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Moms don’t often get the recognition that they deserve. To celebrate Mother’s Day, Little Steps Asia has spoken to a few of the extraordinary moms in Hong Kong and asked them to share some personal insights about their lives, things they love to do, and places they love to travel. Little Steps loves moms who inspire. Read on to discover why!

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  • Ada Chan moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Adah Chan

    Founder Of Baea And Mom To Three Boys

    About Adah Chan

    Adah Chan is the founder of nature-inspired bedding brand Baea. Adah believes in bringing the natural world into homes through contemporary design. She uses the finest natural materials and continually seeks better processes to minimize Baea's environmental impact. Adah understands that a huge part of sustainability is making things that last. She works with expert communities worldwide, prioritizing the quality born from the traditions and skills of excellent artisanship. Her eco-driven priorities inspire her children, and she manages to keep them active and immersed in nature.

    Favorite Outings

    Adah and her family live in Repulse Bay. It’s where they love to explore the trails like Twin Peaks, Violet Hill, and Tai Tam, which surround them. The boys have named their favorite rocky beach 'Crabby Beach,' where they love to search for sea creatures. The family tends to head to Lantau at weekends, get lost in nature, explore the fauna, marine life, and tropical insects, and spend days in Pui O and Cheung Sha.

    Travel Dreams

    The family home is in Canada. Situated on the family farm, the children make maple syrup in the spring, harvest vegetables from the garden throughout the summer, and spend evenings fishing on the dock. Their favorite family holiday is to Algonquin Park, where they spend a week in a canoe and camping amongst the lakes and rivers.

  • Charlotte Chang moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Charlotte Chang

    Founder And Teacher Of Ms. Charlotte Academy And Mom To Tillie

    About Charlotte

    Charlotte has always been passionate about teaching and learning foreign languages. Three years ago, she founded Ms. Charlotte Academy, a language academy and online teaching platform. She encourages her students to understand how English works by analyzing its structure with her simple linguistics concepts. Charlotte’s lightbulb moments allow students to start a life-long journey to perfect their English. Outside of the academy, Charlotte is a formidable swimmer and Olympic weight-lifter.

    Favorite Outings

    Charlotte loves to swim with her daughter, so one of their favorite outings is to the pool. She loves to see changes in Tillie as she improves her swimming techniques. They also love to go playground hunting across Hong Kong. Tillie has been a fearless climber since before she could walk!

    Travel Dreams

    Houston is one of their favorite places to visit. They have just returned from their first trip abroad to visit grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. They explored the rodeo, made many road trips, and picnicked in roadside fields of pretty Texan bluebonnet flowers. They checked out a few pools too.

  • Faye Lio moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Faye Liu

    Founder And Fashion Director Of The Clique Limited, Mom To Two Boys

    About Faye

    Faye is the founder of The Clique, a boutique brand management, consulting, and public relations company that embraces fashion by providing direction, styling, brand image, PR, and marketing for optimal communication. Faye is the fashion director for Rinaldy Yunardi, Monica Ivena, and Maison Met, three prominent names on the Indonesian fashion scene. She's also collaborated with celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Sammi Cheng, and Taylor Swift.

    Favorite Outings

    Faye and her kids are self-confessed foodies and love to try different foods from Korea and Japan and love nothing more than traditional Cantonese dim sum. The boys love the Peak tram, so they spend a lot of time hiking there.

    Travel Dreams

    Faye loves to travel throughout Asia; she feels that it is safer and cleaner. They've already visited Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, and Taiwan.

  • Molly Leis Cornelius Moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Molly Leis Cornelius

    Founder Of Pathfolk And Mom To Gray

    About Molly

    Molly is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist and catalyst for change. She is the founder of Pathfolk, a wellness-centred organization that helps employees find clarity and purpose. With a foundation in yoga philosophy, Molly develops and facilitates well-being workshops that empower a corporate culture where everyone thrives. She customizes employee well-being workshops, speaking engagements and corporate retreats to the unique needs of every organization. Her signature Alignment Program is a transformational experience that aligns personal and professional values, vision and ambition for long-term success.

    Favorite Outings

    Molly and her family live in the mountains of Sai Kung. They spend their weekends cycling around Hong Kong’s outer islands, at the Tseung Kwan O Skatepark or in the pursuit of Hong Kong’s best dim sum.

