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27 Moms Who Rock Hong Kong In 2023

Entrepreneurs, Founders & CEOs Making Waves Everywhere They Go

moms who rock hong kong

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Little Steps Asia has spoken to some extraordinary moms across Hong Kong who just rock! We asked them to share some personal insights about their lives, things they love to do in Hong Kong, and tips to achieve better work-life balance. Little Steps loves moms who inspire. Read on to discover why!

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  • Chrisie Wong

    Founder Of DreamCare

    About Chrisie

    In 2016, Chrisie left her banking career and founded DreamCare - now an award-winning and leading childcare solutions agency in Hong Kong that specializes in Mandarin-speaking nannies and early child childhood educators, popular among the expat community. A mom of three, Chrisie is also a certified Positive Discipline Parent & Classroom Educator as well as a sleep coach.

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    I usually start the day with meditation and set daily priorities - I end the day with gratitude and thanks. Find the time on a regular basis to engage in an activity that will allow you to relax and recharge. Try to let go of mom guilt and and accept the fact that achieving a perfect work-life balance is an unrealistic expectation. Embrace flexibility and adaptability, and understand that some days will be more challenging than others. Take the time to cuddle your kids.

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    All my three kids love animals. We often would go to Fish Street and check out the different animals there. Otherwise, we go to Big Wave Bay, our favorite beach, for breakfast and a morning swim at the weekend. We also enjoy cycling around Tai Mei Tuk.


  • Smile Joshi Little Genius House

    Smile Xu

    Co-founder of Little Genius House And Mom Of Two

    About Smile Xu

    Smile is the co-founder of bilingual kids club Little Genius House. Driven, passionate and fierce, Smile was born in mainland China and split her adult life between Hong Kong and New York. She played ping pong for China as a teen and has travelled to 46 countries all alone herself.

    Favorite Outings

    Smile loves taking her kids to charitable initiatives no matter if it is volunteering at a local charity, or attending a pet rescue event. She enjoys some weekend golf time with her girls to bond - no Daddy allowed!

    Favorite Things 

    A glass of nice wine while watching some documentary, traveling for a business trip, and eating great food. Her favorite book is Boarder Town by Shen Congwen. She once dreamt about the ending of the story and jumped on the next available train to the town to verify whether her dream was real!

  • little steps moms who rock

    Diana Wu David

    Founder Of Future Proof Lab And Mom To Three Kids

    About Diana

    Diana is the founder of Future Proof Lab, a work futurist, and best-selling author of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration. The book explains how to adopt more agile mindsets and practices to prepare for success in a fast-changing world across a 100-year life. Future Proof helps companies and individuals who are grappling with the chaos of workplace change.  She’s appeared on TEDx and in The Oprah Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and TimeOut.

    Top Tips For A Work-Life Balance

    "Say no, have uninterrupted thinking time, only check email 1-2x per day"

    Favorite Things To Do In Hong Kong With The Kids

    "We love to visit Yakiniku for Japanese bbq so that the kids can cook their own food. And Ten Feet Tall for foot massage and toasties!"

  • Smile Jia Little Genius House Hong Kong

    Jia Liu

    Co-founder of Little Genius House And Mom To Three Children

    About Jia Liu 

    Jia Liu (right in the photo) is the co-founder of bilingual kids club Little Genius House. After giving birth to three children, she really missed the old days of teaching young children piano and was keen to to share the fun activities she'd done with her own kids. Along with Smile Xu, her co-founder, she established kids club Little Genius House in 2022.

    Favorite Outings

    Jia loves trying new restaurants with her family and friends. And she also enjoys playing water sports with her children when the weather is good. She loves hiking in Lantau Island and says there are so many different trails that you can explore.

    Favorite Things 

    She enjoys trying new cooking recipes with colleagues in LGH and make it into a class for their little geniuses. She loves the book, The Road Less Traveled. as when she is lost or confused, it reminds her what is truly valuable.

  • Rosalind Bei

    Founder Of Parachute

    About Rosalind

    Originally from Toronto, Canada, Rosalind founded Parachute after the birth of her first child. She had a hard time hiring postnatal help, namely Chinese confinement nannies. So she decided to leverage her previous tech experience and build her own platform that connects expecting and new parents with postnatal professionals. Her mission is to make postnatal assistance more accessible and transparent than ever, so those anxiety-ridden, sleep-deprived early parenting days can be filled with more cuddles, confidence and peace.

