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There’s no denying that protein should be an essential part of your family’s diet for its many health benefits and there’s no better protein source than quality meat. Given the many choices in the market, how does one zero in on quality meat that is humanely produced and free from hormones and harmful antibiotics? Here are a few tips from Emma Pike of Farmer’s Market to make your life a wee bit easier. Make sure to scroll down the bottom and enter this amazing GiveAway!

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  • Not all meat is equal. Now more than ever, you need to know where exactly your meat is sourced from. It goes without saying, that animals raised in humane conditions with less pollution, clean water, access to large pastures, and healthy diets naturally produce tastier and healthier meat than industrially farmed alternatives and that’s precisely what you will get on Farmer’s Market.

  • Like many foods, meat is also graded to demonstrate quality but what do these labels stand for and how do we decipher them? The grade relates to the animal’s age so you may see labels like YG, PR, SS, and A grade. The other grading system from Australia is the MSA grading scheme where MSA 2 is a failure for export, while MSA 3, 4, 5 are considered good standards with 5 being the highest. While supermarkets offer A-grade meat (which is the lowest quality you can find), at Farmer’s Market, you’re guaranteed to find the best PRS certified beef, which is an Australian Standards grade for prime steer animals. They are usually raised to three years and have a good level of fat. We all know that more the fat, more tender and delicious the steak!

  • Most supermarket meats are full of unhealthy growth hormones and antibiotics which intensively farmed animals are injected with to speed up their growth rates and keep disease away. This is transferred to the meat and is ultimately consumed by us. The meat from Farmer’s Market, on the other hand, is free from these dangerous additives and is as healthy as it can get!

  • 100% grass-fed animals are happier and produce meat that is superior tasting. It simply means that the animal has been free roaming in paddocks and has spent its entire life on grass. Grain-fed animals produce fattier meat which may sometimes be more tender but the taste that comes from grass-fed animals is unparalleled! Farmer’s Market works closely with farmers who believe in natural farming methods to bring you 100% grass-fed meat products. It doesn’t get better than this!

  • Beef needs to be aged to remove the moisture and give you tender, flavourful meat. If you’ve ever come across a tough piece of meat, it’s because it hasn’t been sufficiently aged. How long it's aged for depends on the cut of the meat. At Farmer’s Market, you will find beef that has been aged between 21 and 31 days to give you the yummiest and most tender pieces.

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