Crayon Run In Hong Kong 2019

Charity Race On The Beach!

2019 May 04

The Crayon Run In Hong Kong

The Crayon Society is putting together a fantastic family race called The Crayon Run. The Crayon Society is a charity that recycles old crayons to make new ones for underprivileged children, and for their 3rd edition of the run, they will be donating all proceeds to the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children. Here are the four race categories:

* Category A: 1 loop around the beach with an adult and child (up to age 5)

* Category B: 2 loops around the beach with an adult and child (ages 6-8)

* Category C: 2 loops around the beach with an adult and child (ages 9 and up)

* Category D: 1 loop around the beach with an auntie and child (any age)

This is a great way to spend some family time out on the beach before it’s crowded for the summer holidays! Family tickets can be purchased here for HK$250 and are inclusive of one adult shirt and one child shirt. Prizes and trophies will be presented to the top three runners.


May 4, 2019. From 8am to 11:30am.

Where To Find It:​

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