    Top Tips For A Work-Life Balance

    • Don't be afraid to ask for help!
    • Set clear boundaries and say no
    • Prioritize yourself and remember that you have to be happy in order to be a good parent and leader

    Favorite Outing With The Kids In Hong Kong

    Early Sunday morning in M+ then getting ice cream in West Kowloon Art Park.
  • little steps moms who rock

    Alia Eyres

    CEO Of Mother's Choice

    About Alia

    Alia was born and raised in Hong Kong. She grew up volunteering at Mother’s Choice, a local charity co-founded by her parents. In 2012, Alia left behind her corporate law career to become CEO of the charity that serves the many babies and children without families and pregnant teenagers in the city. Alia is passionate about children and family – she and her husband have seven children, six boys and one girl!

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    “Protect how you start and end your day. I start my day with uplifting music only (NO news or work emails!), breakfast with my children, a workout in the gym, and then prayer/journaling time at a coffee shop. I end my day with a hot bath and take time to speak out loud what I am thankful for. No matter what difficult news I receive or challenges I have to face during the day, if I can start and end well, it enables me to get better rest.”

    Favorite thing to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    “My favorite thing to do with my kids is swim, play and BBQ at our local Chung Hom Kok Beach. Then when we come home, we play music loudly and do silly dances in the living room. Those are the best days!”

  • little steps moms who rock

    Dervla Louli Musgrave

    Founder Of

    About Dervla

    Dervla Louli Musgrave is the founder of described by Forbes as the bible of the best fitness and wellness retreats the world over. Originally from Ireland and Egypt, the mum of one grew up in Saudi Arabia and has lived in Hong Kong since 2012. She has worked for multiple publications as an editor and currently contributes to Vogue.

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    "A healthy mind and body are my top two priorities so I make sure I exercise, eat well, and keep my cortisol levels low as much as possible. I follow an 80/20 general guideline towards wellness and don’t like strict rules around anything. My work is naturally incorporated into my lifestyle which is why I love what I do."

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "I love going outdoors in Hong Kong with my son. You can often find us walking around the Peak, playing at the beach and saying hello to the birds at the Botanical Garden. His new favorite place is Bimbo Concept Playroom at Pacific Place Apartments. A genius concept created by Upper House GM Kristina and Bimbo Concepts founder Elaine. Two mums who know what kids (and moms) love."

  • little steps moms who rock

    Neelam Daswani

    Founder Of purebuzz & Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Neelam Pure Health

    About Neelam

    Neelam has been running the successful boutique PR firm, purebuzz, for over 18 years. Neelam is an IIN certified Health Coach and has worked with over 120 clients on their bio-individual needs to successfully reach their health goals.  She is also a mom to a teenage son, Tahir.

    Top Tip For A Healthy Work-Life Balance

    “I am very conscious about not overscheduling my week as I find it very difficult to take time out and get anything done when I do. I try to not be out 2 nights in a row and limit dinners to 2-3 times per week. I also take a mid-afternoon break, where I switch everything off to meditate or take a power nap. It makes me a happier, nicer mom, and I am definitely more focused and productive. Self-care is my number one tip – I have no guilt when it comes to putting myself first!”

    Favorite Things To Do With The Kids

    “My son is the love of my life and my favorite travel companion! We LOVE traveling together, exploring sites and cities, whilst eating our way all over the world. More recently, we spend Sundays hiking and getting lost, then grabbing brunch. We also love playing Rummington and of course, he loves it when there’s money involved and he makes a cash load. His favorite thing to do is to put me to bed, as I tend to retire or at least get in bed earlier than him. It gives him great pleasure to hug and tuck me in.”

  • Sarah Keates moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Sarah Keates

    Founder of White Orchid Insights And Mom To Two Kids

    About Sarah

    Sarah was born and raised in the UK and lived in Hong Kong 2012-2022. She now split her time between the UK and Hong Kong. She founded and runs a communications and PR agency, WOI – they started as specialists for the private jet sector and became industry agnostic in 2019. They now serve clients across 15 different industries. Her brand changes fairly regularly as she learns and grows. At the basis of the business (and her life) is a commitment to radical honesty, respect, resilience, and grit.

    Tips To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

    "Be all in or all out on whatever you do. This creates richer experiences and stronger results. It also avoids wasting precious time. So, when working, give it your all. When playing, resting, or investing time in important people and experiences – do the same. High-contrast living is what works for me."

