Brisk weather and picture-perfect blue skies call for us to be in nature and relish in the outdoors. Take advantage of the sunshine and bring the kids out to Sunset Peak, Hong Kong’s 3rd highest mountain, for challenging hikes, spectacular views, mind-blowing sunsets, and family-bonding time.

This Lantau trail covers and loops over 70 kilometers of terrain, but fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional runner to enjoy the epic views here. With tons of trails to choose from, this hike is as moderately-easy or as tough as you want it to be – perfect for families with younger and older kids.

For the most family-friendly, moderately-challenging option, begin at Pak Lung Au for a 2-kilometer hike to the summit. The initial, quad-burning start of the hike is the most challenging – a steep stairway climb that isn’t for the faint of heart – but it will shortly lead you to some well-deserved breathtaking views.

Once at the grassy plateau, you’ll see a ridge of stone huts ahead of you. Share a little fun fact with the kids: These were built between WWI and WWII as a holiday retreat for missionaries and is known as the “Lantau Mountain Camp.” Then, to get to Sunset Peak, walk towards the opposite side of the camp area. After about 2 hours from your starting point, you’ll arrive at Sunset Peak for a drool-worthy backdrop of islands, mountains, and picturesque nature.

Golden hour is especially stunning here. If you do decide to stay back for a glorious sunset, be sure to pack torches as it quickly turns dark afterward, then makes your way back down the same path.