Visiting The SCMP International Schools Festival In Hong Kong

Education Festival For Parents

2019 Sep 21 - 2019 Nov 21

International Schools Festival In Hong Kong By SCMP

Every year, the South China Morning Post newspaper organizes the International Schools Festival for parents looking to prepare their kids for their primary, middle and high school careers. This a great event for parents who want to get familiar with the various curriculums that the international schools here have to offer as well as get a headstart on plans for the future.

With a total of 38 school exhibitors and various guest speakers from kindergartens, grade schools and even coding academies you can take your pick and customize your own schedule. The event’s full itinerary can be found here.

There are several purchase options for the tickets.

* HK$50 per person for a standard ticket.

* HK$27 per person for those who purchase in groups of three.

* HK$25 per person for those who purchase in groups of four.

Come to the festival to find out what you need to know to suit your childrens’ learning needs. Click here to get your tickets!

What: Visit the festival to learn about what Hong Kong’s international schools have to offer!

When: September 21 from 9am to 4pm.

Where To Find It:​

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