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Jet Lag Recovery Guide For Parents With Young Children

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Jet Lag Recovery Guide For Babies And Parents - Little Steps Asia

Time difference can be a huge pain, especially to your kids who are not used to traveling. While you can struggle your way through by downing cups of coffee one after another, caffeine may not be the best solution for your wee ones. But fear not, we have got both you and your kids covered – check out the Little Steps guide to Jet Lag Recovery now!


    Bored of conventional bedtime storytelling? Here is some fun reading for parents. Acclaimed actor Samuel L Jackson lends his legendary voice to this unique but brutally honest bedtime story. It may not be the best cure for your jet lag, but it definitely speaks the mind of many drowsy parents who cannot wait for their little ones to get their beauty sleep.




    Having trouble keeping track of everything your baby needs and feels? Baby Connect is, ranked by Apple, one of the most popular and comprehensive baby tracking apps. Baby Connect displays graphical reports and trending charts of baby’s activities; you can also set up a reminder alarm to alert for the upcoming events. Information collected will be synchronized and shared with babysitter or daycare. Likewise, moms can be instantly notified with any updates from the caretaker while being away - ideal for busy moms who cannot attend to their littles ones 24 hours a day.


    Baby Connect, Website


    Knowing how to seek or avoid light is vital when adjusting your body to the new time zone. Developed by researchers at the University of Michigan, Entrain is an iOS app that helps you to track your light exposure and monitor your body’s circadian clock with your smartphone. It uses mathematics to recommend light exposure at different times of the day to help you align with the new schedule.


    Entrain, [email protected], Website 


    Don’t know how to calm your crying baby? White Noise Ambience is your lifesaver! The app plays a carefully selected range of ambient sounds to help babies (or adults!) fall asleep. From Ocean waves to campfire or floor fan, it offers a wide abundance of soothing sounds that cater to every individual preference. You can also recreate your favorite sounds or discover a new haven within new sounds!


    White Noise Ambience, [email protected], Website

  • MELATONIN: Melamil

    Melatonin is a hormone found naturally in the body, and its job is to regulate sleep-wake cycles. Darkness causes the body to produce more melatonin, which signals the body to prepare for sleep. Light decreases melatonin production and signals the body to prepare to be awake. Four drops of Melamil every night can help solve jet lag insomnia. Each dosage contains 1mg melatonin, which enhances the sleep-wake cycle and is safe for both mommy and baby to use. *Please consult your doctor before taking any medication. Melamil is available at all Mannings Rx counters.




    Much loved by many frequent travelers and flight crews, Jet Lag Rooster is planner that helps to shift your body clock to reduce or even prevent jet lag. All you need to enter your trip details on their webpage and follow the personal jet lag plan they devised for you. If their initial suggestions are convenient for you, you are more than welcome to explore more options. Oh, and it’s all for free!


    Jet Lag Rooster, [email protected], Website


    Baby Sleep Lullabies has a wide range of carefully selected classic tunes and pulses for you to bring sweet dreams to your baby. You can also control the time span by setting the play time from 3 minutes to infinite. It continues to play even when you exit the application or cap lock your phone! Useful for traveling or when you are away from your baby!


    Baby Sleep Lullabies, Website


    Claiming itself the “sleep miracle” tool, Baby Shusher is a doctor-approved and thoroughly tested technique designed to break a baby’s cry spell. The rhythmic shush reminds baby of being inside mom to engage their natural calming reflex. The time option allows you to play the shush for either fifteen or thirty minutes. The device is small, compact, and easy to keep clean – perfect for traveling parents!


    Baby Shusher, Website


    This sleep aid app selects sounds and melodies that you like and combines them to create a mix of up of 12 sounds together. In addition to 52 outstanding high-quality ambient sounds, it also contains four brainwave beats including Binaural and Isochronic frequencies. The ability to choose from white noises ambient sounds and binaural beats gives you total customization for a unique and personal experience. Just lay back, listen, and enjoy falling asleep.


    Relax Melodies, Website

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