    Travel Dreams

    Home for Molly is where her son’s heart is. A tiny beachfront town with multi-generational Jewish and Italian communities outside New York City and Philadelphia in the States. Bunny rabbits hop around at dawn, turtles cross the road daily, and life is about bicycles, beach, bagels and the best soft-serve ice-cream sundaes. A special place for Molly’s family in Asia is Bali. When Molly’s son Gray was just six weeks old, they took a belated babymoon to the Island of the Gods, where Gray received his first passport stamp. Since then, they’ve spent countless months enjoying the culture, food, and surfing. However, trips to Hong Kong’s outer islands

  • Diana David moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Diana David

    Founder Of Future Proof Lab And Mom To Three Kids

    About Diana

    Diana is the founder of Future Proof Lab, a work futurist, and best-selling author of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration. The book explains how to adopt more agile mindsets and practices to prepare for success in a fast-changing world across a 100-year life. Her Future Proof course helps individuals find ways to monetize their passion and form a lasting legacy with a tribe of other ambitious, forward-thinking people to support them. She’s appeared on TEDx and in The Oprah Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and TimeOut.

    Favorite Outings

    Diana’s kids love food and nothing more than Yakiniku, where they can all cook together. They've managed to get creative during the pandemic. You can find them building forts, playing ping pong or mahjong, or watching their favorite movies. They love to get out and about and recently went quad biking in Sheung Shui.

    Travel Dreams

    The David family loves Whidbey Island in Washington. They rent a house on the water, enjoy the boathouse full of old canoes, and curl up together for languid evenings around the firepit. They fish for fresh crab and have big family-style dinners together. Down the road is a local drive-through and go-karting center that they often frequent.

  • Neelam Daswani moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Neelam Daswani

    Founder Of Purebuzz, A Certified Health Coach And Mom To Tahir

    About Neelam

    Neelam is a multi-tasker. She juggles her commitments between Purebuzz, her boutique public relations and marketing agency, being a certified health coach at Neelam Pure Health, and being a mom. Neelam has been running her successful agency Purebuzz for the last 16 years. She provides small companies with the same high-end public relations and marketing activities that large corporations enjoy. Neelam bursts with refreshing ideas and ensures maximum publicity and measurable results. Recently, she has been certified by the Integrated Institute of Nutrition and works with her clients to reach their best health goals. She works closely with Central Health Medical Practice and Mindish, a mental health studio.

    Favorite Outings

    Neelam's son Tahir, now 15, is her favorite travel companion. They have a unique bond and love traveling together, exploring new sites, and eating their way around the world. They spend their Sundays hiking and getting lost, investigating rock pools, and chasing waterfalls. They are both foodies and relish finding new recipes so that they can cook together. Tahir is on a health kick, so mom enjoys helping him.

    Travel Dreams

    Neelam was born in Japan and likes to take Tahir to see friends and family. Mom and son are obsessed with Japanese food and are constantly hunting for the best ramen, karage, and kaiten sushi hangouts. They thrive in nature and appreciate the changing seasons, the hot springs in the winter, cherry blossoms in the spring, and hiking through vibrant forests in the autumn.

  • Sarah Keates moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Sarah Keates

    Founder of White Orchid Insights And Mom To Two Kids

    About Sarah

    Sarah is a formidable single mom from the United Kingdom who has lived in Hong Kong for a decade. Her fascinating and beautiful kids keep her grounded and focused. She runs the White Orchid Insights (WOI) public relations agency, which keeps her busy, motivated, and challenged. She enjoys her process of personal and professional growth, development, and learning. For fun, she reads, runs, and eagerly chases new experiences; she tries not to take life too seriously and strives to bring joy to the people she meets.

    Favorite Outings

    They love exploring hidden spots in their kayaks or hiking the mountains with their dog Mia. The kids love shopping, massages, and sushi, which is just as well because they are also some of Sarah's favorite things.

    Travel Dreams

    Sarah and the kids already love Bali and Thailand, but they love to explore new places. They all have a strong sense of wanderlust and are keen to travel again now that the world is opening up.

  • Vicki Chuard moms that rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Vicki Chuard

    Founder Of Just Peachy And Mom To Two Kids

    About Vicki

    Vicki is passionate about enabling parents to make more natural and sustainable choices for themselves and their little ones. For the best part of a decade, Vicki has been part of the growing trend of reusable diapers. Her brand, Just Peachy, makes cloth diapering easier to adopt for beginners. Summer 2022 will see the launch of gorgeous, eco-friendly kid's undergarments, a slow fashion alternative for sustainably-minded families.