    Favorite Things To Do In Hong Kong With The Kids

    "Simple things – beach days, pool days, foot massages, kayaking to secret beaches, BBQs, and eating all the noodles, dumplings and sushi."

  • Little steps moms who rock

    Nicole Denholder

    Founder Of Next Chapter Raise And Sophia, And Mom To Two Children

    About Nicole

    Her focus and passion is working with women and their money through her businesses Next Chapter Raise and Sophia. She assists women and companies on how women can use external capital to grow their business faster or acquire financial education to increase their personal wealth.

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    "Firstly, I think balance can constantly change depending on our family needs or business goals. So it's important to define what balance means to you right now and in the immediate future, then try to focus on achieving that. Secondly, I try to give full attention to what I am doing whether that is working, with my family or with friends as this helps me ensure I give the best of myself in the moment."

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "We recently got a Goldendoodle, Izzy, which the whole family has fallen in love with.  So our current favorite activity is walking the dog together and exploring new areas of Hong Kong."

  • little steps moms who rock

    Claire Yates

    Founder of The Lion Rock Press And Mom To Two
    About Claire

    A Eurasian mother of two, Claire started The Lion Rock Press in 2013, specializing in Hong Kong-themed gifts and stationery. She also co-founded NGO EcoDrive Hong Kong, which raises awareness of single-use plastic. Be sure to check out her anti-single-use plastic song in collaboration with Baby Shark, and follow their Enough Plastic campaign which launched this month!

    Top Tip For A Healthy Work-Life Balance

    “Now they’re a bit older, I share much more of the business with the kids. They are consulted on new products and I talk to them about some of the commercial challenges and triumphs we encounter. They love to visit our Sheung Wan showroom and often come up with their own ideas. It’s fun for them to see how a real business works, and the effort it takes for it to be a success. As a result, they understand when I’m required to put in that extra effort, and are rooting for me. Knowing I have their support motivates me, and I’m conscious of making the time we have together count. We love playing cards every evening! Balance is not achieved daily, but we recognize it takes continuous effort from all of us.”

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "Our favorite things to do are always in nature. We love to camp on the beach and listen to the ocean (beach clean-up included) our fave is Millionaire’s Beach with lunch at Yau Ley the next day. We love to hike as remotely as possible and hunt for bugs and upload our finds to the iNaturalist app (@teamyateshk) so that we’re adding to the national database.”

  • hong kong moms who rock

    Barbie Szeman

    Founder Of Little Nature Wanderlust
    About Barbie

    Barbie is the founder of Little Nature Wanderlust and is also a mother to a 2.5-year-old boy. After her son was born, she decided to shift her focus toward parenting and decided not to return to work. When the pandemic hit, she saw many children and parents struggling with learning and socialization. She also wanted to share her professional experience and knowledge on how she supports her child with other parents. She aimed to build a community where parents could share their ups and downs and support one another, leading her to start her playgroup in October of 2020. The goal is to offer a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, explore and have fun while providing parents with the support they need to navigate the challenges of raising a child.

    Top Tip For A Healthy Work-Life Balance

    "Set priorities and boundaries."

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    She loves to check out public playgrounds in different areas in her free time.

  • Linda Morrison

    Founder Of MiliMilu
    About Linda

    Linda, a founder of MiliMilu, is a mom of two and was born and raised in Latvia with a close connection to nature. By establishing MiliMilu she brings together both family and Mother Nature. MiliMilu was inspired by Linda's kids to raise awareness about eco-friendly living and wearing gentle, sustainable and organic fabrics (the best for kids with sensitive skin). Also, her love for Mini Me styles.

    Tips To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

    "The top tip is prioritizing what is important and your time management, saying that I still have some very late nights, but it gives me the flexibility to manage my time. I enjoy being an involved and active parent in my kids' lives with school pick-ups/drop-offs and taking kids to sports activities as they do grow up so quickly."

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "We love being out and about. When it is cooler, we go for hikes and camping and in summer love heading to beaches like Pui O or Sai Kung. Now that travel is once again possible, I would love to show her kids the world and explore new surroundings and cultures."

  • Jen Cooper

    Founder Of Little

    About Jen

    Jen is a British-born mum to a 2-year-old girl. She’s an educator with over a decade’s experience, and in 2022 she opened Little baby and toddler classes with a strong focus on motor development. Her sessions are carefully designed for babies and children in 6 different age groups from birth to 4 years. Incorporating yoga, nurturing touch, stories, baby sign language songs and sensory play experiences, the classes are an engaging and enjoyable way to introduce babies and young children to the joy of movement. She is quickly growing a following amongst the new moms of Hong Kong, who like her approachable, friendly manner and creative classes.

