Hot off the press! A new restaurant has opened in Hong Kong, but not just any restaurant, this is Hong Kong’s first animal-themed F&B destination. This wonderfully quirky and unique location was born out of a passion for unusual creatures and the nature they inhabit. But Animojo also has a passion for food and have designed a menu of genuine homestyle grub. Animojo is where you can come to wonder, relax and enjoy delicious bites amidst their beloved animal friends.

The Animals

Caring for the animals are the nature ambassadors top priority when they are at Animojo, they stay in secure terrariums which mimic their original habitat. No animals are ever chained, drugged, declawed, defanged or harmed in any way. Each individual animal is presented no more than 2 times a month to ensure there is a healthy balance of stimulation and relaxation. Here are some of the animals you can visit:

* Matthew The Snake

* Amy The Hedgehog

* Booboo The Sugar Glider

* Jabba The Frog

* Tarantula – Brazil

* Royal Python – Cameroon

* Panther Chameleon – Madagascar

* Giant Millipede – Mozambique

Environmentally Family-Friendly Menu

Animojo does its best to source ingredients that are kind to nature and to the animals. Striving to minimize the negative impact on the environment, and use bio-degradable disposable containers and utensils when they are called for. Their menu is inspired by their travels, using secret home recipes, all vegetable based and natural!

Animojo Adventures

Discover – watch the unusual and unique animals from their terrariums and observe them, all within their respective comfort zones. They do not leave their terrariums to roam around the cafe.

Encounter – contact them if your little one would like to get up close and personal with their animals, you can hold, touch, and enjoy quality time with them!

Bespoke Adventures – you can also book your own private party and where you can enjoy a piece of customized animal magic with your loved ones! Contact them for more details.