    Favorite Outings

    Vicki and her family love the great outdoors. You'll find her and the kids happily feeding animals, picking strawberries at the Tai Tong Eco Park, and enjoying ferry rides to South Lantau Beach to enjoy the wild buffaloes, sun, sand, clear water, and yummy food. As a family, they love to get out and about on the traditional junks; as the kids get older, they are obsessed with banana rides and other water sports.

    Travel Dreams

    The Chuard family loves Hawaii, the perfect blend of American and Asian life, the year-round surf, magical whale sightings, divine coffee, and delicious food. Closer-haul, they happily enjoy Thailand for its gorgeous beaches and fantastic cuisine. They also love to ski in the French Alps.

  • Nicol Denholder moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Nicole Denholder

    Founder Of Next Chapter Raise And Sophia Women, And Mom To Two Children

    About Nicole

    First and foremost, Nicole is a proud mom to her son and daughter. She is the founder of two companies, Next Chapter Raise, and Sophia Women. Next Chapter Raise is Asia's first funding ecosystem designed to inspire, educate and connect female founders with savvy investors and strategic advisors. Sophia Women is a multi-women-owned company with a shared passion and single-minded goal that encourages women to take control of their personal finances, be financially literate and be ready to start their own investment portfolio.

    Favorite Outings

    The Denholder clan loves to go out on the traditional junks with other families. They will swim, eat fantastic food, relax, and let their cares sail away. They are also fond connoisseurs of dim sum; it's their favorite dish they can't do without!

    Travel Dreams

    Nicole loves to take the kids to Noosa in Australia to see her family. Over time, it's become a hub for friends across Asia. There are often big groups of friends and family enjoying each other’s company, the fabulous beaches and food.

  • Clare Yates mons who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Claire Yates

    Founder of The Lion Rock Press And Mom To Two

    About Claire

    Claire grew up between two cultures with a Hong Kong Chinese mom and an English father. She started the cult “No Plastic Mm Goi” range of eco products which wage war on the problem of single-use plastics in the city. She uses these influences while running her premium stationery and gift company, The Lion Rock Press. She's created the hugely popular and lighthearted range of pandemic commemorative items called the "Hong Kong Quarantine Survivor." The company specializes in Hong Kong-themed corporate gifting and supplies companies such as HSBC, Mandarin Oriental, and Clifford Chance.

    Favorite Outings

    As a family, they love to do night walks around the Tai Po Kau and Lung Fu Shan neighborhoods, looking for wildlife with their torches; their favorite things to spot are snakes, frogs, and moths. Their UV torch helps them spot scorpions as they glow yellow under the light. They love the sounds and orchestra of nature in the forests at night. They'll often head to Yau Ley at weekends and have a hearty seafood lunch as the kids hunt jade (old green glass), collect shells, or play football with their friends. The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum is also a firm favorite; the kids love looking through the microscopes and discovering the natural world. As a family, they are passionate about protecting the fragile ecosystems around Hong Kong and the planet in general.

    Travel Dreams

    Their dear friends run El Karama Eco Lodge in Laikipia, Kenya. It’s their favorite place in the world. The lodge offers top-notch authentic wildlife encounters and great food, has enviable eco-credentials, and offers an incredible experience for children. Closer to home, they enjoy the landscape, culture, people, and energy of Sri Lanka. They can't wait to go back.

  • Sarah Garner moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Sarah Garner

    Founder Of Retykle And Mom To Henry And Olympia

    About Sarah

    Originally from Toronto, Sarah has been living in Hong Kong since 2007. She worked for over a decade in corporate luxury fashion. She started Retykle to extend the lifespan of used kid’s clothes through resale. Since becoming a mom, Sarah has wanted to shape the industry and create healthy circular solutions; she hates to see designer clothes go unloved. Sarah has created an innovative luxury resale e-commerce platform that enables parents to buy designer children’s clothing at a fraction of their usual retail price. She understands that children will grow through around seven clothing sizes in the first two years, so designer clothing can be expensive and tough on the environment.

    Favorite Outings

    Camping! Sarah and her family discovered camping during the pandemic, and it's now one of their favorite things to do. They love the far-flung beaches in the New Territories; they rent surfboards at Big Wave Bay, and spend weekends playing in the sea. They also discovered the Eco Park to rent kayaks.