    Tips To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

    “I’m always working on improving my work-life balance. It’s a struggle for every working Mom, and especially for those who have their own business! I have a set schedule that I try to stick to each week – it’s designed to leave time and space to take my daughter to swimming lessons, enjoy some playdates and coffees with other moms and spend all important family time together on Sundays. I am learning that I need to leave my phone at home to stay in the moment when I’m with my family.”

    Favorite Things To Do In Hong Kong With The Kids

    “We’re so fortunate in Hong Kong to have a wealth of fabulous play spaces for our children. We’re lucky enough to live close to Victoria Park and find ourselves there daily! My girl enjoys making new friends there, enjoying the grassy areas and the pleasures of nature. When it’s too hot or rainy to be outside, we love going to indoor playrooms such as the one at Hong Kong central library or Baumhaus.”

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    Pooja Daryanani

    Founder Of Belachica

    About Pooja

    Pooja is the founder and director of Belachica by Adkidz. She hadn’t set out to start a business and then the idea came to her when she had been searching for a special gift for her daughter’s 8th birthday. She wanted to get her something fun and colorful that expressed her unique, sassy personality, something age-appropriate and of good quality. Finding something like that in Hong Kong which was also affordable proved difficult. Thus, the idea for Belachica was born. The brand caters to young tween girls who want to embrace their sassiness!

    Tips To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

    "My daily routine is pretty simple. Once the kids leave for school, I sit down and meditate followed by yoga. I also try to meet my sister and/or some close friends for lunch a few times a week. If the weather is pleasant, an evening stroll is a must! My day is never complete without my fix of watching some Modern Family with the family before bed."

    Favorite Things To Do In Hong Kong With The Kids
    "The weekends are always busy since we have a lot of family here. We love exploring new restaurants and catching up, especially the kids with their cousins and grandparents. When the weather is a bit cooler, we love hiking with the family - our favorite trails are Lion’s Rock and Dragon’s Back. During COVID we discovered the TKO promenade. We love walking there or renting bikes to ride."

  • little steps moms who rock

    Mansi Shah-Kothari

    Founder Of Kolligraphy

    About Mansi

    After starting her career in the corporate world, and then co-founding and running an event styling and planning company 4 years ago, Mansi decided to take a break and become a full-time mom to her two kids. That was when she re-discovered her passion for art, particularly calligraphy and engraving, from which Kolligraphy was born, now a luxury calligraphy and hand engraving studio. She provides services for large corporate companies and individual personal orders. When she's not in the studio, you can find her baking cookies or exploring Hong Kong with her husband and kids.

    Top tip for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

    "I've always struggled with switching off, but moving into a separate studio space has really helped, as most of my work requires me to be physically in the studio. With the exception of the peak holiday season, I make it a point to avoid working on the weekend so that we can maximize time with the kids and as a family. I find that an active day away from work and emails always helps, and I can start the next week re-charged."

    Favorite Things To Do With The Kids

    "Covid forced us to explore more of Hong Kong, making us fall in love with the city and what it offers. We love being outdoors and trying new adventures with the kids - whether that's hiking, snorkeling, kayaking or just hanging out at the beach, waterfront or club. We're so thankful that our kids love the water and outdoors as much as we do!"

  • Ayelen Alcover

    Owner Of Ayelen Alcover Photography

    About Ayelen

    Ayelen is an Argentinian photographer and has been living in Hong Kong for the last 12 years. She is a mom of three and photography became her passion almost eight years ago and she founded Ayelen Alcover Photography. She specializes in capturing love in a relaxing, stress-free, and calm environment, giving as a result candid and artistic images that her clients love.

    Top tip for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

    "To be honest, I don't really believe this balance exists; some weeks you can enjoy more personal and family time while others, you will need to focus more on work! That being said, top tips for a kind of balance are: set the right expectations, go with the flow when unexpected things happen, and try to be set on the days you will devote to work and days for family/personal time."

    Favorite Things To Do With The Kids

    "Being outdoors with the kids, connecting with nature, going to the beach, exploring new hikes and parks or simply wandering around new neighborhoods are our favorite activities as a family."

