General Cost And More!

Top Family-Friendly Dermatologists And Skin Clinics In Hong Kong

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of the human body, making it that much more important to take good care of it! This can be pretty tricky when residing in Hong Kong, as many of its citizens have skin problems due to pollution, high humidity, and stress.

Fortunately, there are many dermatologists and skin clinics scattered all over the city to help you and your family deal with any type of skin issue. Little Steps has scouted out all the best skin clinics in the city to give you a breakdown of where to find the top dermatologists, broken down by area, what the average price is of private/public clinics, and other useful info. Check it out!

  • Private Dermatological Centers On Hong Kong Island

    Private Dermatological Centers On Hong Kong Island:


    • Skincentral was founded in 2005, and they're one of the leading centers in Hong Kong. They offer an extensive list of dermatological services, such as acne, eczema, wrinkles, skin cancer, and more.
    • Dermamier Skin & Laser Centre offers premier dermatology services for the whole family, including laser treatments, skin biopsy, acne, rubella, and more.
    • Perfect Skin Surgery Centre offers personalized solutions to keep your skin healthy. They provide various treatments for any kind of skin problem, including special treatments for acne breakouts, skin rejuvenation, and body contouring.
    • Hong Kong Dermatology and Laser Centre specializes in various general and cosmetic dermatology services. They also have a special children's section to deal with any skin problem and offer allergy tests.


    • The HKSH Healthcare Dermatology Centre offers skin treatments for patients of all age groups with skin problems, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea. They also provide phototherapy, laser treatments, and cosmetic dermatology is also a huge part of their services.


    • TrueCare Dermatology Center has four skin specialists who provide excellent dermatology services, like botulinum toxin for wrinkles/jawline/calf reduction; ​​HIFU skin tightening/lifting; steroid injection for scars and more.
  • Private Dermatological Centers In Kowloon

    Private Dermatological Centers In Kowloon:


    • At Apex Dermatology the whole family is welcome, they have an adorable kids corner and they provide excellent dermatological treatments for multiple skin conditions like eczema, mole screening, warts removal, and acne.


    • Dr. Stephen Ngai Yin Leung is trained in Western medicine, dermatology, and venereal disease. His private practice offers dermatological services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.


    • TrueCare Dermatology Center also has a center in Mong Kok which includes the same extensive list of dermatological services as in Causeway Bay.
  • Dermatologists For Children In Hong Kong

    Public Dermatological Clinics In Hong Kong:

    There are 8 public clinics across Hong Kong that offer dermatological services. There are 3 on Hong Kong Island, 3 in Kowloon, and 2 in New Territories. However, be advised that are only 36 specialists in the public sector of Hong Kong, and therefore the wait can be very long.


    List of Public Clinics and Health Centers across Hong Kong that provide Dermatological Services - Click here!

  • General Health Practitioners With Dermatological Services In Hong Kong

    General Health Practitioners With Dermatological Services In Hong Kong:

    • Children 808 provide general pediatrics care, neonatal checkups, other pediatric specialty services, and health checks and vaccinations. Children 818’s pediatricians Dr. Alfred TamDr. Marco Ho, and Dr. Sugunan, among others, are highly recommended. In dermatology, they offer skin allergy treatments, laser treatment, and cryotherapy for warts.
    • Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) is a natural medicine clinic and the largest of its kind in Hong Kong for over 25 years. The clinic has dermatological specialists that can help any family member with all types of skin problems through homeopathy and medicine integrated therapies.
    • OT&P is the only internationally accredited clinic group in Hong Kong, their practice offers a full range of medical services that guarantee international standards of care. They also offer dermatological services such as eczema, warts, mole inspection, psoriasis, and fungal issues.
  • Average Cost Of Dermatologist In Hong Kong

    Average Cost Of A Dermatologist In Hong Kong:


    • When it comes to the private sector fees, the costs will heavily depend on your doctor's specialties, what medical treatments they offer, and their practice location. But from our research, the average cost of the first consultation is between HK$200 all the way up to HK$3,000.


    • HKID-holders can pay from HK$50 in a general clinic with dermatological services to HK$135 in a specialized clinic.
    • None HKID-holders can still visit the public clinics, but the cost for a single visit is HK$445, and a visit to a public clinic specialized in dermatology can cost up to HK$1,190.

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