    Travel Dreams

    It's been a long time since the family traveled because of the restrictions, but for short hops, they enjoy exploring the region. Their last trip was to Langkawi in Malaysia. The kids swam in multiple swimming pools and bravely attempted rock climbing and other outdoor activities. The kids learned to snorkel in Con Dao, Vietnam. They had the incredibly memorable opportunity to release baby turtles from the local sanctuary.

  • Leith Stewart

    Clinical Director at Young Folk Therapy And Mom to Isla

    About Leith

    Leith is an Australian who has called Hong Kong home for the last 14 years. She lives in Happy Valley with her husband and daughter. In 2019, Leith opened Young Folk Therapy, a children's therapy center in Mong Kok, offering counseling and occupational and speech therapy services. She believes 'you can't be what you can't see' and wants to show her daughter that owning a company is incredibly hard work; women can now work and be the boss.

    Favorite Outings

    The Stewart family has an active lifestyle and loves walking or scooting along the harbor from Happy Valley to Kennedy Town to be rewarded with a delicious breakfast at Catch. Isla is sports-crazy and plays netball every Saturday for the Hong Kong Cricket Club. Junk trips are high on their agenda for days filled with sun, sea, and fresh air while appreciating the beauty of Hong Kong.

    Travel Dreams

    Leith would do [almost] anything to swim along the Gold Coast in Queensland. She grew up on the beach and can’t wait to spend time on the coast when they head home. Leith finds the seaside joyful and calming, she tries to replicate her childhood for her daughter, and that includes lashings of ice cream and barbeques the Aussie way.

  • Utah Lee moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Utah Lee

    Nike Fitness Trainer And Mom To Two

    About Utah

    Utah has promoted Nike health and fitness for over two decades with her signature fun and high-energy fitness classes. Her background is in fashion and jewelry design. Her keen eye has landed her various creative projects where she has directed and produced exciting brand campaigns. She is endlessly passionate about bringing awareness back to the earth by reducing, reusing, recycling, and restyling. When she’s not working, she loves to spend time with her family and dogs and does regular beach clean-ups with them in tow. Utah embraces life, having fun, and helping various charitable organizations spread love and kindness.

    Favorite Outings

    Utah loves anything outdoorsy and needs no excuse to hike Hong Kong's hills, walk the beautiful beaches, and take part in clean-up days. As long as she's with her family and dogs, she's happy.

    Travel Dreams

    Although it's close to home, Penfold Park is a firm favorite with the family. The animal-friendly park is perfect for lazy days with the kids and the dogs, Yogi and K-Pop.

  • Patricia Crocket moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Patricia Crockett

    Co-Founder of kINDERSPIEL And Mom To Two Kids

    About Patricia

    Patricia is co-founder of kINDERSPIEL. The online boutique offers timeless, educational, expertly crafted, and fun toys that help children develop their personalities through discovery and imaginative play. All toys are handpicked from Europe and are of the highest quality to fulfill their vision: a curated offer of toys to be handed down from generation to generation and have as little environmental impact as possible. Patricia was born in Germany and has lived in Hong Kong for over seven years; she has a great passion for the arts.

    Favorite Outings

    Patricia, her kids, and dog Ruby all love to go on long hikes and particularly enjoy visiting the Big Buddha and eating with the monks. They've recently discovered camping and now go as often as possible.

    Travel Dreams

    Patricia's mother and grandparents live in Portugal; the family loves to visit and enjoy the sunshine, beautiful light, cooling seawater, and the wonderfully simple life the Portuguese lead. She uses this as a constant reminder to be humble.

  • Brenda Wilson moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Brenda Wilson

    Owner Of Swoon Soirees And Mom To One

    About Brenda

    Brenda has lived in Hong Kong for 17 years. After a decade, she founded Swoon Soirees, an online store that ensures every celebratory tea, dinner, or event is super-stylish. Brenda has a self-confessed obsession with pretty paper goods. She endlessly trawls the internet for the latest trends finding unique goods and working with women-owned studios. She volunteers at the Booster Club Spirit Committee for an international school, leads an enthusiast group of Girl Scouts, and plays tennis in her spare time.

    Favorite Outings

    Brenda enjoys hiking with her daughter; they love the exercise and amazing views that refresh their souls. Most roads lead back to art. Brenda and her daughter never tire of wandering the narrow streets of Hong Kong in search of hidden art, haberdashery, or stationery shops that are filled with things they didn't know they needed.