  • hong kong moms who rock

    Stephanie Cuvelier

    Founder Of Calibrate Studios

    About Stephanie

    Born and raised in Hong Kong, Stephanie was brought up between two cultures with a Belgian father and Hong Kong Chinese mother. She founded Calibrate Studios, a boutique personal training studio that aims to provide guidance, support and education on the importance of exercise and nutrition for sustainable lifestyle change. She believes that health is wealth, and that leading by example is key. Stephanie is currently an HSBC Wellness Ambassador, as well as a Lululemon Ambassador. Steph is a former professional rugby sevens athlete and also a former national representative for Hong Kong netball.

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    "The first thing is to carve out time for yourself and make sure to prioritize it in your calendar! The endless to-do list will always be there - I find that I have to schedule some quiet/solo time for myself is essential! Otherwise maintain a healthy diet, exercise, move often, and always be realistic. Set yourself realistic targets but also allow for flexibility, as things don't always go to plan!"

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "Going for waterfront strolls, hiking up to the various peaks of Hong Kong are favorites. As a family, we lead a very active lifestyle, and do everything together, go to the gym, walk, swim, and eat whole foods! Hong Kong is a beautiful city with a variety of activities to do - beaches, mountains, city life... the list is endless. You just have to venture out and explore."

  • little steps moms who rock

    Ina Lau

    Founder Of Belly & Bloom

    About Ina

    Ina was born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She lives in Sai Kung, her early childhood neighborhood, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, chilling on the beach, and being in nature with friends! She first started her career in the beauty & health industry in 2000 and always enjoyed helping women to feel good about themselves. In 2018, Ina traveled to Bali for a traditional Jamu Postnatal treatment training course. Belly & Bloom® was created a few months later. Her business involves helping postpartum women reshape their waistlines and is holistic healing for them to connect body, mind, and soul, to take a deep breath and relax.

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    "I love taking a power nap in the afternoon to refresh my mind and to recharge. I work flexible hours, usually schedule all postnatal treatments before 3pm, and work on my computer after a nap. To achieve a more balanced & active lifestyle, I like to do Yoga, hiking, swimming, and exploring different hidden islands in Hong Kong."

    Favorite thing to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "Explore its natural playground! I like to spend time in nature with my kids, my favorite place is Hoi Ha Wan, a protected area in Sai Kung, just a 30-min ride from Sai Kung Town. It is best for snorkeling & Kayaking! There's a large variety of marine life with various fish, starfish, sea cucumbers, coral & more!"

  • little steps moms who rock

    Hema Mirpuri

    Founder Of The Yoga Room
    About Hema
    Hema founded The Yoga Room, a community-centered boutique studio in Sheung Wan offering a wide range of yoga classes and teacher training. She noticed a gap in the market for smaller, more intimate yoga studios in 2008 and decided to create The Yoga Room. Starting with one studio- they offer a cozy and positive environment for teachers and students. They now have grown to 4 studios, offering 100 classes per week.
    Top tips for a work-life balance

    "I recommend staying organized to create free time; using a physical day planner and to-do lists allows me to delegate time to my personal life and create more effective work days. I would prioritize using this time effectively, recharging my batteries with hobbies and activities such as exercise, reading a book or spending time with family and friends."

    Favorite thing to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "Sai Kung is always a favorite day trip for the whole family - escaping from city life to enjoy the range of scenery Hong Kong has to offer. Starting with a delicious brunch at Little Cove in Sai Kung Town - we head to Ham Tin Beach either by a thrilling speedboat ride or a coastal road hike. There, the kids love spending the day at the beach; definitely a summer favorite!"

  • Lina Treece

    Founder Of Luscious Picnics

    About Lina

    Her belief and the motto of Luscious Picnics is that there is always a reason to celebrate. Her passion is to bring people together and create beautiful memories in a gorgeous outdoor setting.  Luscious Picnics has allowed her to turn her passion into a business.

    Top tips for a work-life balance

      • Enjoy what you do
      • Know your value
      • Practice self-care
      •  Have fun!

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "We are definitely a beach family! If we are not setting up a beach party, we are enjoying our beautiful beaches with our girls on our days off!"

