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Moving To Bali 101: Complete Guide To Moving To Bali With Kids

All You Need To Know For A Smooth Transition To Bali

Bali is dreamy. The tropical climate, lush greenery, and breathtaking beaches are just the tip of the iceberg. While many stop by for a quick vacation, quite a few also choose to call Bali home. With its rich culture, natural beauty, kind people, and a wide variety of things to do, it is a paradise that you can fall in love with easily. If you’re thinking of moving to Bali with kids, Little Steps Asia has put together a guide to get you on your way. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

  • Why Make The Move To Bali?

    Moving To Bali With Kids

    Bali has something for everyone. It’s a place where introverts and extroverts, the adventure-seeking, and those looking for a quiet life can all find a space and a community. Countless waterfalls, volcano hikes, ice skating, horseback riding, visits to historic landmarks, and relaxing on beautiful beaches are just a few of the activities at your fingertips.

    It’s also super close to some gorgeous Asian countries. From Bali, you can start your exploration of Indonesia, take a short flight to Singapore, take a boat to Lombok, or discover Malaysia. You have easy access to fast ferries, and affordable flights to nearby islands; each with unique histories, and things to see and experience. Bali’s community-style living gives you the feel of endlessly exploring an adventure-filled second home.

  • Checklist For Moving To Bali With Kids

    What You Need To Get In Order

    Here’s what you need to know:

    Visa/Work Permit
    You will need to get a visa or work permit (locally referred to as 'Kitas') to live in Bali. You can either use a visa agent who will take care of all the paperwork for you, or you can go directly to Indonesia’s immigration website to complete your application.

    Cost of living
    The low cost of living is a major attraction of Bali. Food, transport, housing, and activities are all reasonably priced. You can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle even on a small budget.

    There are three options for educating kids in Bali. You can homeschool, and have them attend classes online or you can choose to send them to a local or an international school.

    After-school care/activities
    Your children will never be bored. There are many different things that you can sign your child up to do after school, from sports to creative classes. You can be sure that they will be well cared for.

    Food and Home care
    You can easily find good staff to help at home. This includes prepping meals, housekeeping, garden maintenance, and babysitting.

    We’ll go into these in more depth in this article.

  • where to move to bali

    Best Area In Bali For Expat Families

    Where To Settle?


    Nature is your neighbor in Ubud. Homes are tucked into rice fields, and you can choose from traditional Balinese houses to extravagant villas. Ubud is also the home of crafts and traditional dance. It is close to many waterfalls, and near to its center sits the Tegalalang Rice Terraces – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ubud is the cultural and spiritual core of Bali. It is a peaceful place to live in harmony with the locals. And best of all, children still play in the streets and outdoors instead of being glued to tablets and phones.


    Canggu is a fast-paced and lively coastal village in southwest Bali. It is highly transient, with tourists flocking here for business meetings, co-working spaces, and a very active nightlife. There is a vast variety of entertainment, from pub quizzes to tennis, to surf camps and gyms. The expat community here is huge making it ideal for those who are very outgoing or looking to network. There are many kid-friendly restaurants and activities to choose from, and both you and your kids can meet new people from around the world daily.


    Sanur was once where older expats chose to make their home due to its balance of quiet living and family-centered activities. In recent times these same things have attracted younger families who want to live on the coast in a quiet area while having access to western conveniences, co-working spaces, and live entertainment. Located on Bali's southeastern coastline, it bursts with beautiful sunrises and is also home to one of the key ports for the fast ferries that go to Lombok, Nusa Penida, The Gilis, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.


    Known for its surfing, Uluwatu is a southwestern community on the tip of Bali’s Bukit peninsula. It is the perfect space for those wanting a mix of quiet community living and surfing. Your options for adventure range from hiking trails, to white sand beaches, stunning cliff views, and fancy beach clubs. The expat community there is very tight-knit and as with all of Bali, there are many activities for kids from surf classes, to craft workshops.

  • rent a villa in bali

    Villa Rental Agencies For Moving To Bali With Kids

    Who To Contact To Find A Villa

    There are countless villa rental agencies and websites - it's just a quick Google search away. Some people find places on Facebook Marketplace, too, but be careful of scams. It is ideal if you can go with a reputable agent.