    Travel Dreams

    Brenda is originally from California, and they can’t wait to go back to reconnect with their family, relish the amazing weather and appreciate the casual coastal vibe. They are also looking forward to being tourists in Asia again.

  • Hema Aswani moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Hema Aswani

    Founder Of The Yoga Room And Mom To Two Kids

    About Hema

    The Yoga Room is an extension of Hema; she's been passionate about health and well-being since a young age. She's the studio's founder, a yoga teacher, and a nutritionist. Hema enjoys all aspects of health and wellness, from eating well to hiking and reading to spending time with friends and family. She believes that a health journey starts with 'you,' it requires nurture and drives to sustain habits and hobbies throughout a lifetime.

    Favorite Outings

    Hema and her kids thrive in nature. Each month, they discover new hiking trails; it's one of their favorite ways to experience Hong Kong and be outside. They kayak around Stanley and visit rockpools in Sai Kung. They often frequent the ice skating rink at Elements and the newly opened roller skating rink in Quarry Bay.

    Travel Dreams

    The family's favorite travel destination is the Marriott Vacation Club. After 12 years of visits, it's become a home-away-from-home destination. They embrace the tropical paradise, rest and recharge, walk the beach and explore the art trails in Phuket Old Town. They are always perfectly cared for by the welcoming staff.

  • Yue Ling Chiu moms who rock Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    Yue Ling Chiu

    Founder and Director of Party Boutique Limited And Mom To Two

    About Yue Ling

    Yue Ling founded Party Boutique from her love of creating stylish and personalized parties that celebrate special moments. Party Boutique is an online party supply shop that stocks everything from eco-friendly table designs to balloon displays, décor, favors, and gifts. The cleverly laid our website guides party planners through events for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays and themes such as under-the-sea and ever-popular dinosaurs. Yue Ling loves to see the joy on the recipient's faces when they celebrate an occasion.

    Favorite Outings

    The Chiu family loves to explore and seek new adventures with the kids. Since the pandemic, they've explored the city and experienced all sorts of new things to do. The family can be seen cycling on the Tai Po bike trail in Science Park and occasionally resting at Tolo Harbour. Yue Ling embraces long, steep hikes to keep the family fit; they frequently walk from Ap Lei Chau to Ap Lei Pai over Mount Johnston.

    Travel Dreams

    Just before the pandemic, The Chiu’s visited Copenhagen, the historic and bustling capital of Denmark. They want to go back and visit the world's first Legoland, which opened in 1968 in Billund. The kids enjoyed Tivoli Garden and the Science Museum while the parents absorbed the country's history by exploring castles.


  • Regina Larko moms who rock Asia Little Steps Asia Hong Kong

    Regina Larko

    Founder Of #Impact - A Podcast About Stuff That Matters And Mom To Three Kids

    About Regina

    Regina is a self-confessed optimist, passionate audio creator for Impact, and a visionary. She loves listening to the sound of the rain against the window and my favorite podcasts on the go. She somehow manages to send audio messages to her friends that are over 15-minutes long!

    Favorite Outings

    Regina and her family love the beaches in Hong Kong. One of her other favorite places is Sai Kung waterfront and her very own terrace that would regularly be turned into a happening dance floor. They are currently in Vienna and happily spend weekends in her dad’s house in a sleepy Austrian village with lots of greenery, vineyards and forests to explore.

    Travel Dreams

    When it was possible to travel they would always head back to Europe to visit their family in Sweden and Austria. Staying connected and close to the family when living abroad is a huge priority for their family.

  • Quratulain Zaidi moms who rock Singapore Little Steps Asia

    Quratulain Zaidi

    Dr and clinical psychologist at Mindnlife Limited and mom to two

    About Quratulain Zaidi

     Quratulain is a mom of two children aged 15 and 22. She paused her molecular biologist career and came to Singapore with her husband 20-years ago as a trailing spouse. She is now a clinical psychologist and heads up an extraordinary team at Mindnlife in Hong Kong. Every day she strives to make a positive contribution and make a difference.

    Favorite Outings

    The foodie family loves to cook and eat together. The kitchen is a complete war zone afterward, but she has so much fun listening to the songs and banter that create memories. She says it's important to create family traditions and memories together because they have gone from a babe in arms to an adult in the blink of an eye. Now that her children are older, Quratulain loves to take them on hikes in some of the beautiful areas around Singapore.  

    Travel Dreams

    When they travel, they love to hang out in restaurants, cafes, and book shops, where they can learn about new tastes and different cultures.

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