  • little steps moms who rock

    Alexa Bui

    Fitness Instructor & F&B Marketing Manager
    About Alexa
    "I’m a jack of all trades! I teach fitness (Lagree & pilates) on top of working as a marketing manager for an f&b company. I was a makeup artist for 16 years and recently put my kit away."
    Top tips for a work-life balance
    "Know your limits. You can’t be a great mom if you don’t feel well and if your cup isn’t full. Make sure you have a full cup so have you have something to give."
    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids
    "My kids are 8 and 11 this year so they’re still into all the theme parks (luckily, we have so many!) and my daughter is really into roller skating now (her birthday is at the rink!). My son always complains that it’s hot but he loves nature so the hiking trails are a great way for us to spend time together. There are so many places to explore and things to try in Hong Kong!"
  • little steps moms who rock

    Arti Mirchandani

    Co-Owner Of Bookazine & Founder Of Partytime

    About Arti

    A true Hong Konger, Arti was born and lived here most of her life. She studied Fine Art in Melbourne, and after returning from university in 2002, she joined the family business, Bookazine. She’s been running it with her sister, Shonee and mom, Nisha since 2003 when her dad passed away. It was always her dad's vision to make Bookazine a community store and a place for the whole family to enjoy and Arti was instrumental in making this one of the company's core values. When Arti became a mom, she really increased the product offering into the stores adding educational toys and gifts. She says, “my daughter was very “on-trend” so I had an insight on what to buy and sell”. In 2015, she opened Partytime, after she struggled with organizing her daughter’s Birthday party while working full-time and being a single mum.

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    "Get your daily dose of “Me” time. For me, this usually consists of a spin or boxing class in the morning to start the day off energized. Or a run or yoga after work to destress. I love being in nature, so my Saturdays are usually spent hiking with a friend but more recently, I’ve been attending a painting class that has been really therapeutic."

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "I have a 14-year-old daughter who usually doesn’t want to do anything with me unless she “needs” to buy a new wardrobe or half of Sephora. We do have a Thursday ritual, though, where we have a late lunch after school at Pici in Causeway Bay on our way to her Maths class, and it’s one of the rare occasions she talks and shares with me!"  

  • Shea Stanley - Founder Of Little Steps Asia

    Shea Stanley

    Founder Of Little Steps Aisa

    About Shea

    As a new mom in Hong Kong, Shea longed for a resource offering fun, insider tips for parents in Asia. In 2011, she founded Little Steps Asia, the leading website and weekly e-newsletter dedicated to delivering the inside scoop to parents on what to do, buy, and discover in Asia and beyond. Shea lives in Clearwater Bay with her two children (ages 11 and 13). She enjoys an active lifestyle full of hiking, paddle boarding, yoga, and of course exploring the best of Hong Kong (and traveling too!). She also loves learning new skills for work, life, and parenting.

    Top Tips For A Work-Life Balance

    "Sleep - it is totally underrated and the key to my balance. I also have a morning ritual (which is mostly routine) that always jump-starts my day just right - exercise, coffee, and me-time. Little Steps operates on a flexible schedule which allows for a balance of work/home life as we make our own schedule around what makes us the most productive given all the wild life demands. Every day is different!"

    Favorite Things To Do With The Kids

    "We are always exploring Hong Kong! One of my favorite places is Cheung Chau Island.  We did a sleepover birthday party there recently with pizza on the beach.  It was perfect!  I also enjoyed finally running Hong Kong's Mini Great Wall.  For dining, we are regulars at the alfresco restaurants in TKO and I am personally loving the new Lohas Park Bridge Loop for biking or running."

  • moms who rock hong kong

    Lucy Jackson

    Co-Founder Of Lightfoot Travel

    About Lucy

    Lucy is the co-founder of Lightfoot Travel and they plan tailor-made holidays around the world.  Everything they do is completely bespoke, depending on their discerning guests' requirements - from family-friendly villas in Asia, African safaris and adventures around Latin America. Lucy has lived and worked in Asia for over a decade and has recently returned from a few years living in Bali, where her family of 3 young boys (aged 6, 4 and 2) had fun exploring the islands of Indonesia while fuelling her photographer husband's creativity and her belief in sustainable living."

    Top tips for a work-life balance

    • "HELP - Be happy to take all offers of help whether with childcare or in the house. I couldn’t survive without some key individual’s support and care. Sanity saving too!
    • ORGANISATION - I’m planning within an inch of my life which is a survival mechanism with 3 children, however, I do try and take those unplanned moments in my stride, something I’ve definitely learnt from Covid times!
    • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE - This might be your partner but also for me is the Lightfoot team who have always been my solace when the balance has been uneven - I feel extremely lucky to work with incredibly kind souls."

    Favorite things to do in Hong Kong with the kids

    "Getting into nature amongst the trails and exploring the lesser-known islands of Hong Kong. Such beauty lies amongst the cityscape."

