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Live Stream The Northern Lights

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Live cameras in the chilly town of Churchill, Canada is working overtime to capture a visual feast – natural sparks and wonders of the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

The celestial exhibit of bright streaks of light, shimmering and shining, rippling through the night sky – Mother Nature’s very own otherworldly laser show – can be witnessed from your living room. The best part, weather-wise, we’re in luck because one of the best months to view this spectacular atmospheric phenomenon is late winter and early spring. Goes without saying that the experience is not the same as actually being in the Northern latitudes, but, given the circumstances, it’s the next best thing we’ve got.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Never before have the aurora borealis been so accessible. Nature’s true spectacle, a sight to behold at a time when travel is restricted.

Who It's Perfect For:

Every nature lover out there!

What Else:​

We recommend projectors, indoor camps and roasted marshmallows for peak cozy vibes.

Where To Find It:​

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