Eco-Friendly Tours and Workshops At Green Village

Master-Planned Bamboo Community!

Green Village is located on the slopes of Ayung River in Bali, a walk from the widely renowned Green School campus centered around the principles of an organic permaculture system. It encompasses 13 unique, sustainable, hand-constructed bamboo houses and villas build on the revolutionary design and big ideas around a better future and a passionate community.

The Green Village community organizes half-day tours to showcase their revolutionary living and teach the ways in which these incredible structures were made.

The tour starts at Green Village, passes through bamboo forests, provides you with a taste of Green Village life by taking you to the bamboo houses and villas, and lets you see the mechanisms of the earthy magic in John Hardy Jewelry, Bamboo Factory, and workshops.

There are 3 workshops to choose from lasting from 3 to 11 days which are focused on a different aspect of working with bamboo. Read more about the tours, workshops and reserve your place at both here!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Green Village is the future; it inspires others to question the established ways of interacting with natural spaces and materials, but also other humans, to make living more sustainable and tune us back into nature.

Who It's Perfect For:

Folks who love nature and share this passion for sustainable living and architectural innovation. Also, there is no better example for kids that big, smart, world-saving ideas can be manifested, and always start with a community of like-minded people!

What Else:​

Each bamboo villa in Green Village is completely unique. The villas are for sale  and seven of them can be rented out, so you can elevate your stay in Bali by rediscovering your connection with nature and a true sense of like-minded community.


Where To Find It:​

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