  • Leith Stewart

    Clinical Director at Young Folk Therapy And Mom to Isla

    About Leith

    Leith is an Australian who has called Hong Kong home for the last 14 years. She lives in Happy Valley with her husband and daughter. In 2019, Leith opened Young Folk Therapy, a children's therapy center in Mong Kok, offering counseling and occupational and speech therapy services. She believes 'you can't be what you can't see' and wants to show her daughter that owning a company is incredibly hard work; women can now work and be the boss.

    Favorite Outings

    The Stewart family has an active lifestyle and loves walking or scooting along the harbor from Happy Valley to Kennedy Town to be rewarded with a delicious breakfast at Catch. Isla is sports-crazy and plays netball every Saturday for the Hong Kong Cricket Club. Junk trips are high on their agenda for days filled with sun, sea, and fresh air while appreciating the beauty of Hong Kong.

    Travel Dreams

    Leith would do [almost] anything to swim along the Gold Coast in Queensland. She grew up on the beach and can’t wait to spend time on the coast when they head home. Leith finds the seaside joyful and calming, she tries to replicate her childhood for her daughter, and that includes lashings of ice cream and barbeques the Aussie way.

  • Vicki Chuard

    Founder Of Just Peachy And Mom To Two Kids

    About Vicki

    Vicki is passionate about enabling parents to make more natural and sustainable choices for themselves and their little ones. For the best part of a decade, Vicki has been part of the growing trend of reusable diapers. Her brand, Just Peachy, makes cloth diapering easier to adopt for beginners. Summer 2022 will see the launch of gorgeous, eco-friendly kid's undergarments, a slow fashion alternative for sustainably-minded families.

    Favorite Outings

    Vicki and her family love the great outdoors. You'll find her and the kids happily feeding animals, picking strawberries at the Tai Tong Eco Park, and enjoying ferry rides to South Lantau Beach to enjoy the wild buffaloes, sun, sand, clear water, and yummy food. As a family, they love to get out and about on the traditional junks; as the kids get older, they are obsessed with banana rides and other water sports.

    Travel Dreams

    The Chuard family loves Hawaii, the perfect blend of American and Asian life, the year-round surf, magical whale sightings, divine coffee, and delicious food. Closer-haul, they happily enjoy Thailand for its gorgeous beaches and fantastic cuisine. They also love to ski in the French Alps.

  • Faye Lio moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Faye Liu

    Founder And Fashion Director Of The Clique Limited, Mom To Two Boys

    About Faye

    Faye is the founder of The Clique, a boutique brand management, consulting, and public relations company that embraces fashion by providing direction, styling, brand image, PR, and marketing for optimal communication. Faye is the fashion director for Rinaldy Yunardi, Monica Ivena, and Maison Met, three prominent names on the Indonesian fashion scene. She's also collaborated with celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Sammi Cheng, and Taylor Swift.

    Favorite Outings

    Faye and her kids are self-confessed foodies and love to try different foods from Korea and Japan and love nothing more than traditional Cantonese dim sum. The boys love the Peak tram, so they spend a lot of time hiking there.

    Travel Dreams

    Faye loves to travel throughout Asia; she feels that it is safer and cleaner. They've already visited Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, and Taiwan.

  • Ada Chan moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Adah Chan

    Founder Of Baea And Mom To Three Boys

    About Adah Chan

    Adah Chan is the founder of nature-inspired bedding brand Baea. Adah believes in bringing the natural world into homes through contemporary design. She uses the finest natural materials and continually seeks better processes to minimize Baea's environmental impact. Adah understands that a huge part of sustainability is making things that last. She works with expert communities worldwide, prioritizing the quality born from the traditions and skills of excellent artisanship. Her eco-driven priorities inspire her children, and she manages to keep them active and immersed in nature.

    Favorite Outings

    Adah and her family live in Repulse Bay. It’s where they love to explore the trails like Twin Peaks, Violet Hill, and Tai Tam, which surround them. The boys have named their favorite rocky beach 'Crabby Beach,' where they love to search for sea creatures. The family tends to head to Lantau at weekends, get lost in nature, explore the fauna, marine life, and tropical insects, and spend days in Pui O and Cheung Sha.

    Travel Dreams

    The family home is in Canada. Situated on the family farm, the children make maple syrup in the spring, harvest vegetables from the garden throughout the summer, and spend evenings fishing on the dock. Their favorite family holiday is to Algonquin Park, where they spend a week in a canoe and camping amongst the lakes and rivers.