    Bali Coconut Living, Jl. Bumbak Dauh No.89b, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, +62 361 847 6727, [email protected],

    Bali Home Immo, Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 25, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, +62 81 999 712 202,  [email protected],

    Bali Moves, Jl Danau Poso no. 20, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, +62 361 449 0222, [email protected],

    Villas Of Bali Long Term Rentals, Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 120, Kerobokan Kelod, +62 811 3960 8685, [email protected],

    Paradise Property Group, Jl. Sunset Road no 9A, Seminyak, +62 813 5367 8113, [email protected],

  • Visa Options For Moving To Bali With Kids

    Your Best Visa Options For Relocating

    Before moving to Bali you need to look at and choose the best visa situation for you and your family. There is no one straightforward way to go about this. If you are planning to work here, you can get a company to sponsor you with a work permit (Kitas) or you can open a company yourself.

    These two options both require a large upfront investment on your part but you can list your children under these umbrellas. The entire process can take up to two months.

    You can also look into getting a B211a visa which is initially valid for 60 days, however, this will need to be renewed and extended up to 180 days before needing to have a new one issued. A Temporary Stay Visa for Foreign Investors is another option you can explore. Like the B211a, you cannot work at all, even to volunteer or for charity purposes.

  • schools in bali for kids

    Best Schools in Bali For Kids

    Schools That Give Your Kids The Most Rounded Education

    Green School Bali

    Green School Bali is known for its unique teaching approach, curriculum, and environment. Tuition starts at 112,876,630 for Pre-K (half day or 3 full days per week) per year. This stunning eco-friendly learning environment is located in the midst of lush Ubud greenery. It caters to foreigners and locals from Pre-K to Grade 12. Their comprehensive syllabus also offers extracurricular activities like music, arts, sports, Balinese dance, gymnastics, and surfing.

    Canggu Community School

    Canggu Community School (CCS) is in the heart of the expat hub Canggu. The school grounds feature an open-air canteen, 25m swimming pool, football pitch, and playgrounds. 350 kids attend CCS in 20-student classes. Kids can choose from extracurricular activities like surfing lessons, arts, sports, music, coding club, Model United Nations, and TED Club. All classes are in English with the required Bahasa until Year 6. CCS believes in a balanced approach to learning; from a rich curriculum to physical activities that encourage health mindfulness and overall well-being.

    Australian Independent School

    The Australian Independent School is jam-packed with activities and classes to stimulate and expand the mind. Located in Bali’s capital city Denpasar, this school provides students with all the options that they can imagine to craft and make their school experience mentally and physically nourishing and inspiring. Ready for a mouthful? There’s a 25m competition-grade swimming pool, fields (for soccer, hockey, and rugby), and a multi-sport court (for basketball, netball, Taekwondo, hockey, volleyball, indoor cricket, badminton, and tennis) totaling 850 square meters.

    Bali Island School

    Bali Island School has an immaculate educational background. The school started in 1985 and is the longest-standing school in Bali. There are quite a few extra-curricular activities like arts, lego, theatre and drama, brain games, dance, and swimming for starters. The real gold at this school is its academic history and events. BIS started and runs events like the Bali Maths Competition, Bali School Sports Association (BSSA), Indonesian International Small Schools Activity Conference (IISSAC), Battle of the Bands, BIS College and University Fairs, and Bali Model United Nations (MUN).

    Montessori School Bali

    Inspired by and tailored to the Montessori Method, which was developed by Maria Montessori, Montessori School Bali has taken every part of her teachings and mixed it with Bali’s culture in a beautiful space. The curriculum focuses on ​​health and well-being, life skills, creative academics, global citizenship, positive relations, leadership, and experiential learning. Their after-school program is also dynamic. It includes capoeira, Balinese dancing, choir, soccer and cricket, and violin.

    Additional schools in Bali:

  • activities for kids in bali

    After School Care & Activities In Bali For Kids

    Activities In Bali That Your Kids Will Love

    Junior Sports Academy

    Take your kiddos for some super active fun. This sports academy has lots of different classes in gymnastics, trampolining, basketball, boxing, muay thai, capoeira, rugby, surfing, and even swimming

    Bali Equestrian Centre

    Take your kids to visit the horses and take pony ride lessons. They'll learn how to safely ride and groom the different-sized horses and ponies.

    Pelangi School

    Afterschool Activities that this international school provides: soccer, floor hockey, badminton, dance (Modern, Balinese), circus club, drama, art club, book club, and even lessons for guitar, drums, and voice.


    There are so many more family-friendly activities in Bali. Check out these articles for more:

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