  • Hema Aswani moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Hema Aswani

    Founder Of The Yoga Room And Mom To Two Kids

    About Hema

    The Yoga Room is an extension of Hema; she's been passionate about health and well-being since a young age. She's the studio's founder, a yoga teacher, and a nutritionist. Hema enjoys all aspects of health and wellness, from eating well to hiking and reading to spending time with friends and family. She believes that a health journey starts with 'you,' it requires nurture and drives to sustain habits and hobbies throughout a lifetime.

    Favorite Outings

    Hema and her kids thrive in nature. Each month, they discover new hiking trails; it's one of their favorite ways to experience Hong Kong and be outside. They kayak around Stanley and visit rockpools in Sai Kung. They often frequent the ice skating rink at Elements and the newly opened roller skating rink in Quarry Bay.

    Travel Dreams

    The family's favorite travel destination is the Marriott Vacation Club. After 12 years of visits, it's become a home-away-from-home destination. They embrace the tropical paradise, rest and recharge, walk the beach and explore the art trails in Phuket Old Town. They are always perfectly cared for by the welcoming staff.

  • Yue Ling Chiu moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Yue Ling Chiu

    Founder and Director of Party Boutique Limited And Mom To Two

    About Yue Ling

    Yue Ling founded Party Boutique from her love of creating stylish and personalized parties that celebrate special moments. Party Boutique is an online party supply shop that stocks everything from eco-friendly table designs to balloon displays, décor, favors, and gifts. The cleverly laid our website guides party planners through events for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays and themes such as under-the-sea and ever-popular dinosaurs. Yue Ling loves to see the joy on the recipient's faces when they celebrate an occasion.

    Favorite Outings

    The Chiu family loves to explore and seek new adventures with the kids. Since the pandemic, they've explored the city and experienced all sorts of new things to do. The family can be seen cycling on the Tai Po bike trail in Science Park and occasionally resting at Tolo Harbour. Yue Ling embraces long, steep hikes to keep the family fit; they frequently walk from Ap Lei Chau to Ap Lei Pai over Mount Johnston.

    Travel Dreams

    Just before the pandemic, The Chiu’s visited Copenhagen, the historic and bustling capital of Denmark. They want to go back and visit the world's first Legoland, which opened in 1968 in Billund. The kids enjoyed Tivoli Garden and the Science Museum while the parents absorbed the country's history by exploring castles.


  • Brenda Wilson moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Brenda Wilson

    Owner Of Swoon Soirees And Mom To One

    About Brenda

    Brenda has lived in Hong Kong for 17 years. After a decade, she founded Swoon Soirees, an online store that ensures every celebratory tea, dinner, or event is super-stylish. Brenda has a self-confessed obsession with pretty paper goods. She endlessly trawls the internet for the latest trends finding unique goods and working with women-owned studios. She volunteers at the Booster Club Spirit Committee for an international school, leads an enthusiast group of Girl Scouts, and plays tennis in her spare time.

    Favorite Outings

    Brenda enjoys hiking with her daughter; they love the exercise and amazing views that refresh their souls. Most roads lead back to art. Brenda and her daughter never tire of wandering the narrow streets of Hong Kong in search of hidden art, haberdashery, or stationery shops that are filled with things they didn't know they needed.

    Travel Dreams

    Brenda is originally from California, and they can’t wait to go back to reconnect with their family, relish the amazing weather and appreciate the casual coastal vibe. They are also looking forward to being tourists in Asia again.

  • Utah Lee moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Utah Lee

    Nike Fitness Trainer And Mom To Two

    About Utah

    Utah has promoted Nike health and fitness for over two decades with her signature fun and high-energy fitness classes. Her background is in fashion and jewelry design. Her keen eye has landed her various creative projects where she has directed and produced exciting brand campaigns. She is endlessly passionate about bringing awareness back to the earth by reducing, reusing, recycling, and restyling. When she’s not working, she loves to spend time with her family and dogs and does regular beach clean-ups with them in tow. Utah embraces life, having fun, and helping various charitable organizations spread love and kindness.

    Favorite Outings

    Utah loves anything outdoorsy and needs no excuse to hike Hong Kong's hills, walk the beautiful beaches, and take part in clean-up days. As long as she's with her family and dogs, she's happy.

    Travel Dreams

    Although it's close to home, Penfold Park is a firm favorite with the family. The animal-friendly park is perfect for lazy days with the kids and the dogs, Yogi and K-Pop.

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